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4 liquid handling consumables a system you can rely on tailored to your application needs eppendorf has set industry standards in consumable purity levels building on the famous eppendorf quality four additional purity grades tailor eppendorf consumables to various applicational needs — sterile pcr clean and biopur you have highest expectations on consistency and reproducibility make eppendorf consumables your choice paving the way for modern lab standards all consumables are subject to internal process controls on function tightness precision transparency low wetting property and high chemical and thermal resistance additionally sterile pcr clean and biopur products are tested by an independent external analytical laboratory for compliance — lot by lot the results of these testings are certified and can be downloaded from eppendorf quality™ sterile pcr clean biopur® continuous quality controls

liquid handling consumables 7 ept.i.p.s.® racks eppendorf biopur® pipette tips provide maximum biological purity guaranteed pcr clean sterile pyrogen-free atp-free bacterial dna-free they meet the most stringent requirements of the medical pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industry as well as those of molecular biology and cell technology continuous control of each batch by an independent laboratory — batch-related certificates available on request or go to packaged in racks of 96 48 or 24 tips ept.i.p.s.® box ept.i.p.s.® set contamination-free transfer of trays to the working box system optimized for use with multichannel pipettes color-coded trays for simple identification of tips and matching eppendorf pipette tips can be attached to the pipette from the refill trays refill trays and ept.i.p.s boxes are entirely autoclavable for future use 150749_lh_consumables_pro_2015_rz.indd 7 ept.i.p.s.® reloads all components are 100

10 liquid handling consumables scientifically proven excellent protection with ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® for the introduction of the ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® filter tips in 2006 filter tips from various manufacturers were tested in a blind trial at the fraunhofer institute for toxicology and experimental medicine item in hanover germany testing focused on the prevention of tip cone contamination by aerosols filter effect with regard to salt aerosols and biomolecules dna fragments was examined quantitative determination of dna fragments was performed using real-time pcr the results indicate that ep dualfilter t.i.p.s filter tips are much better at protecting against aerosols than the other filter tips tested during the trial with regard to particle permeability ep dualfilter t.i.p.s are 55 to 677 times more effective ep dualfilter t.i.p.s were 21 to 600 times more effective when protection against dna fragments was examined for the first time both filters ep dualfilter t.i.p.s and

liquid handling consumables 13 the facts speak for themselves reduce costs increase reproducibility in particular with sensitive pcr and real-time pcr applications low-retention surfaces can increase reproducibility and notably reduce the loss of expensive reagents — depending on the reagent solution this can be by up to 5  versatile application ept.i.p.s loretention pipette tips are ideally suited for all applications with samples that contain detergents pcr and real-time pcr preparation of enzyme solutions and master mixes isolation purification and denaturation of proteins restriction digestions and ligations pipetting dna ladders during gel electrophoresis product features and benefits ultrahomogeneous surface for maximum reproducability no retention of liquid when detergent containing for reagent and cost saving significantly reduced build up of foam when pipetting no coating thus no assay interference no influencing of reaction/analysis by

16 liquid handling consumables technical specifications combitips advanced® technical specifications combitips advanced min max volume increment step size max dispensing volume volume inaccuracy1 imprecision1 2 µl 20 µl 4 µl 40 µl 10 µl 100 µl 20 µl 200 µl 50 µl 500 µl 100 µl 1,000 µl 200 µl 2,000 µl 500 µl 5,000 µl 1,000 µl 10,000 µl ±1.6  ±1.0  ±1.3  ±0.8  ±0.9  ±0.8  ±0.9  ±0.6  ±0.8  ±0.5  ±0.6  ±0.5  ±0.5  ±0.5  ±0.4  ±0.3  ±0.3  ±0.3  ±3.0  ±2.0  ±2.0  ±1.5  ±1.5  ±0.6  ±0.9  ±0.4  ±0.8  ±0.3  ±0.6  ±0.25  ±0.6  ±0.25  ±0.6  ±0.25  ±0.5  ±0.3  for multipette m4 and

18 liquid handling consumables positive displacement tips for eppendorf biomaster ® enjoy contamination-free pipetting with the positive displacement pipette an adjustable pipette for the volume range from 1 μl to 20 μl with the positive displacement tip the eppendorf mastertip® the pipette functions according to the positive-displacement principle thus the formation of aerosols — a common cause of contamination — is eliminated product features and benefits ready-for-use piston integrated in tip for contamination-free pipetting in positive displacement mode ideal for liquids that are viscous e.g glycerol or have high vapour pressure e.g ethanol acetone 96 positive displacement tips per rack for eppendorf varipette® the pipette tips for the varipette are tailored to different vessels for example the eppendorf varitips® p is designed for aspirating 1 ml to 10 ml from beakers and it pipettes according to the positive

liquid handling consumables 21 box set singles racks eppendorf quality™ eppendorf quality™ eppendorf biopur® sterile eppendorf biopur® sterile 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 1 reusable box incl 5 trays of 96 tips 100 tips individually wrapped 5 racks of 96 tips 480 tips 0030 073.002 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.029 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.045 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.061 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.088 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.100 1 reusable box incl 96 tips 0030 073.126 150749_lh_consumables_pro_2015_rz.indd 21 0030 073.207 0030 072.251 loretention 1 reusable box incl 5 trays of 96 tips 0030 073.223 0030 010.019 0030 075.005 1 reusable box incl 5 trays of 96 tips 0030 073.240 0030 072.260 loretention 1 reusable box incl 5 trays of 96 tips 0030 073.266 0030 072.278 loretention 100 tips individually wrapped 0030 010.035 1 reusable box incl 5 trays of 96 tips 0030 073.304 0030 072.286 loretention 1 reusable box incl 5

24 liquid handling consumables volume range ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® sealmax ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® loretention all tips shown are actual size racks pcr clean sterile incl pyrogen-free 0.1–10 µl s 34 mm dark gray 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.504 0030 077.610 loretention 0030 077.806 sealmax 0.1–10 µl m 40 mm medium gray 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.512 0.5–20 µl l 46 mm light gray 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.520 0030 077.628 loretention 0030 077.814 sealmax 2–20 µl 53 mm yellow 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.539 2–100 µl 53 mm yellow 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.547 0030 077.644 loretention 0030 077.822 sealmax 2–200 µl 55 mm yellow 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.555 0030 077.830 sealmax 20–300 µl 55 mm orange 10 racks of 96 tips 960 tips 0030 077.563 0030 077.636 loretention 0030 077.849 sealmax 50–1,000 µl 76 mm

liquid handling consumables · ordering informations 27 epmotion® automated pipetting system description order no ept.i.p.s.® motion pipette tips automatic pipette tips in individual racks for use on the epmotion® the tip type and size is automatically recognized on the device 96 ept.i.p.s.® rack 10 racks per set the refill racks from the reload products can be placed in an autoclavable tipholder adapter three purity levels eppendorf quality™ pcr clean and sterile pipette tips available with or without a filter testing of production batches certified without filter 50 μl sterile free of pyrogens volume range 1–50 μl 10 × 96 tips in racks 300 μl sterile free of pyrogens volume range 20–300 μl 10 × 96 tips in racks 1,000 μl sterile free of pyrogens volume range 40–1,000 μl 10 × 96 tips in racks 50 μl eppendorf quality™ volume range 1–50 μl 10 × 96 tips in racks 300 μl eppendorf

30 liquid handling consumables · eppendorf pipette/ept.i.p.s.® combinations eppendorf pipette/ept.i.p.s.® combinations eppendorf reference® 2 ep t.i.p.s.® ep t.i.p.s.® loretention ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® loretention ep dualfilter t.i.p.s.® sealmax fixed volume 1 µl 2 µl dark gray 5 µl 10 µl medium gray 20 µl light gray 10 µl yellow 20 µl yellow 25 µl 50 µl yellow 100 µl 200 µl yellow 200 µl 250 µl blue 500 µl 1,000 µl 2 ml 2.5 ml red adjustable volume 0.1 µl–2.5 µl dark gray 0.5 µl–10 µl medium gray 2 µl–20 µl light gray 2 µl–20 µl yellow 10 µl–100 µl yellow 20 µl–200 µl yellow 30 µl–300 µl orange 100 µl–1,000 µl blue 0.25 ml–2.5 ml red 0.5 ml–5 ml violet 1 ml–10 ml turquoise 0.1 µl– 10 µl s dark gray ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

make your lab a better place the eppendorf liquid handling instruments portfolio as the inventor of the microliter system we at eppendorf have more than fifty years of experience in precise manual and automatic pipetting and transferring of the smallest quantities of liquids the standards defined by eppendorf quality assurance for example precision and accuracy guidelines clearly surpass the standards required to obtain these results and guarantee the reproducibility that our customers have come to depend on our »physiocare concept®« incorporates growing ergonomic demands into all that we do the use of our liquid handling products has been proven to reduce physical strain at the workstation to a minimum this has been perfected by the ergonomic design of our products and flawless fit of device to consumable e.g measurably reduced ejecting force when pipetting for more information visit your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331