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smooth operator new eppendorf micromanipulators transferman® 4r and injectman® 4 with unprecedented movement

2 micromanipulation covering a broad range of applications eppendorf micromanipulation systems provide a high level of

micromanipulation »the new eppendorf micromani­ pulators combine an intuitive user interface with an unprecedented movement control.« everyone who performs microinjection knows what’s most important to guarantee best results precision fast processing and ease of use with this in mind we developed the transferman® 4r and injectman® 4 to make your work as easy as possible microinjection into suspension cells production of genetically modified animals using pronuclear and cytoplasmic injection e.g talen applications in animal reproductive medicine e.g mouse icsi serial injection into fish embryos e.g zebrafish medaka injection into c elegans other worms insects etc manipulation of suspension cells stem cell transfer nuclear transfer transplantation of cells selection and isolation of individual cells e.g biopsies other application examples semi-automatic microinjection into adherent cells positioning and selection of microparticles

4 micromanipulation transferman® 4r the user-friendly transferman 4r combines an ergonomic and innovative operation concept that is ideal for manipu­ lation of suspension cells such as oocytes and blastocysts application-specific user profiles simplify the individual workflow process with four predefined application masks to choose from e.g for cell transfer dna injection etc the freely programmable »my application« mask can be optimized for specific individual needs features/advantages maximum stability ensures vibration-free work one-hand operation for capillary and angle settings programmable z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage connection with eppendorf piezoxpert® and eppendorf electronic microinjectors 1 4th gear unique dualspeed™ joystick for precise instantaneous control and positioning using two different speed modes 2 ergonomically shaped control panel for fatigue-free work 1 3o  ptimized user interface for various applications

micromanipulation injectman® 4 the injectman 4 is ideal for microinjection into adherent cells smaller organisms and embryos in the early stages of deve­lopment the combination of injectman 4 femtojet® 4i or femtojet® 4x enables a fast semi-automatic injection furthermore the injectman 4 is the ideal micromanipulator for all complex applications that require a dynamic movement mode and direct control of the injection process via the joy­stick button the axial movement ensures the optimal protection of sensitive cells and the lowest possible mortality rate features/advantages maximum stability ensures drift-free work selection and programming of additional functions e.g axial movement step injection connection with eppendorf piezoxpert for piezo-assisted penetration over a pre-defined distance pc interface for remote control 1 dynamic movement control via joystick 2 define injection levels and prevention of capillary breakage by programming the z-axis limit 1 3 3

6 micromanipulation plug play motor modules true to its roots the new eppendorf electronic micromani­ pulators convince with outstanding technical performance and an overall ergonomic concept the robust and reliable devices are ergonomically correct and function with maximum stability the exceptional directness and smoothness of the movement in all directions make these manipulators ideal platforms for use in a broad range of applications easily adaptable to all major microscope models both transferman 4r and injectman 4 can be coupled with the electronic microinjectors femtojet 4i femtojet 4x and the eppendorf piezoxpert this allows for integration of the operating functions in combination a micromanipulation system like this provides best performance and easiest operation 2 3 1 easy adjustable angle from 0° to 90° 1 2 plug play system with scale to allow for easy installation 3 swivel joint to allow for easy capillary and sample exchange 4 one-hand mounting of

micromanipulation examples of micromanipulation workstations workstation for embryo manipulation techniques recommended setup 2 × transferman 4r  1 × microscope adapter to be specified at time of order 1 × celltram® air / 1 × celltram® vario 1 × set of 25 vacutip™ 1 × set of 25 transfertip® to be specified at time of order optional 1 × eppendorf piezoxpert® 1 × set of 25 piezo drill tips to be specified at time of order workstation for injection into fish embryos recommended setup 1 × injectman 4 1 × universal stand 1 × femtojet 4x 2 × racks of 96 microloader workstation for generation of transgenic animals using pronuclear injection recommended setup 2 × transferman 4r 1 × microscope adapter to be specified at time of order 1 × celltram air 1 × femtojet 4i

8 micromanipulation eppendorf micromanipulation systems eppendorf piezoxpert® our device for piezo-assisted micromanipulation facilitates easy perforation of cells for subsequent microinjection or manipulation the piezo impulses are transmitted onto the attached microcapillary directly and without loss intuitive operation and a wide adjustment range ensure best performance and reproducible work the electronic coupling with the transferman 4r and injectman 4 enables semi-automatic piezo-supported cell penetration femtojet® 4i femtojet® 4x eppendorf femtojet 4i and 4x are perfectly suited for injecting small to intermediate volumes up to 1 µl featuring a wide range of functionality simple operation and electronic coupling to both transferman 4r and injectman 4 allowing for easy controlling of the injection process the femtojet 4i features a built-in compressor to independently deliver the required pressure both units convince with highest precision that allows for

micromanipulation 9 eppendorf micromanipulation accessories eppendorf antivibration pads the antivibration pads are specifically designed to effectively protect your micromanipulation system against extreme vibrations the pads are simply directly positioned under the base points of your microscope five different sizes are available from xs to xl the various pads are optimized for specific load ranges to guarantee perfect results eppendorf cell imaging dishes the eppendorf 35 mm cell imaging dish supports a premium performance in microinjection low rim side walls allow for easier access for microinjection the polygonal gripping zone improves handling of dishes suppor­ted by comprehensive marks for facilitated orientation a tc treated glass surface enables attachment of most adherent cells a central cavity for concentrated growth and staining of cells reduces costs of antibodies and dyes eppendorf microcapillaries eppendorf offers a wide range of excellent microcapillaries

10 micromanipulation technical specifications control board transferman® 4r control injectman® 4 one joystick for movement control in x y z-dimension dimensions w × h × d 205 mm × 288 mm × 152 mm weight incl mains /power supply device 1.8 kg external device /pc serial interface subd9 male working area coarse fine x-fine speed control proportional and dynamic kinetics motor module transferman® 4r/injectman® 4 max travelling distance ≥ 20 mm weight complete 2.15 kg stepper motor x ,y ,z-module module x,y,z step size computational resolution <20 nm speed 0 – 10,000 µm/s mechanical adjustability >80 mm dimensions 129 mm × 51 mm × 36 mm direction of rotation -45° – + 90° capillary exchange direction of rotation forward swivel out sample replacement direction of rotation backward swivel in operating angle of angle head 0° – 90°

micromanipulation 11 eppendorf piezoxpert® applications transfer of embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells into blastocysts mouse icsi intracytoplasmic sperm injection enucleation/nuclear transfer blastomere biopsy from mouse embryos biopsy of equine embryos for pgd preimplantation genetic diagnosis input voltage 100 v – 240 v 50 – 60 hz power input 18 w max power input < 0.18 a interface usb 2.0 for technical service dimensions w × h × l 17 cm × 11.5 cm × 23 cm weight 2.8 kg celltram® air celltram® oil celltram® vario applications gentle holding of suspension cells e.g icsi manual microinjection microtransfer techniques e.g microinjection of single cells or into plant cells etc holding of suspension cells during biopsy techniques precise and sensitive handling of microtransfer techniques e.g icsi stem cell transfer biopsy techniques transplantation experiments etc generation of pressure

micromanipulation 12 femtojet® 4i femtojet® 4x applications microinjection into suspension or adherent cells semi-automatic serial injection in combination with injectman 4 ideal for serial injection volumes from femtoliter to up to 100 pl microinjection into c elegans early fish embryos xenopus oocytes semi-automatic serial injection in combination with injectman 4 preferably used for injecting higher volumes up to 1 µl and/or longer injection series pressure supply integrated compressor external pressure source required pressure display can be set to hpa or psi programmable parameters injection time injection pressure compensation pressure injection time 0 10 – 99 99 s can be set in increments of 0.01 s injection pressure 0 5 – 6,000 hpa 87 psi compensation pressure 0 5 – 6,000 hpa 87 psi clean function maximum rinsing pressure 6,000 hpa 87 psi dimensions w × h × d weight 21,3 cm x 25 cm x 20,7 cm

13 micromanipulation ordering information description international order no north america order no transferman® 4r micromanipulator with dualspeed™ joystick for direct and dynamic movement control for research use only injectman® 4 micromanipulator with dynamic movement control for research use only 5193 000.012 5193000020 5192 000.019 5192000027 leica® 1 for leica® dmi3000 b 3000 m 4000 b 5000 b 5000 m 6000 b dm irb e hc dmi8 and dm ire 2 microscopes leica® 2 for leica® dm il led and hc microscopes 5192 301.000 5192301000 5192 302.007 5192302007 nikon® 1 for nikon eclipse® diaphot 200 300 and eclipse® ti-e ti-u ti-s te200 te300 te2000 microscopes olympus® 1 for olympus® ix50 ix51 ix70 ix80 and ix81 microscopes 5192 316.008 5192316008 5192 306.002 5192306002 olympus® 2 for olympus® ix53 ix73 ix83 microscopes 5192 307.009 5192307009 olympus® 3 for olympus® ix53 with illumination ix2-ill30 5192 308.005 5192308005 zeiss® 1 for

ordering information description antivibration pads™ antivibration pad xs weight range 4.5–6.0 kg antivibration pad s weight range 6.0–8.0 kg antivibration pad m weight range 8.0–10.0 kg antivibration pad l weight range 10.0–12.5 kg antivibration pad xl weight range 12.5–16.5 kg international order no north america order no 5181 301.009 5181 303.001 5181 305.004 5181 307.007 5181 309.000 920007945 920007953 920007961 920007970 920007988 microloader 2 racks à 96 tips 0.5–20 μl 100 mm 5242 956.003 930001007 vacutip™ holding capillary 35° tip angle 15 µm inner diameter 1 mm flange sterile set of 25 vacutip™ fch holding capillary 25° tip angle 60 µm inner diameter 0.5 mm flange sterile set of 25 piezo drill tip mouse icsi for piezo-assisted mouse icsi 25° tip angle 6 µm inner diameter 6 mm flange sterile set of 25 piezo drill tip es for piezo-assisted mouse es cell transfer 25° tip angle 15 µm inner