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library construction with improved reproducibility ngs library construction next-generation sequencing ngs requires optimal thorough sample preparation upstream of the sequencing process to ensure the best possible results this includes nucleic acid purification magnetic bead-based cleanups enzymatic incubations at various temperatures and small-volume liquid handling eppendorf offers a broad range of high-quality smart consumables and precise and accurate instrumentation for all the steps upstream of sequencing – from sample generation and storage to sample preparation/purification library preparation and quantification and pcr amplification most frequent problems /challenges possible solution eppendorf solution questionable sequencing results inconsistent library quality and yields variable sequencing results ensuring sensitive and reliable quantification of nucleic acid minimize the risk use standardized library prep methods qualify personnel through thorough training on processes use high quality calibrated equipment use automated library preparation use the right method e. g fluorescence dyes for quantification eppendorf product benefits preprogrammed and optimized library prep methods for the epmotion 5075t pcr cycler with excellent block homogeneity and evaporation protection high-quality pcr consumables eppendorf biospectrometer fluorescence most frequent problems /challenges possible solution eppendorf solution inefficient workload labor-intensive tedious library preparation need to process various library prep workflows error-prone long manual procedures cross contamination due to previous pcr products limited throughput with manual processing instrument downtime due to failure or maintenance minimize the risk plan manual work thoroughly reduce hands-on time through walk-away automation use flexible equipment to implement and optimize different methods separate of pre and post pcr processes spatially ensure redundancy or backup instrumentation eppendorf product benefits epmotion 5075t can free up your time epmotion features open architecture and easy-to-use software use epmotion 5073 as post-pcr system plug’n’prep method can be downloaded epservices keep your products running and minimize downtime tools can be sent in for calibration no downtime due to replacement tools most frequent problems /challenges possible solution eppendorf solution insufficient input sample degraded rna or dna inefficient nucleic acid purification limited amounts of primary samples sample loss during long-term storage minimize the risk avoid manual processing to reduce dnase / rnase contamination risk use suitable purification products and protocols reduce losses caused by poor recovery or degradation increase library yields through optimized workflows eppendorf product benefits use epmotion for nucleic acid purification consumables with certified pcr clean quality dnase / rnase free purification with magsep reagent kits eppendorf lobind® consumables reduce dna and enzyme absorption by plastic wall most frequent problems /challenges possible solution eppendorf solution issues related to leachables extractables potential contamination of valuable reagents and precious samples through substances released from plastics inhibition of enzymatic reactions interference with sensitive assays qc sequencing fluorescence-based release of leachables during prolonged hybridization at elevated temperatures minimize the risk validate each lot of your consumables for the absence of additives request a »free of additives« certificate from your consumable supplier eppendorf product benefits use eppendorf consumables that are certified free of plasticizers biocides and slipping agents eppendorf biospectrometer® mastercycler® pro s epmotion® 5075t ts and tm tools gripper magsep kits consumables lobind tubes consumables