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single-use simplicity bioblu® c and bioblu p single-use vessels for cell

»proven stirred-tank design meets single-use technology.« reliable performance and ease-of-use combine the benefits of single-use bioreactor technology with the reliable performance of conventional glass or stainless steel bioreactors – discover the eppendorf bioblu product line bioblu c single-use vessels allow scalable cell culture from research to pilot/production scale these rigid-wall stirred-tank single-use vessels have been specifically designed and optimized for cultivation of mammalian cells the bioblu 5p vessel is a packed-bed bioreactor perfectly suited for adherent cells and perfusion culture pre-loaded with fibra-cel® disks it provides a solid support growth matrix e.g for production of secreted proteins how bioblu single-use technology benefits you reduced validation costs for cleaning and sterilization reduced turnaround more runs more productivity reduced handling and cross contamination simplify installation with rigid-wall design no risk

scalable single-use design from 100 ml to 40 l the eppendorf bioblu® vessels effective exhaust treatment liquid-free exhaust condensation peltier or electric heater band weldable or easy-to-connect tubing in-field flexibility and ease-ofuse industrial head plate integration of standard sensors liquid addition and sampling ports enclosed magnetic drive reduces contamination risk bioblu 0.3c shown flexible gassing overlay and submerged gassing multiple sparge options available to best suit your application industry standard design standard impeller size and vessel dimensions for efficient mixing and mass transfer and scalable results non-invasive sensors non-invasive standard do and optical ph sensor ports remove sensor failure concerns bioblu 1c

design advantage – scalable design from 100 ml – 40 l the bioblu rigid-wall stirred-tank vessel concept simplifies technology transfer and scalability by mimicking the performance and design of traditional glass and stainless steel bioreactors vessels are individually pressure-tested to ensure vessel integrity validation advantage – polymer expertise by eppendorf decades of experience in the field of sophisticated polymer products is key to the development of bioblu single-use vessels our experts did address the widely discussed questions associated with leachables and extractables l&e and help to make your laboratory more efficient and safe with industry standard dimensions the bioblu family supports effective mixing and mass transfer as well as reproducible cultivation conditions from research and process development up to pilot and production vessel body and head plate comprised of single layer injection molded plastic no additives such as softeners virgin

scalable solutions the comprehensive portfolio of bioblu vessels provide a headstart for users looking to scale-up their process every effort was made to ensure that each vessel design promoted consistency across the product line vessel geometries process capabilities and materials of construction all working together to create a harmonized portfolio perfect for scale-up processes ratio hi /di vessel height vessel id ratio hvwmax/di max liquid height vessel id number of impellers bioblu 0.3c 1.8 bioblu 1c 2.0 bioblu 3c 2.0 bioblu 14c 2.0 bioblu 50c 2.0 1.2 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.3 1 ratio d/di impeller od 0.5 vessel id id inner diameter od outer diameter 1 or 2 1 1 1 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 packed to improve bioblu p single-use packed-bed vessel achieve maximum cell densities and product yields while your cells savor minimized shear forces and uniform nutrient and oxygen supply bioblu p vessels apply our proprietary eppendorf packed-bed impeller system to ready-to-use single-use vessels they

technical data1 working volume total material sterilization bioblu® 0.3c 100 – 250 ml 380 ml head plate ports pg 13.5 liquid addition 2x 1x submerged 1x overlay 1x permeable gas membrane 2 2       do sensor port optical ph sensor port gas sparge gas overlay exhaust harvest tube thermowell drive fibra-cel® disks agitation speed exhaust treatment 3 bioblu® 1c bioblu® 3c bioblu® 5p bioblu® 14c 320 ml – 1.25 l 1.25 – 3.75 l 3.75 l 3.5 – 10.5 l 1.8 l 5 l 5 l 14 l vessel ps pc usp class vi tubing silicone c-flex 15 kgy β-irradiated 3x 2x submerged 2x overlay 1x permeable gas membrane 2 2       – – 20 – 500 rpm 30 – 600 rpm liquid-free peltier ordering information description application bioblu® 0.3c cell culture liquid-free peltier working volume 100 – 250 ml 4x 1x 1x submerged 3x overlay 3x overlay 1x permeable 1x permeable gas