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system flexibility new brunswick™ celligen® 510 benchtop sip bioreactor

convenience flexibility and control the eppendorf line of new brunswick™ celligen® 510 bioreactor systems is designed for rapid delivery and easy field customization should your requirements change compact versatile and exceptionally capable quality at a very competitive price modular design provides system flexibility easily add or remove system components at any time pre or post-delivery to accommodate changes in your process requirements numerous ports in the vessel headplate and sidewall provide flexibility to position sensors spray balls addition valves pressure transducer and more multiple gas flow options choose up to four thermal mass flow controllers for process gasses or substitute a rotameter an additional tmfc can be added for gas overlay/air wash system capable of batch fed-batch and continuous perfusion modes multiple impeller options optional scada software validation packages sprayballs for vessel clean-in-place redundant ph/do sensors advanced

advanced system includes benchtop control station with touchscreen interface stainless steel vessel and piping skid customize pi values for all process parameters or select factory defaults optional exhaust gas condenser reduces evaporation of vessel contents multiple pg 13.5 sanitary style nbs connection ports provide flexibility to position sensors and redundant sensors to meet your process needs resterilizable sample valve adjustable-angle user-friendly 15 in 38 cm touchscreen interface simplifies control and provides clear viewing of process parameters independent overlay gas/air wash system with separate tmfc enables addition of air o2 co2 or n2 into vessel headspace three built-in assignable peristaltic pumps multiple gas flow options choose 1 2 3 or 4 thermal mass flow controllers tmfc in a variety of flow ranges safety features a sanitary rupture disk in the vessel and an asme safety release valve on the drain jacket are standard sanitary or quick connects allow utilities

celligen® 510 bioreactor specifications vessel working volume total volume construction agitation/speed ports impeller systems baffles headplate upper side wall lower side wall controller pumps piping skid bottom control station touchscreen interface/display standard options control speed construction aeration gas overlay exhaust line temperature control line sensor load cell options dimensions w xdxh additional options utility requirements connections process air/gases o2 n2 co2 instrument air process steam 16 l 32 l 5.5 15.6 l 10.75 32.0 l 19.5 l 40 l aspect ratio 2:1 code ratings asme/ce material of construction 316l stainless steel vessel pressure 40 psig 5.5 bar full vacuum vessel access headplate finish 15 ra electropolished interior [standard >top drive double-mechanical seal standard 25 200 rpm >optional top magnetic drive 25 130 rpm choice of pitched blade marine blade packed-bed basket cell lift and spin filter optional 4 removable 316l stainless steel