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celligen® 510 bioreactor specifications vessel working volume total volume construction agitation/speed ports impeller systems baffles headplate upper side wall lower side wall controller pumps piping skid bottom control station touchscreen interface/display standard options control speed construction aeration gas overlay exhaust line temperature control line sensor load cell options dimensions w xdxh additional options utility requirements connections process air/gases o2 n2 co2 instrument air process steam 16 l 32 l 5.5 15.6 l 10.75 32.0 l 19.5 l 40 l aspect ratio 2:1 code ratings asme/ce material of construction 316l stainless steel vessel pressure 40 psig 5.5 bar full vacuum vessel access headplate finish 15 ra electropolished interior [standard >top drive double-mechanical seal standard 25 200 rpm >optional top magnetic drive 25 130 rpm choice of pitched blade marine blade packed-bed basket cell lift and spin filter optional 4 removable 316l stainless steel baffles 4 pg 13.5 [light level 1 sensor/spare level 2 sensor/spare septum/spare 4 1.5 in nbs connect sanitary style [pressure transducer/spare exhaust and 2 spray balls/septums/spares 7 1.5 in nbs connect sanitary style [gas air wash/spare gas overlay/spare vessel rupture device and 4 addition valves/spares 1 3 in nbs connect sanitary style [vessel sight glass 7 1.5 in nbs connect sanitary style [rtd sample/spare pressure guage/spare sparger/spare and 3 do/ph/redox or combinations thereof 1 1.5 in nbs connect sanitary style [radial diaphragm drain valve controls one vessel with 32 control loops stores 10 recipes and eight process variables for trend graphing includes an industrial touchscreen monitor/user interface three built-in pumps and connections for all utilities and communication signals 38 cm 15 in industrial touchscreen interface/display standard three built-in assignable peristaltic pumps control modes off prime base acid foam level 2 wet level 2 dry volume add volume harvest optional two external variable-speed pumps can be added pumps 1 2 and 3 100 rpm fixed-speed duty cycle ability to view total pump flow rates material of construction 316l stainless steel gaskets/o-rings class vi epdm and silicon standard 1 thermal mass flow controller tmfc with built in four-gas control 4 solenoid valves includes a stainless steel housing and 0.2 μ absolute filter element optional rotameter or 2nd 3rd or 4th tmfcs for individual gas control overlay with tmfc is provided with a stainless-steel housing and 0.2 μ absolute filter element standard line designed for minimal backpressure includes heater and 0.2 µ absolute exhaust filter and housing with manual backpressure regulator optional automatic backpressure control all systems come with automatic sterilization program operating temperature control range 10 °c above water supply temperature to 80 °c line designed to achieve 1 °c/minute temperature rises in the 30 °c 50 °c range optional glycol/chiller heat exchanger designed to remove 100 watts/l provided for measuring vessel volume ph/do sensor kits redundant ph/do sensor kits redox sensor kit 116 x 86 x 151 cm 45.5 x 34.0 x 59.5 in spray balls foam/level kits transfer lines sterile sampling kit 1 or 7 port septum utility prefilter/regulator kit validation packages addition valve connector kit direct sparge 30 psig 2.1 bar 3 slpm cell lift impeller systems 30 psig 2.1 bar 15 slpm overlay options 15 slpm or 32 slpm 80-100 psig 5.5 6.9 bar 2 scfm 56.5 slpm 35 psig 2.4 bar 10 lb/hr 0.0045 ton/hr utility steam facility water water return clean condensate biowaste glycol/chiller electric 35 psig 2.4 bar 30 lb/hr 0.0136 ton/hr 30 psig 2.1 bar 1 gpm 3.79 l/min less than 15 psig 1.0 bar back pressure gravity drain gravity drain 30 psig 2.1 bar 1 gpm 3.79 l/min 208-230 v ac single phase 50/60 hz 20 a input/output eppendorf is iso 13485 and 9001 certified specifications subject to change without notice flow rates shown are for use with a single tmfc with 4 solenoid valves other options available connections ask your eppendorf representative for details comm ports your local distributor eppendorf ag · 22331 hamburg · germany regulatory compliance turbidity sensor/transmitter decanter addition vessels mobile table mobile headplate lift scales for addition vessel 30 psig 2.1 bar 32 slpm 35 psig 2.4 bar 35 lb/hr 0.0159 ton/hr 30 psig 2.1 bar 2 gpm 7.57 l/min external devices rpc only seven analog inputs and seven analog outputs for your external devices such as analyzers sensors external pumps etc reduce by 1 input output for each additional tmfc added 2 usb ports import firmware/software upgrades and export trend data connect an optional 8-port serial box for accessories requiring a serial connections communications port for optional biocommand®/scada software asme allen-bradley® is a registered trademark of rockwell automation inc usa compactlogix™ is a trademark of rockwell automation inc usa eppendorf® and the eppendorf logo are registered trademarks of eppendorf ag germany new brunswick™ is a trademark of eppendorf ag germany biocommand® bioflo® and celligen® are registered trademarks of eppendorf inc usa fibra-cel® is a registered trademark owned by imerys minerals california inc usa and licensed to eppendorf inc usa all rights reserved including graphics and images order no an00711020 copyright © 2015 by eppendorf ag can/csa-c22.2 no 61010-1 ul standard ul-61010-1