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4 eppendorf ult freezers eppendorf high-efficiency ult freezers for eppendorf being green is not a trend it’s in our nature since 1945 we have shown commitment to sustainability by building high-quality long-lasting products today we continue to set new standards with our high-efficiency freezers among the most energy-efficient ultra-low temperature freezers on the market eppendorf high efficiency ult freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples e.g the high-efficiency cryocube f570h needs 27 less energy than the cryocube f570 this group of freezers provides all of the features of the other eppendorf freezer models with additional cost-saving benefits six models are offered hef® u410 cryocube® f570h hw cryocube fc660h and innova® u725g air water 1 premium seals for optimal temperature uniformity and sample safety 1 2 ergonomic handle requires less force and provides easier access high-efficiency fan

eppendorf ult freezers easy-to-access air vent port enables fast re-opening of freezer lockable security plate protects power and alarm-off switches from accidental shut-off up to 50,400 tubes can be stored in the eppendorf innova ult freezer u725 the innova ult freezer u101 a personal sized upright freezer that packs all of the features of our full uprights into one small package 30 mm thick inner lids constructed from molded insulation help inner doors can easily be removed for good access to compartment maintain temperature stability in chest models during cleaning of freezer

eppendorf ult freezers quick release air grill for easy access and cleaning automatic vent port on front door enables fast sample access stainless steel inner compartment for easy cleaning two access ports allow co2/ln2 injection or addition of probes new magnetic closures on inner doors for easy access to samples individual racking and storage boxes for flexible sample storage  limited to upright cryocube models

12 eppendorf ult freezers efficiency demands performance cryocube f570h 230 v/50 hz performance graph 30 pull-down warm-up typical average cabinet temperature 10 temperature °c -10 -30 -50 -70 -90 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 time h a performance graph that charts the pull-down time warm-up time and typical average cabinet temperature within a cryocube f570h ult freezer pull-down time after installation and de-frosting of the ult freezer samples need to return to -80 °c as soon as possible backup freezers are required to be ready in the shortest time possible in general eppendorf ult freezers need just 4 to 5 hours to pull-down from room temperature to -80 °c saving precious time and protecting your samples warm-up time in cases of power failure or device break-down the freezer insulation and the door seals are your last lines of defense against losing your valuable samples eppendorf ult freezers provide you at least 8–10 h

14 eppendorf ult freezers maximum sample protection advanced monitoring and security eppendorf ult freezers safeguard your valuable samples with these advanced security features tca-3 temperature monitoring system optional offers added security combines an independent temperature monitor with alarm an electronic chart recorder and an auto-dialer into one small pod country dependent user-programmable four-digit passwords for freezer setpoint and alarms for high sample safety battery back-up maintains temperature settings and activates alarms during a power outage optional co2 and ln2 back-up as well as a range of remote monitoring and data logging systems are available for complete peace of mind automatic restart with non-volatile memory after power interrupt for on-going sample protection audible and visual alarms indicate high/low temperature power failure and alarm conditions led light indicates low battery filter clean and fault analysis alarm socket enables testing of

16 eppendorf ult freezers maximum storage inventory racking eppendorf inventory racking systems are lightweight for easy transport yet extremely durable they are designed exclusively for eppendorf freezers to maximize storage space we offer a wide selection of standard racks for both upright and chest freezers constructed of strong non-corrosive anodized aluminum for long-term use standard racking is offered for 50 mm 75 mm and 100 mm boxes high flexibility freezer boxes with sizes of up to 133 mm choose from a wide selection of racks for 50 75 and 100 mm tall boxes chest freezer racks include a top handle for easy insertion and removal from the freezer ordering information description upright freezer rack innova® u101 50 mm 2 in tall box,10 boxes per rack 75 mm 3 in tall box 6 boxes per rack 100 mm 4 in tall box 4 boxes per rack upright freezer rack innova® u360 u535 u725 and u725g 50 mm 2 in tall box 28 boxes per rack 75 mm 3 in tall box 20

eppendorf ult freezers 19 liquid handling cell handling sample handling we have been developing and producing well sophisticated groundbreaking products and solutions in the areas of liquid handling cell handling and sample handling for more than 70 years we always had one goal in mind to make your job in the lab easier and more efficient to find out more about the eppendorf product world visit liquid handling in 1961 eppendorf launched the first piston-stroke pipette today our broad product offerings in liquid handling range from manual pipettes to electronic pipettes dispensers and burettes to automated pipetting systems eppendorf products are associated with state-of-the-art technology outstanding ergonomics and award-winning design this applies to both devices and the requisite consumables such as pipette tips and combitips® multipette® e3/e3x eppendorf combitips advanced® epmotion® 96 a motor driven dispensing system that utilizes the positive

eppendorf ult freezers 21 eppendorf high-efficiency ult freezers cryocube® fc660h innova® u725-g air-cooled innova® u725-g water-cooled — f660420005 f660320001 vacuum insulation paneling/polyurethane foam n/a 40 — — u9440-0005 vacuum insulation paneling/polyurethane foam 725 l 25.6 ft3 3 3 18 — — u9440-0004 vacuum insulation paneling/polyurethane foam 725 l 25.6 ft3 3 3 18 13 9 6 28 20 12 28 20 12 520 360 240 504 360 216 504 360 216 52,000 36,000 24,000 207 × 84 × 107.5 cm 81.5 x 33.3 x 42.9 in 147 × 59 × 76 cm 57.9 x 23.2 x 30 in 304 kg 670 lbs 352 kg 776 lbs 3.66 h 58.3 db 338 w 230 v 50 hz 8.1 kwh/day 50,400 36,000 21,600 102.5 × 86.7 × 195 cm 40.4 x 34.1 x 76.8 in 86.5 × 61.5 × 136.5 cm 34.1 x 24.2 x 53.7 in 315 kg 694 lbs 365 kg 805 lbs 4.8 h 59 db 730 w 230 v 50 hz 12.2 kwh/day 50,400 36,000 21,600 102.5 × 86.7 ×

24 eppendorf ult freezers eppendorf ult freezers model order no 120v 60 hz 208 230v 60 hz 230v 50 hz insulation capacity number of internal doors number of shelves max racks per freezer box capacity per rack 5 cm 2 in tall boxes 7.5 cm 3 in tall boxes 10 cm 4 in tall boxes box capacity per freezer 5 cm 2 in tall boxes 7.5 cm 3 in tall boxes 10 cm 4 in tall boxes sample capacity 5 cm 2 in tall boxes 7.5 cm 3 in tall boxes 10 cm 4 in tall boxes dimensions w × d × h 3 4 premium u410 u9260-0000 u9260-0002 u9260-0001 polyurethane foam 410 l 14.5 ft3 5 5 15 16 12 8 240 180 120 5 dimensions internal w x d x h weight w/o accessories shipping weight pull down time to -85 °c2 noise level 230 v heat output 230 v power supply power consumption eppendorf freezer 230 v 1 max power consumption per 5 cm box 230 v 1 interior password protection of set-points extras 1 3 24,000 18,000 12,000

26 eppendorf ult freezers backed by world-class service service and support for your peace of mind we are committed to providing not only the highest quality products but also world-class service that delivers complete customer satisfaction like our products our service and support sets the standard for excellence our worldwide service and support organization is one of the largest and finest in the industry we work hard to earn your loyalty by giving you personalized and professional service every day—before during and after you receive a product from eppendorf our goal is to ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance we offer services beyond essential maintenance and support and can tailor a solution to best fit your specific needs installation and operational qualification iq/oq available every freezer is equipped with s.m.a.r.t plus diagnostic software that allows system engineers to diagnose most issues over the phone at no cost— saving you time

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