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supreme stability the eppendorf injectman® 4 for patch clamp and

2 micromanipulation a solid foundation precision and reliability are essential for optimal results this is particularly true when exact positioning and stability are key to successful experimentation patch clamp has been an indispensable method in electrophysiology since the 1980s its versatility and precision allow neuroscientists to tackle one of the most fascinating challenges in the life sciences understanding the human brain eppendorf has a long-standing tradition in cell manipulation and single cell experimentation we have served as expert partner to cell biology and neuroscience labs for more than 30 years drift movement of injectman 4 drift in y direction [µm +5 -5 error of measurement +5 the injectman 4 is an ideal tool for demanding applications such as micromanipulation or patch clamp it combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional ease of use the many smart features of the injectman 4 facilitate your work and effectively help protecting your precious

micromanipulation the injectman® 4 product features maximum stability for drift-free work extra-fine movement for highly precise positioning 20 nm motor step size intuitive movement control with a single joystick advanced functions e.g axial movement position memory z-limit home function and swivel-out movement for easy access to sample and electrode no electrical noise for optimal measurements adaptable to all conventional microscopes pc interface for remote control other eppendorf solutions for your lab antivibration pads eppendorf antivibration pads effectively protect your precious samples from vibrations and mechanical disturbances pads for different weight ranges provide an ideal customized solution for your workstation cell culture consumables experience a new dimension in cell culture with eppendorf cell culture consumables we put a special focus on excellent growth characteristics supreme handling and on advanced protection against contamination co

ordering information description international order no north america order no injectman® 4 micromanipulator with dynamic movement control 5192 000.019 5192000027 headstage holder for pre-amplifier for injectman® 4 5192 073.008 5192073008 spare parts kit 5192 071.005 5192071005 leica® 1 for leica® dmi3000 b 3000 m 4000 b 5000 b 5000 m 6000 b dm irb e hc dmi8 and dm ire 2 microscopes leica® 2 for leica® dm il led and hc microscopes 5192 301.000 5192301000 5192 302.007 5192302007 nikon® 1 for nikon eclipse® diaphot 200 300 and eclipse® ti-e ti-u ti-s te200 te300 te2000 microscopes olympus® 1 for olympus® ix50 ix51 ix70 ix80 and ix81 microscopes 5192 316.008 5192316008 5192 306.002 5192306002 olympus 2 for olympus ix53 ix73 ix83 microscopes 5192 307.009 5192307009 olympus® 3 for olympus® ix53 with illumination ix2-ill30 5192 308.005 5192308005 zeiss® 1 for zeiss® axiovert® 200 and axioobserver a1 d1 and z1 microscopes zeiss® 2 for