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–86° c freezer accessories more choices choose from a wide selection of racks monitoring systems and other new brunswick™ freezer

2 a wide range of accessories the perfect complement for your new brunswick ultra-low temperature freezer new brunswick’s wide range of freezer accessories are designed to ensure sample security enable data monitoring and maximize storage capacity our accessories and options are manufactured to the highest standards and use only the best materials and components for exceptional durability and performance like our freezers new brunswick accessories set new standards for quality and innovation take for example the new tca-3 independent temperature monitoring system that streamlines temperature monitoring and recording with web-based data storage that you can view anywhere anytime no other freezer monitoring system provides the same combination of security and convenience—another example of new brunswick innovation new benchmark new

3 advanced security for peace of mind tca-3 independent temperature monitoring system the new all-in-one tca-3 temperature monitoring system is an independent temperature monitor with alarm electronic chart recorder and an autodialer — all incorporated in a compact communication pod there is no software to install or maintain and it sets up in under five minutes the tca-3 transmits data to professionally-managed centralized data servers where redundant systems store and record chamber and ambient temperature and alarms access real-time data via a web portal from anywhere in the world the intuitive data graphing and tracking functions provide a complete record of freezer performance standard ethernet connection power-over-ethernet poe capable secure encrypted data transmission firewall compatible chamber and ambient temperature probes included alarm notifications by phone and e-mail are sent to multiple users until an acknowledgement is received alarm acknowledgements and

4 sample safety at its best co2 and ln2 back-up systems loss of power is no problem with new brunswick back-up systems which are designed to maintain the contents of your freezer at a preset temperature should a power outage arise using the co2 back-up system temperature can be maintained between -50° c and -70° c subject to environmental conditions the co2 is pulsed to ensure a uniform distribution of the cooling effect and avoid excessive consumption of coolant with the continuouslyfed ln2 system temperatures down to -85° c can be maintained equipped with battery back-up to temporarily protect freezer contents during a power failure chart recorder continuously monitor and record freezer temperature for up to seven days the recorder has user-selectable temperature ranges of 0 °c to -50 °c and -50 °c to -100 °c with ±1.5  accuracy it is front-mounted to your freezer for easy access and can be fitted to all freezer models more accessories

5 data tracking made easy biocommand® sfi software biocommand sfi software is an easy-to-use pc-based software that monitors and records the key operating parameters from ult freezers multiple shakers co2 incubators and other opc-compliant lab equipment—all from a single pc now you can simultaneously trend and archive critical data for up to 32 units including temperature and alarms automatic data logging and remote monitoring rapid setup through intuitive programming tracks your choice of operational parameters and gives you the option to design and save templates provides text alarm notifications customize trend screens and monitor eight critical parameters of your choosing per window user-defined ”add event“ feature allows alarms to be annotated for complete traceability compatible with windows® 7 windows vista® and windows xp operating systems ordering information description ordering information order no back-up systems description order no

6 maximize storage space new brunswick inventory racking new brunswick inventory racking systems are lightweight for easy transport yet extremely durable they are designed exclusively for new brunswick freezers to maximize storage space we offer a wide selection of standard racks for both upright and chest freezers for rack capacities and ordering information see page 8 choose from a wide selection of racks for 50 75 and 100 mm tall boxes chest freezer racks include a top handle for easy insertion/removal from the freezer as shown on page 2 upright freezer racks are shown here constructed of strong non-corrosive anodized aluminum for long-term use standard racking is offered for 50 mm 75 mm and 100 mm boxes maximize every inch of storage space below

7 handle samples with care new brunswick cardboard boxes and dividers new brunswick offers water-resistant cardboard boxes and dividers for organizing and safely storing your samples water-resistant cardboard boxes with wax-coated cardboard dividers provide a low-cost alternative to injectionmolded boxes we off boxes for 50 mm 75 mm and 100 mm tall sample vials/tubes dividers are available in several configurations 7 x 7 to 10 x 10 depending on your tube diameter and are compatible with our boxes boxes and dividers sold separately racks for upright freezers feature trays that pull forward for easy access to your samples ordering information description size mm wxdxh capacity order no 50 mm tall 133 x 133 x 50 varies dependent on divider used b50-sq 75 mm tall 133 x 133 x 75 varies dependent on divider used b75-sq 100 mm tall 133 x 133 x 100 varies dependent on divider used b95-sq 7 x 7 compartments 17.4 mm max tube diameter 49 tubes d49 8 x 8 compartments 15 mm max tube

new brunswick freezer racks ordering information style model upright innova® u101 chest innova® u360 innova® u535 innova® u725 innova® u725-g premium u410 hef® u410 premium u570 hef® u570 premium u700 premium c340 innova® c585 premium c660 hef® c660 innova® c760 order no box size total racks per freezer 6 boxes per rack 10 total number of boxes per freezer 60 k0641-3003 50 mm k0641-3004 75 mm 6 36 k0641-3005 100 mm 4 24 k0641-3000 50 mm 28 252 336 504 k0641-3001 75 mm 20 180 240 360 k0641-3002 100 mm 12 108 144 216 k0641-1900 k0641-1890 k0641-1880 50 mm 75 mm 100 mm 15 25 30 16 12 8 240 400 480 180 300 360 120 200 240 k0641-1690 k0641-1700 k0641-1750 50 mm 75 mm 100 mm 20 32 40 44 13 9 6 260 416 520 572 180 288 360 396 120 192 240 264 9 12 18 racks per freezer freezer rack dimensions style model upright innova® u101 external dimensions of freezer racks depth x width x height 308 x 141 x 292.5 mm 12.13 x 5.55 x 11.52 in