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support your local hamburg germany cell culture beds single cell line cell lines new brunswick polyester mesh 6 x 8 high density non woven class vi pressure drop in the secret and animals no 50 bed support roller support support rollers support supports center support cel cels hep bioreactor e 5p vessels vessel hamburger impeller impellers tpa 1 rashid h s tpa vero g cell cell cells celling blueing bluing 7 bluing 5 bluing blueings p 293 m 293 b 293 blu m 5 mrc mrc g mrc 4 vaccines gmp bed beds

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support growth fibra-cel® disks – a solid support growth material for cell

suspend your disbelief fibra-cel disks are a proven support system used to increase yields of suspension and anchorage-dependent cultures when combined with the eppendorf proprietary packed-bed impeller system the fibra-cel disks create a three-dimensional matrix both anchorage dependent and suspension cells become entrapped within the matrix where they remain throughout the process while predominantly used for growth in which secreted products are desired i.e vaccine production fibra-cel disks have proven successful in processes where biomass recovery is the eventual goal suspension or anchorage dependent cell lines fibra-cel disks are electrostatically pre-treated to facilitate suspension cells adhering to the disks and becoming trapped in the fiber system low pressure drop across bed minimizes variability and maintains a global viability of cells over the entire bed high surface to volume ratio increases the total biomass that can be maintained in the bioreactor viable cell

cell lines successfully used hybridoma da4-4 123a 127a gamma 67-9-b anchorage-dependent 3t3 cos human osteosarcoma mrc-5 bhk vero cho rcho-tpa rcho hep b surface antigen hek 293 rhek 293 rc127 hep b surface antigen normal human fibroblasts stroma hepatocytes insect tn-368 sf9 rsf9 hi-5 specifications total vessel volume l 2.5 1 2 bed volume l 0.5 5.0 1.5 7.5 2.5 14.0 5.0 40.0 12.0 75.0 26.5 150.0 60.0 single-use autoclavable qty fibra-cel g1 50 sip n n total 3-d surface area cm2 6.0 x 104 roller bottle equivalent2 71 n 150 1.8 x 105 212 n 250 3.0 x 105 353 n 500 5 6.0 x 10 706 n 1,200 1.4 x 106 1694 n 2,650 3.2 x 106 3741 n 6,000 7.2 x 106 8471 average qty fibra-cel used 10 g fibra-cel disks 100 ml bed volume roller bottle equivalent based on avg surface area 850 cm2 bottle cell lines attach more readily to fibra-cel disks because they become embedded in the three-dimensional fiber system high-resolution micrograph of a fibra‑cel disk indicating the polyester mesh with

ordering information fibra-cel® disk quantity g total surface area cm2 order no 50 6 x 104 m1292-9984 250 3 x 105 m1292-9988 ordering information description quantity order no bioblu® 5p packed-bed vessel microsparge 1 m1363-0119 bioblu® 5p packed-bed vessel microsparge pack of 4 vessels m1363-0120 bioblu 5p packed-bed vessel macrosparge 1 m1363-0133 bioblu® 5p packed-bed vessel macrosparge pack of 4 vessels m1363-0134 ® includes 150 g fibra-cel® disks please contact your local eppendorf sales representative for information on using the bioblu packed-bed vessels with your existing hardware your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany fibra-cel® is a registered trademark owned by imerys minerals california inc usa and licensed to eppendorf inc usa celligen® is a registered trademark of eppendorf inc usa eppendorf® the eppendorf logo and bioblu® are registered