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truly parallel dasgip® parallel bioreactor systems for cell culture

»the dasgip system offers good integration possibility most flexibility and a very small laboratory impact— it’s a very compact system.« dr benjamin neunstoecklin novartis® switzerland precise parallel perfectly matched dasgip parallel bioreactor systems for cell culture applications combine the advantages of small working volumes with the full functionality of industrial bioreactors the modular design of our systems offers flexible solutions for bioprocess development with mammalian insect and human cells as well as stem cells in laboratory scale dasgip systems are characterized by parallel operation accurate control and comprehensive information management they support the seamless integration of external analyzers pat control units or software parallel operation reduces development times modular design and interconnectivity with external devices allow individual solutions superior dasware® control software and the dasware software suite support

the dasgip modules enable customized solutions for all requirements continuously variable stirring speeds from 30 rpm temperature control with active heating and cooling options accurate control of ph dissolved oxygen and level/foam parallel processing in batch fed-batch and continuous operation by means of high precision speed controlled peristaltic pumps perfusion feasible mass flow-controlled gassing with individual mixtures of air n2 o2 and co2 exhaust analysis with direct calculation of oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer rates and respiratory quotient bioreactors can be adapted to any application autoclavable glass as well as bioblu® single-use vessels >s  pecial solutions for the cultivation of stem cells  tandardized headplates for the use of standard probes and >s instruments >h  eadspace and/or submerged gassing >w  orking volumes from 200 ml – 3.8 l dasware software—fast tracking bioprocessing development >d  asware control for the reliable

technical data dasbox® mini bioreactor system for cell culture dasgip® parallel bioreactor systems for cell culture parallel bioreactors up to 24 up to 16 software dasware control other dasware optional dasware control other dasware optional vessels glass and single-use vessels glass and single-use vessels working volumes 60 – 250 ml glass 100 ml – 250 ml single-use drive overhead drive 200 ml – 1.0 l to 800 ml – 3.8 l glass 320 ml – 1.25 l and 1.25 – 3.75 l single-use overhead drive impellers marine glass pitched blade single-use pitched blade agitation speed ranges 20 – 2,500 rpm glass 20 – 500 rpm single-use 30 – 1,250 rpm standard 100 – 1,600 rpm optional temperature control liquid-free heating and cooling peltier standard temperature range 10 – 60°c at 25°c rt feed lines per vessel 2 standard 4 optional heating blankets and cooling fingers or integrated in the dasgip bioblock 5 k above