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ready set prep automated pipetting made easy—new epmotion® 5073 family members for perfect pcr set-up and nucleic acids purification or general liquid

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eppendorf epmotion 3 say goodbye to hours of pipetting—and concentrate on your scientific work the new epmotion® gives you the time the eppendorf epmotion automated pipetting system family is extended by two new members the epmotion p5073 and epmotion m5073 while both are tailored for specific preparative applications they both are also open platforms that simplify all routine pipetting tasks in your lab whether it is pcr set-up or pre­paration of nucleic acids purification or general liquid handling the automation yields reliable and reproducible results with more precision and safety than you have ever experienced with manual pipetting learn how simple it is to automate the well-known and easy to use epmotion lends itself to most laboratory environments the epblue software can be learned just in one morning and you will be up and running protocols that same afternoon and the new software assistants for pcr set-up or nucleic acids purification are so intuitive that any

epmotion® p5073c 1 3 2 6 5 4 7 the epmotion p5073—2 systems in one first a tailored workstation for automated pcr set-up in 96 or 384 plate format the new easycon control panel and pcr assistant software fulfills the highest expectations for ease of use guiding the user stepwise through the process second a flexible system for automation of labor intensive and complex pipetting tasks with the epblue software which addresses diverse liquid handling routines in todays labs the epmotion p5073 is configured with all accessories and tools required for pcr set-up due to its excellent accuracy the epmotion p5073 sets the standard for automated pipetting and real-time pcr set-up 1 cleancap with uv lamp for decontamination and hepa filter for clean air inside 2 automatic exchange of 2 pipetting tools 3 optical sensor checks worktable loading for tips type and number labware type and even liquid volumes in vessels 4 safety door closed housing operation is paused when the door is

eppendorf epmotion epmotion® m5073 2 1 3 5 4 6 epmotion m5073 – nucleic acid preparation and flexibility for more use dedicated magsep reagent kits with the epmotion m5073 for unattended dna or rna preparations from 1 to 24 samples from various sources the easycon control panel and prep assistant software guide step by step through the easy and fast automation process the new reuse tips feature and ept.i.p.s motion saferack tips can help to reduce tip consumption during wash steps more flexibility and complexity for various liquid handling tasks can be programed by the established epblue software that is installed on the easycon as well automate tedious multi-step pipetting tasks in minutes like plate reformatting serial dilutions sample transfer or normalizations pooling hit-picking assay set-up or cell handling the epmotion m5073 is delivered with all accessories and tools required for nucleic acid preparation 1 automatic exchange of 2 pipetting tools 2 optical sensor

eppendorf® magsep reagent kits for automated nucleic acid purification of 1 to 24 samples – free-up your time for scientific work whether your sample is tissue cells bacteria blood or cell-free body fluids the magsep tissue gdna kit magsep blood gdna kit or magsep viral dna/rna kit is your smart solution for automated nucleic acid purification the kits are designed for rapid automated small-scale preparation of highly pure nucleic acids based on robust magnetic bead separation using the epmotion m5073 all reagents like proteinase k and other buffers and tubes that are needed for extraction and elution for 96 samples are provided the ready to use reagents come in special trays for 1 to 24 preparations just open the vessels place the tray on the epmotion worktable and the m5073 will do all the pipetting if less than 24 samples are run the tray can be stored for later use benefit from minimal hands-on time with ready to use reagents special epmotion reagent tray and easy

eppendorf epmotion 7 ease of use and flexibility the eppendorf 5073 easycon control panel is optimized for easy and comfortable access to liquid handling automation it has a large color display and is operated by touch or mouse control the key feature of the easycon control panel however is its flexibility with pre-installed software assistants for easy and fast application runs and the epblue studio software for programing more complex liquid handling tasks the epblue studio can be learned just in one morning and you will be up and running protocols that same afternoon and the new software assistants for pcr set-up or nucleic acids purification are so intuitive that any lab member can start after less than 30 minutes familiarization touch screen or mouse control 3 × prep assistants 4 × pcr assistants epblue studio software 4 × usb 2.0 ports for data transfer data backup csv and xml file exchange no extra power supply needed the 4 pcr assistants are designed to

technical specifications description epmotion® m5073 epmotion® m5073c epmotion® p5073 epmotion® p5073c dimensions w×d×h 65 cm × 61 cm × 67 cm 65 cm × 61 cm × 77 cm 65 cm × 61 cm × 67 cm 65 cm × 61 cm × 77 cm weight 57 kg 62 kg 50 kg 55 kg power supply 100–240 v ±10  50–60 hz ±5  max power input 600 w easycon capacitive touch lcd display color 1024 × 600 pixel sbs/ansi positions 6 hepa filter 70–80 m /h class e10 70–80 m3/h class e10 3 opt gripper carrying capacity 1200 g uv light 254 nm uv-c 254 nm uv-c uv lamp power 1 m distance 39 μw/cm 39 μw/cm2 thermomixer® magsep module mix time 5 s–120 min 300 rpm–2,000 rpm 4  °c–95  °c 2 mix time 5 s–120 min 300 rpm–2,000 rpm 4  °c–95  °c optional thermomodule free jet air cushion pipetting 1–1,000 μl 1–1,000 μl 0  °c–110