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individual control dasgip® tc4sc4 and bioblock for temperature and agitation

individual temperature and agitation control the dasgip tc4sc4 provides four overhead drives with individual stirring speeds from 30 to 1,600 rpm combined with precise temperature control the tc4sc4d supports use of heat blankets while the tc4sc4b can be operated with the dasgip bioblock the bioblock is an integrated solution for individual heating and cooling control of up to four bioreactors for applications requiring more heat removal capacity e.g high-density microbial fermentations each tc4sc4 can additionally control four cooling fingers microbiology effective cooling and powerful stirring with up to 1,600 rpm support effective mass and heat transfer even in viscous media or high cell density fermentation temperatures of up to 99 °c make the dasgip temperature control suitable even for special applications such as biofuel development cell culture the dasgip tc4sc4 allows for active heating and optional cooling as well as continuously adjustable stirring speeds as low as 30

dasgip® bioblock the compact dasgip bioblock provides accurate and independent temperature control for four bioreactors while saving valuable lab space individual electric heating elements with integrated safety temperature sensors as well as separate cooling coils activated by solenoid valves enable a wide temperature range temperature control starts at 5 k above cooling agent and goes up to 99°c the dasgip bioblock can be used for all applications in microbiology animal and human cell culture eppendorf offers bioblock-suitable autoclavable vessels in various sizes covering working volumes of 200 ml – 2 l the eppendorf bioblu® 1 single-use vessels for cell culture and microbiology were designed for use with the dasgip bioblock eliminating the need to autoclave and shortening turn-around times »as easy as stacking blocks.« the flexible eppendorf dasgip modules for monitoring and control meet the highest demands in research and process development labs or as a

technical data and ordering information dasgip® tc4sc4b dasgip® tc4sc4d dasgip® sc4d power supply 110 – 240 v 50/60 hz 110 – 240 v 50/60 hz 110 – 240 v 50/60 hz dimensions w × d × h 300 × 320 × 190 mm 11.8 x 15.6 x 7.5 in 9 kg rs-232 300 × 320 × 190 mm 11.8 x 15.6 x 7.5 in 9.5 kg rs-232 300 × 320 × 190 mm 11.8 x 15.6 x 7.5 in 8.5 kg rs-232 set-up dasgip ® bioblock heat blankets/cooling fingers – typical control range depending on set-up agitation control 5 k above cooling agent temperature – 99°c 5 k above cooling agent temperature – 60°c – drive overhead drives overhead drives overhead drives typical speed range depending on drive system integration 30 – 1,250 rpm/100 – 1,600 rpm 30 – 1,250 rpm/100 – 1,600 rpm 30 – 1,250 rpm/100 – 1,600 rpm analog interface 0 – 10 v o – – communication protocol dtp opc dtp opc dtp opc order