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the smarter solution bioflo® 320 bioprocess control

2 bioflo®

bioflo® 320 highly evolved whether your process includes cell culture or fermentation autoclavable or single-use vessels the bioflo 320 seamlessly combines form and function in one state of the art package a robust industrial design intelligent sensors ethernet connectivity and enhanced software capabilities are only a few of the features that set it apart from the competition combined with a sincere commitment to quality the bioflo 320 truly is the premium choice in bench-scale bioprocess control stations flexible autoclavable vessels and our comprehensive portfolio of bioblu® single-use vessels provide process customization eppendorf exclusive packed-bed and cell lift impeller designs for continuous processes universal connections for analog or digital mettler toledo® ism sensors reduce sensor complexity thermal mass flow controllers for sparge and overlay gas can be upgraded in the field universal gas control strategy for both microbial and cell culture applications

4 bioflo® 320 four universal connections for analog or digital mettler toledo ism sensors high-powered direct and magnetic drive motor assemblies capable of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation control up to eight units from a single user interface interchangeable tmfc drawers for sparge and overlay gas flexibility ultra-compact design with vessel nest for minimum footprint left and right-handed orientations to maximize lab space unique variable/fixed speed front-mounted pumps capable of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation sixteen interchangeable autoclavable vessels and the comprehensive line of bioblu single-use vessels industrial brushed stainless steel panels provide enhanced corrosion resistance small footprint big impact from r&d laboratories to pilot-scale production facilities space is a major factor when selecting the right equipment the bioflo 320 offers flexibility better control and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of

bioflo® 320 5 bioblu® single-use vessels compatible with 250 ml – 40 l bioblu single-use vessels including the bioblu 5p the first single-use vessel to utilize the exclusive packed-bed impeller built-in optical ph sensor technology vessel and exhaust heat blanket connections provide precise temperature control and exhaust gas treatment bench-scale single-use vessels specifically designed for microbial fermentation rigid-walled stirred-tank design provides many advantages over single-use bag design eliminates potential for tears pits and folds during installation single layer polymer removes both uncertainty for leachable and extractable data and the need for unnecessary preventative actions like pre-process media wash advanced software solutions control eight units from a single user interface automatic gas mixing algorithms for simplified control 4-gas 3-gas o2 enrichment n2 enrichment new ten-point cascade feature for sophisticated control strategies built-in

6 bioflo® 320 bioflo 320 specifications control station dimensions w xdxh net weight touchscreen communication utility electrical water gas supply air o2 n2 co2 exhaust operating conditions altitude limit agitation direct drive magnetic drive autoclavable vessels magnetic drive single-use vessels temperature water-jacketed stainless steel dish-bottom single-use sensor type gas supply sparge overlay sensors ph optical ph do optical do redox co2 pumps pumps 1 2 3 pump 4 optional external pumps 1 2 specifications subject to change 40.6 x 40.6 x 66.0 cm 16 in x 16 x 26 in 32 kg 70 lb 38.1 cm 15 in projected capacitive touchscreen 2 x usb software updates serial communication ethernet scada ip network 3 x analog input/output defined as 4 – 20 ma or 0 – 5 v or 0 – 10 v connection requirement iec with regional plug types 100 – 120/208 – 240 vac 50/60 hz 20 a single phase stainless steel quick-connect 10 psig 0.69 barg push-connect autoclavable

bioflo® 320 vessel specifications autoclavable vessels vessel total volume working volume vessel type material impellers direct drive magnetic drive dimensions with exhaust condenser stainless steel dish-bottom outer diameter od 1l 3l 5l 2.5 l 5.0 l 7.5 l 0.6 – 1.9 l 1.3 – 3.8 l 1.9 – 5.6 l stainless steel dish-bottom or water-jacketed borosilicate glass 316l stainless steel rushton pitched blade or marine blade pitched blade marine blade spin filter cell lift or packed-bed height no exhaust filter water-jacketed outer diameter od height no exhaust filter number of headplate ports 6 mm pg 13.5 19 mm total recommended sensor lengths mm sensor ph ph packed-bed do do packed-bed redox co2 single-use vessels vessel bioblu 1f total volume 1.5 l working volume 0.25 – 1.25 l vessel type impellers magnetic drive recommended sensor lengths mm ph ec 220 do 220 redox 220 co2 220 bioblu 1c 1.5 l 0.32 – 1.25 l 19.9 cm 7.8 in 51.8 cm 20.4 in 22.9 cm 9.0 in 58 cm

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