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seamless new brunswick™ biocommand® software for fermentation cell

added convenience new brunswick™ biocommand® software packages are designed to enhance your ability to monitor and control your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer biocommand® track and trend batch control and batch control plus supervisory control and data acquisition scada software packages provide automatic data logging remote monitoring and control capabilities opc-compatibility data from other opc-compatible devices in your lab or production facility can be integrated into your control strategies ability to monitor and supervise several fermentors and bioreactors from a single pc connectivity with our current and past pc-compatible fermentors and bioreactors as well with windows® 7 windows vista® and windows xp® operating systems batch control and batch control plus provide advanced programming capabilities with easy-to-use tools intuitive to most biological scientists and technicians which biocommand® is best

the improved recipe wizard standard in all three packages provides easy-to-follow onscreen instructions that walk you through the set-up of recipes start to finish check marks indicate which parts of the recipe you have already created and saved and which steps you still need to complete the biocommand® powerful programming feature has been designed to help scientists and process technicians write sophisticated control strategies to automate setpoint changes based on culture conditions and time no pro-gramming skills needed simply drag and drop the logic blocks into place to create “if-then” statements in the example above if the do is greater than 40 the software automatically adjusts the setpoint of pump 1 to 100 if the statement is false the setpoint is set to 0 programs can also be used to calculate values which are not already present as loops based on already-available information right here tip speed is calculated from a mathematical formula and agitator speed

biocommand® specifications system requirements supported os required hardware windows® 7 windows vista® windows vista service pack 1 windows xp service pack 2 windows xp service pack 3 – english os only cd-rom and unshared serial port rs-232 32-bit systems supported equipment communications data logging displays user authorization levels computer with intel or compatible 1ghz or faster processor 2 ghz or faster is recommended only a single processor is supported minimum of 512 mb of ram 1 gb or more is recommended 4gb of free hard disk space 64-bit systems 1.4 ghz or higher processor 2 ghz or faster is recommended only a single processor is supported minimum of 512mb of ram 1 gb or more is recommended 4 gb of free hard disk space all instruments using the nbs afs nbs modbus and bioflo® pro allen bradley communications protocols these include bioflo/celligen® 110 115 310 415 510 celligen® plus bioflo 3000 4000 4500 allen bradley controller and nbs process