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50 years of eppendorf mixer tradition continued new eppendorf thermomixer® f0.5/f2.0 established quality since

the smart way to continue tradition new eppendorf thermomixer® f0.5/f2.0 for 50 years eppendorf has been your expert partner in the field of temperature control and mixing in small volumes eppendorf continues this tradition with the introduction of two new thermomixers the eppendorf thermomixer f0.5 and f2.0 have a fixed block for 0.5 ml and 2.0 ml tubes respectively that makes these products the perfect choice for established routine applications using these consumable formats the eppendorf thermomixer® f0.5/f2.0 can be used with the thermotop lid to avoid condensation more information at and eppendorf temperature control and mixing instruments the new generation of eppendorf temperature control and mixing instruments offers more than meets the eye superior mixing performance due to 2dmix-control outstanding temperature management with the eppendorf thermotop® versatility and ergonomic operation thanks to

a complete system of sample handling solutions eppendorf thermomixer® f eppendorf thermomixer® c eppendorf thermostat™ c eppendorf smartblock™ 0.5 ml 1.5 ml 2.0 ml 5.0 ml plate reader af 2200 eppendorf biospectrometer® eppendorf biophotometer® d30 eppendorf multipette® xstream eppendorf multipette® m4 eppendorf offers a wide range of consumables that perfectly work together with all eppendorf instruments to cover all the needs of sample handling workflows eppendorf centrifuge 5427 r with 9 rotors eppendorf reference®

ordering information description international order no north america order no eppendorf thermomixer® f0.5 with eppendorf thermoblock for 24 × 0.5 ml tubes 220–240v 5386 000.010 5386000028 110–130 v eppendorf thermomixer® f2.0 with eppendorf thermoblock for 24 × 2.0 ml tubes 220–240 v 5387 000.013 5387000021 110–130 v eppendorf thermomixer® c basic device without eppendorf smartblock 220–240 v 5382 000.015 5382000023 110–130 v eppendorf thermomixer f1.5 with eppendorf thermoblock for 24 × 1.5 ml tubes 220–240 v 5384 000.012 5384000020 110–130 v eppendorf thermomixer® fp with eppendorf thermoblock for microplates and deepwell plates incl lid 220–240 v 5385 000.016 5385000024 110–130 v eppendorf thermostat™ c basic device without eppendorf smartblock 220–240 v 5383 000.019 5383000027 110–130 v ® eppendorf thermotop with condens.protect technology 5308 000.003 5308000003