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trusted partnership eppendorf co2 incubators premium products with comprehensive

3 co2 incubators backed by eppendorf for over sixty years eppendorf has been a trusted laboratory partner to researchers worldwide providing innovative and quality laboratory products and services the exceptional results and reliability researchers have come to expect from eppendorf pipettes microcentrifuges and other premium products can be found in eppendorf co2 incubators eppendorf is a world-class service and support organization that ensures their co2 incubators perform to the highest standards and maximize return on investment you can be confident that your co2 incubator comes with the exceptional service and support you expect from eppendorf galaxy® co2 incubators traditional and non-traditional cell culture applications 48 l and 170 l capacity models value priced galaxy 170 s with easily-read led display advanced r series features intuitive lcd controller and a full range of options including o2 control new brunswick™ s41i co2 incubator shaker ideal for adherent

4 the perfect incubation environment a legacy of innovation since their introduction over twenty years ago galaxy co2 incubators have become a mainstay in cell culture laboratories all over the world they set the standard for advanced features and are designed to meet real world needs they were first to use a fan-less design direct heating technology and a seamless chamber time and again features like these have helped to improve laboratory processes and cell culture results through continual improvement eppendorf offers more features and options than ever before on the galaxy and new brunswick models they are ideally suited for virtually any cell culture application consistent temperature and co2 stability create the perfect incubation conditions while features such as the seamless chamber make them easy to clean and ensure a contamination-free environment for best-in-class performance support and durability choose eppendorf co2 incubators direct-heating technology at the heart of

5 designed with sample safety in mind high temperature disinfection htd the htd feature heats the internal chamber to 120 °c and holds it for 4 hours to effectively eliminate contaminants this is a standard feature on model s41i and a factory-installed option on galaxy models easy-to-clean incubator chamber deep-drawn chamber with rounded corners and a smooth seamless surface makes it easy to clean chamber can be disassembled in less than 2 minutes tightly sealed inner glass door and viewing window samples can be viewed during cell culturing without compromising the sample or environment since the chamber remains closed costly co2 and n2 consumption is also reduced perforated shelves ensure rapid recovery of temperature co2 and rh when the door is opened and closed standard on all models additional features building management system bms relay for integration into centralized building alarm system is standard on all models advanced control maintains temperature accuracy and

6 advanced r series models 170 r and 48 r model 170 s galaxy® co2 incubators galaxy models include all standard eppendorf co2 incubator features see pages 4 and 5 and more galaxy s series value priced galaxy 170 s is ideal for applications that require standard incubation providing 170 l capacity it delivers the same high performance as advanced r models but uses an led display advanced galaxy r series with extra options such as o2 control this series is suited for traditional and non-traditional applications including cgmp work cancer research stem cell research and more 48 l and 170 l capacity models are available the advanced lcd push-button controller provides quick viewing of multiple parameters comprehensive and rapid analysis of real time and historical conditions including trend graphs quick changes in environmental and alarm settings onscreen troubleshooting and diagnostics 72-hour continuous data logging records environmental conditions temperature alarms and more

7 new brunswickâ„¢ s41i the new brunswick s41i is designed specifically for suspension cell culture applications it combines precise temperature and co2 control high-temperature disinfection and a premium new brunswick shaker for a stable and secure environment that achieves high cell yield and viability the new brunswick s41i minimizes co2 consumption without compromising cell growth and viability performance tests have shown that it reduces costly gas consumption when compared to competitor models intuitive controller provides the same advanced features as galaxy r series see facing page in a touchscreen design includes all standard eppendorf co2 incubator features pages 4 and 5 intuitive touch screen controller heavy-duty triple eccentric drive shaker for stable uniform and vibration-free motion high temperature disinfection htd standard sealed inner glass door for sample viewing low co2 gas consumption removable shelf enables shaking of suspension cell cultures while

8 maximize your growth biocommand sfi software provides historical data logging and generates multi-unit reports to your local computer additional perforated or non-perforated shelves and racks stacking stands available for space-saving convenience technical specifications 495 g net weight dimensions l xwxd range measurement accuracy 165 x 100 x 55 mm co2 0 – 20 o2 0 – 100 rh 0 – 100 temperature 0 – 50 °c co2 ± 1 measuring range +2 of reading at reference points ± 1.0 measuring range at constant temperature and pressure ± 1.5 rh across the range o2 galaxy electronic gas analyzers monitor key environmental levels co2 o2 rh or temperature galaxy electronic gas analyzers co2 analyzer co2 and o2 analyzer co2 o2 and rh analyzer features on-board data storage – up to 1000 readings large well-lit and easy-to-read display highly accurate reliable performance integral hydrophobic sample filter simple calibration procedure rh

9 protect your process high temperature disinfection htd temperature uniformity temperature °c 140.0 120.0 100.0 80.0 60.0 40.0 20.0 0.0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 time hours test organism bacillus subtilis spores geobacillus stearothermophilus spores reduction 99.852 99.815 candida albicans aspergullus brasiliensis spores mycoplasma gallisepticum >99.999 >99.999 >99.994 each strain of microorganism was inoculated and incubated on coupons made from four different surface materials that are commonly present in the galaxy co2 incubator stainless steel chamber outer door gasket white porous cover of co2 sensor and inner glass door the reduction shown above is the average of 4 coupons for each microorganism after one 120 °c htd cycle in a galaxy 170 r co2 incubator twenty temperature sensors were placed throughout the interior of a galaxy 170 r during an htd cycle five probes on each of the four shelves this graph illustrates the temperatures recorded on all 20

10 technical specifications model capacity l dimensions wxdxh internal cm external cm net weight kg benchtop b under bench u floor stand f or stackable s display number of shelving racks number of shelves sealed inner glass doors perforated shelves on-board data logging temperature range temperature uniformity temperature control temp stability at 37 °c co2 range co2 uniformity co2 control co2 stability at 5 co2 galaxy® 48 r galaxy® 170 s galaxy® 170 r 48 170 170 new brunswick™ s41i 170 40.1 x 30.5 x 40.1 53.3 x 44.4 x 69.1 53.3 x 44.4 x 69.1 69.3 x 45.1 x 54 48.3 x 47.5 x 64.5 32.6 b u f s x2 68.6 x 67.8 x 84.3 87.9 b u f s x2 68.6 x 67.8 x 84.3 85.4 b u f s x2 84.8 x 83.4 x 73 152 u f s x2 lcd 3 6 optional 3 6 optional led 4 8 optional 4 8 optional yes yes lcd 8 4 8 optional yes yes yes touch screen 2 1 2nd optional yes yes yes ambient 4 – 50 °c ± 0.25 ± 0.1 °c ± 0.1 °c 0.2 – 20 ± 0.1 ± 0.1 ± 0.2 yes yes ambient 4

11 co2 incubator ordering information device galaxy® 48 r htd – – yes – yes yes yes yes yes yes yes o2 control – 1 19 – – 0.1 19 0.1 19 0.1 19 0.1 19 1 19 1 19 1 19 split inner door – – – 2 – – 2 2 – 2 2 humidity package – – – – – yes – yes – – yes copper chamber – – – – – – – – – – – 230 v 50/60 hz† european 120 v 50/60 hz usa co48300001 co48320001 co48310001 co48312001 co48310041 co48310061 co48312041 co48312061 co48330001 co48332001 co48332011 co48200005 co48220005 co48210005 co48212005 co48210045 co48210065 co48212045 co48212065 co48230005 co48232005 co48232015 galaxy® 170 s – – yes yes – – – – – – yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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