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keep growing bioflo® 120 bioprocess control

2 bioflo®

bioflo® 120 »performance meets value.« the eppendorf bioflo 120 offers simplicity and ease of use without sacrificing capability no matter if you are in an academic governmental or industrial research setting or working with bacteria yeast fungi mammalian insect or plant cells the bioflo 120 is an attractive solution to meet your needs–all at an affordable price feature-packed and future-proof scale-up from 250 ml to 40 l on a wide variety of autoclavable and eppendorf bioblu® single-use vessels new auto culture modes offer process control for microbial and cell culture applications at the touch of a button ready for process unbox and install in minutes save critical lab space with a minimal footprint universal connections for digital mettler toledo® ism sensors or analog sensors offer unsurpassed flexibility user-defined do cascades offer process flexibility automatic gas mixing algorithms for simplified control view your entire process with expanded

4 bioflo® 120 connection for interchangeable direct and magnetic-drive motors magnetic drive capable of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for simplified impeller selection easy-to-read 7” integrated touchscreen monitor three user-defined analog input /output connections select between 0-5v 0-10v and 4-20 ma depending on the device all vessel connections located on the side–set up and ready to go in minutes high-precision thermal mass flow controller tmfc or rotameter for gas flow control standard automatic mixing of four independent sparge gas supplies ip21 rated enclosure for protection of sensitive electronics and cleanability water recirculation module provides precise temperature control and exhaust condensing three front-mounted fixed-speed pumps with industry-standard easy load pump heads for convenient liquid addition

bioflo® 120 5 bioblu® single-use advantage sophisticated software the rigid-walled design advantage sets up in minutes no inflation necessary no more tears pits or folds as seen in bag installations consistent leachables and extractables profile with single-layer molded polymer vs multi-layer bag design scale from 250 ml to 40 l with bioblu single-use vessels bioblu f vessels designed for high density fermentation eppendorf exclusive bioblu 5p with fibra-cel® disks for continuous and perfusion processes eppendorf bioprocess control software offers real time local process control with integrated touchscreen optional eppendorf scada platforms biocommand® dasware® provide high level process control capabilities and secure database management ip networking provides remote access through pc or mobile device scalable solutions unlimited applications perfectly suited for research and development scale-up and scale-down modeling growth of seed to pilot-scale

liquid handling cell handling sample handling to make your job in the lab easier and more efficient – with this goal in mind we are developing products and solutions in the areas of liquid handling cell handling and sample handling visit the eppendorf handling solutions online sphere and dive into the area of your choice learn new things and have fun as well liquid handling cell handling sample handling in 1961 eppendorf launched the first piston-stroke pipette today our broad product offerings in liquid handling range from manual pipettes to electronic pipettes dispensers and burettes to automated pipetting systems for handling cells in addition to manipulators and injectors incubators and consumables for cultivation as well as complete bioreactor systems for cell culture applications are also available corresponding detection systems are offered for subsequent analysis sample handling encompasses many different work processes and steps

bioflo® 120 vessel specifications autoclavable vessels vessel total volume working volume vessel type material impellers direct drive or magnetic drive autoclave dimensions heat-blanketed outer diameter od 1l 2l 5l 1.3 l 3.0 l 7.5 l 0.4 – 1.0 l 0.8 – 2.2 l 2.0 – 5.6 l water-jacketed or heat-blanketed borosilicate glass 316l stainless steel rushton-type pitched blade marine or spin filter height without exhaust filter water-jacketed outer diameter od height without exhaust filter number of head plate ports 6 mm 12 mm 19 mm total recommended sensor lengths mm sensor ph analog1 ph/redox digital1 do analog1 do digital/optical1 redox analog1 co2 digital1 single-use vessels vessel bioblu 1c/f total volume 1.8 l working volume 0.25 – 1.25 l 2 vessel type impellers magnetic drive recommended sensor lengths mm 220 ph ec3 220 do3 220 redox3 co23 220 bioblu 3c/f 5l 1.25 – 3.75 l 20.3 cm 8.0 in 54.0 cm 21.3 in 20.3 cm 8.0 in 54.0 cm 21.3 in 29.8 cm 11.7 in

bioflo 120 specifications control station dimensions w xdxh net weight touchscreen communication utility electrical water gas supply air o2 n2 co2 exhaust operating conditions altitude limit agitation direct drive magnetic drive autoclavable vessels magnetic drive single-use vessels temperature autoclavable bioblu single-use vessels sensor type gas supply sparge sensors ph do optical do redox co2 pumps pumps 1 2 3 1 24.7 x 55.9 x 62.9 cm 9.7 x 22 x 24.8 in 14.8 kg 32.7 lb 7 in projected capacitive touchscreen 2 x usb software updates serial communication ethernet scada ip network connection requirement iec-c14 with regional plug types 100 – 120/208 – 240 ± 10 v 50/60 hz 10 a single phase quick-connect 10 psig 0.69 barg push-connect fittings accept 1/4 in autoclavable single-use tubing or hose barb fitting 10 psig 0.69 barg 6 psig 0.44 barg 0.5 psig 0.035 barg 10 – 30°c up to 80 rh non-condensing 2000 m 1 l 25 – 1,500 rpm 3 l 5 l 10 l 25 –