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new 5.0 ml screw cap tube the missing link eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml—discover a new sample handling system 5ml_tube_bro_gb_2015.indd 1 27.11.15

2 eppendorf tubes combined with the comprehensive line of accessories eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml are the perfect option for working with medium-sized sample volumes 5ml_tube_bro_gb_2015.indd 2 27.11.15

3 eppendorf tubes eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml screw cap flattened and grooved sides support a user-friendly and safe operation snap cap simple practical and ergonomic single-hand operation large labeling area material exceptionally highquality transparent polypropylene free of plasticizers biocides or mold release agents for reliable test results certified purity depending on application available in lot-tested and certified eppendorf purity grades conical shape compatible with accessories for conical 15 ml tubes—many existing adapters and racks can be used centrifugation safety high g-safe® centrifugation stability for reliable fast and efficient protocols yield dna [μg 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1.5 ml 2.0 ml 5.0 ml fig 1 higher yields in dna isolation—plasmid dna yields can be significantly increased with low-copy plasmids by increasing the culture volume to 5 ml the eppendorf tubes 5.0 ml allow to conduct dna purification without dividing samples among several

4 eppendorf tubes intelligent and simple—systematically comprehensive line of accessories the eppendorf 5.0 ml system concept represents a complete solution for laboratory workflows the lab procedures can easily be executed—practical and cost-effective eppendorf offers a sophisticated range of matching accessories efficient and simple pipetting gentle mixing incubating safe centrifugation automatic pipetting and storage all works perfectly with eppendorf tubes 5.0 ml the tube s conical shape is designed to be compatible with most accessories for common conical 15 ml tubes this allows you to continue using many of your existing adapters and racks accessories matching high-speed rotors for eppendorf centrifuges 5430/r 5427 r 5804/r and 5810/r 5.0 ml adapters and inserts for all existing eppendorf rotors with bore holes for 15 ml or 50 ml tubes functional rack for bench work storage boxes for freezing 5.0 ml thermoblocks for eppendorf thermomixer® c eppendorf

5 eppendorf tubes discover the missing link— eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml eppendorf created the eppendorf tube 50 years ago and triggered an evolution of microtubes since then eppendorf tubes have been used throughout the world every day eppendorf tubes represent the peak of development and are today a definitive standard in sample processing conical screw cap tubes 15 ml and 50 ml are available for large volumes with medium sample volumes you may face an issue they need to be processed with unnessecarily large tube formats—impractical inconvenient and often prone to contamination application benefits easier processing of samples up to 5.0 ml higher yields in dna isolation especially with samples with limited quantity of source material availability of snap cap and screw cap formats enable optimal choice for different requirements in sample preparation incubation storage or other applications eppendorf now offers the »missing link« the eppendorf tube 5.0 ml this

ordering information description order no eppendorf tubes 5.0 ml eppendorf quality™ 200 tubes 2 bags of 100 ea 0030 119.401 eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml pcr clean 200 tubes 2 bags of 100 ea 0030 119.460 ® eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml sterile 200 tubes 10 bags of 20 ea 0030 119.487 eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml eppendorf biopur® 50 tubes individually wrapped 0030 119.479 eppendorf protein lobind tubes 5.0 ml pcr clean 100 tubes 2 bags of 50 ea 0030 108.302 eppendorf dna lobind tubes 5.0 ml pcr clean 200 tubes 4 bags of 50 ea 0030 108.310 starter pack of eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml pcr clean 400 tubes 2 packages with 2 bags of 100 ea 2 racks with 16 spaces white universal adapter for rotors with bore for 15 ml conical tubes 8 pcs eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml amber eppendorf quality™ amber light protection 200 tubes 2 bags x 100 tubes 0030 119.380 eppendorf tubes® 5.0 ml with screw cap eppendorf quality™ 200 tubes 2 bags x 100 tubes 0030 122.305 eppendorf