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technical data and ordering information features dasware® control 5 dasware® control 5 professional number of parallel vessels dasbox up to 24 dasgip up to 16 dasbox up to 24 dasgip up to 16 parallel calibration recipe management online editable do cascades       online trend graphs    reports  microsoft ® excel® export   configurable bioreactor view   script programming   professional database with managed access sql server ®   offline values up to 4 up to 26 online calculated values up to 4 up to 26 external alarm notification e-mail/text  online batch-to-batch comparison  user-defined control loops  support of external i/o o o iq/oq package o o more options by dasware ® software suite o o opc enabled client server o o for 4-fold dasgip ® system 76dgcs4 76dgcsp4 for 8-fold dasgip ® system 76dgcs8 76dgcsp8 for 4-fold dasbox® system 76dxcs4 76dxcsp4 for 8-fold dasbox® system 76dxcs8 76dxcsp8 for 12-fold dasbox® system 76dxcs12 76dxcsp12 order no incl pc os and licenses order no upgrades – add vessels to your existing dasware® control for 4-fold dasgip ® system 76dgcs+4 76dgcsp+4 for 4-fold dasbox® system 76dxcs+4 76dxcsp+4 order no updates – update your existing dasgip ® control to dasware ® control 5 on windows® 7 operating system for 4 vessels 76dwupd4 – for 4 vessels incl active software maintenance plan 76dwupd4sm – for 8 vessels 76dwupd8 – for 8 vessels incl active software maintenance plan 76dwupd8sm – process computer specifications features dasgip® process computer intel core® i5  ssd ≥ 128 gb  22“ lcd monitor windows® 7 microsoft® office 2013    order no 76dgpcs technical specifications are to be changed without notice  standard o optional your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany · microsoft® excel® windows® and sql server® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation usa intel® and intel core® are registered trademarks of intel corporation usa eppendorf® and the eppendorf logo are trademarks of eppendorf ag germany new brunswick™ is a trademark of eppendorf ag germany dasgip® dasbox® and dasware® are registered trademarks of dasgip information and process technology gmbh germany u.s design patents are listed on all rights reserved including graphics and images copyright © 2015 by eppendorf ag order no a765 211 020/gb1/2t/0615/ebc/steff · carbon neutrally printed in germany.