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single-use now turn your bioreactor controller into a single-use

»the easy and cost-effective way to profit from single-use benefits.« turn to single-use eppendorf bioblu® single-use vessels combine the advantages of single-use technology with the trusted performance of stirred-tank design our convenient adaptor kits allow you to benefit from single-use technology with minimal invest they are easy to install and compatible with eppendorf dasgip® and new brunswick™ systems as well as common applikon® and sartorius® controllers the kits include all parts necessary for running bioblu single-use vessels with the respective system such as motor adaptor exhaust treatment and more how to benefit from bioblu single-use technology reduced validation costs for cleaning and sterilization reduced turnaround more runs more productivity reduced handling and cross contamination simple installation rigid-wall design easy scalability single layer polymer design mitigates concerns with leachables and extractables l&es non-invasive

bioblu premium class single-use vessels the bioblu rigid-wall stirred-tank vessel concept simplifies technology transfer and scalability by mimicking the performance and design of traditional glass and stainless steel bioreactors vessels are individually pressure-tested to ensure integrity validation advantage – polymer expertise by eppendorf decades of experience in the field of sophisticated polymer products is key to the development of bioblu single-use vessels our experts did address the widely discussed questions associated with l&es and help to make your laboratory more efficient and safe with industry standard dimensions the bioblu family supports effective mixing and mass transfer as well as reproducible cultivation conditions from research and process development up to pilot and production raw materials used to produce vessel body and head plate comply with usp class vi standards and are bse/tse-free vessel body and head plate comprised of single layer injection

upgrade your bioreactor controller in place—see our bioblu® single-use vessel adaptor kits ® eppendorf dasbox vessel eppendorf dasgip® parallel bioreactor systems bioblock eppendorf dasgip® parallel bioreactor systems benchtop ■ ■ working volume cell culture applications bioblu 0.3c1 100 ml – 250 ml ■ bioblu 1c 320 ml – 1.25 l bioblu 3c 1.25 l – 3.75 l ■ bioblu 5c 1.25 l – 3.75 l ■ bioblu 5p 3.75 l ■ bioblu 14c 3.5 l – 10.5 l bioblu 50c 18 l – 40 l microbial applications 1 4 bioblu 0.3f 65 ml – 250 ml bioblu 1f 250 ml – 1.25 l ■ ■ bioblu single-use vessel versions c cell culture p packed-bed f fermentation 2 bplus adaptor kit is for left-handed units only 3 bioblu 14c adaptor kit is available for bplus and b-dcu ii bioblu 50c adaptor kit is available for

eppendorf new eppendorf bioflo® 320 brunswick™ bioflo® eppendorf new brunswick™ applikon® ezcontrol™ and adi 1025 bio sartorius® biostat® b b-dcu ii and console™—with p100 bplus2 motor celligen® 115 celligen® 310 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■3 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■4 ■

ordering information description adaptor kit bioblu® single-use vessels dasbox® order no for 4 bioblu® 0.3 76dxakbb03 adaptor kit bioblu® single-use vessels dasgip® bioblock for 4 bioblu® 1c 76dgakbb1c for 4 bioblu® 1f 76dgakbb1f adaptor kit bioblu ® single-use vessels dasgip benchtop ® for 4 bioblu® 1c 76dgakbb1cbt 115 v for 4 bioblu® 3c/5c/5p 230 v for 4 bioblu® 3c/5c/5p 76dgakbb5cu1 76dgakbb5cu2 adaptor kit bioblu® single-use vessel new brunswick™ bioflo®/celligen® 115 100–240 v bioblu® 3c/5c m1386-9940 100–240 v bioblu® 14c m1376-9942 100–240 v bioblu 50c m1376-9951 ® adaptor kit bioblu® single-use vessel new brunswick™ celligen® 310 100–120 v bioblu® 3c/5c 200–240 v bioblu® 3c/5c 100–120 v bioblu® 14c 200–240 v bioblu® 14c m1386-9941 m1386-9942 m1376-9928 m1376-9930 100–120 v bioblu® 50c 200–240 v bioblu® 50c adaptor