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perfect asymmetry the mastercycler® nexus x2 with two totally independent

the mastercycler® nexus x2 the mastercycler nexus x2 gives you the ability to run two totally independent protocols at the same time smaller assays fit nicely on the 32-well-block — larger assays can exceed 48 samples and run on the 64-well-block the larger block is available with a gradient function as every member of the mastercycler nexus family the mastercycler nexus x2 can be combined with all other family members in a network of up to 3 units that allows you to install the best solution for your needs and benefit from the same intuitive software on all your pcr devices in combination with eppendorf’s pcr tubes pcr strips or divisible plates the mastercycler nexus x2 will give you consistent and publishable results — every day product features large block for large assays — small block for small assays universal block for strips 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml pcr tubes intuitive graphic programming optional mouse use

benefits at your fingertips  wo independent blocks of different sizes provide a lot of flexibility t combine up to 3 units for higher throughput low noise low power consumption intuitive software technical specifications block homogeneity 20 °c–72 °c 95 °c heating rate cooling rate max power consumption block temperature accuracy sound power levels temperature control range of the block temperature control mode gradient range gradient temperature range lid temperature range dimensions w × d × h weight heating and cooling rates measured at block ≤ ±0.3 °c ≤ ±0.4 °c ca 3 °c/s ca 2 °c/s 700 w ± 0.2 °c 40 db[a 4–99 °c fast standard safe 12 °c 30–99 °c 37–110 °c 25 × 41.2 × 33 cm 11 kg 24.2

ordering information description mastercycler® nexus gx2 mastercycler® nexus x2 mastercycler® nexus gx2e mastercycler® nexus x2e eppendorf pcr tubes 0.2 ml pcr tubes thin-walled with hinged lid 1000 tubes 0.5 ml pcr tubes thin-walled with lid 500 tubes 8-tube strip for 0.2 ml pcr tubes 10 × 12 pieces pcr tube strips 0.1 ml without caps 10 × 12 pieces pcr tube strips 0.1 ml cap strips domed 10 × 12 pieces each pcr tube strips 0.1 ml cap strips flat 10 × 12 pieces each cap strips domed 8-strips 10 × 12 pcs cap strips flat 8-strips 10 × 12 pcs twin.tec pcr plate 96 unskirted 250 μl 20 pcs clear divisible blue divisible twin.tec pcr plate 96 unskirted low profile 20 pcs clear divisible blue divisible your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany · eppendorf® the eppendorf logo and mastercycler® are registered