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4 a new scale of bioprocessing »solutions that grow with you.« from the parallel mini bioreactor system for early stage bioprocess development the benchtop and parallel bioreactor systems for the laboratory scale to the sterilize-in-place solutions for production eppendorf offers users from industry and research extensive bioprocess solutions from a single source and meets the highest quality demands parallel benchtop systems mini bioreactor systems 60 250 ml small scale 0.2 l 1.8 l 0.7 3.8 l bench

6 dasbox® mini bioreactor system small scale parallel bioreactor systems bench scale parallel bioreactor systems bioflo® 120 60 250 ml 0.2 1.8 l 0.7 3.8 l 0.4 40 l single-use vessels available • • • • glass vessels autoclavable • • • • interchangeable vessels • • • • bacteria/yeasts/fungi • • • • plant cells/algae • • • • mammalian/animal cells • • • • stem cells • • • • insect cells • • • • up to 24 up to 16 up to 16 dwc dwc dwc working volume range1 stainless-steel vessels sip number of parallel units controller2 bcs touchscreen controller • biocommand® • dasware® • • • • 4 gas air n2 o2 co2 4 gas air n2 o2 co2 4 gas air n2 o2 co2 4 gas air n2 o2 co2 tmfc r or tmfc r or tmfc r or tmfc exhaust analysis • • • • optical

8 parallel bioprocessing for unparalleled results dasgip® bioreactor systems dasbox parallel mini bioreactor system 60 250 ml working volume 4-fold parallel system extendable to up to 24 parallel operated glass or single-use bioreactors suitable for cell culture and microbial fermentation compact mini bioreactor system requires only 7 cm 3 inches bench space per bioreactor optimal tool for doe and scale down approaches agitation control supporting overhead-driven rushton marine-type or pitched blade impellers innovative liquid-free temperature control system needs no coolant agent supply and supports independent temperature control for each bioreactor accurate monitoring and control of ph do and level variable speed pumps for accurate liquid addition and operation in batch fed-batch continuous and cyclic perfusion mode 4 mass flow controllers per bioreactor allow for individual mixing of air n2 o2 and co2 to headspace and/or submerged novel liquid-free

9 choice of impellers illuminationsticks for phototropic cultivation dasgip parallel bioreactor systems benchtop 0.7 3.8 l working volume parallel operation of up to 16 glass or single-use bioreactors suitable for cell culture microbial fermentation and phototrophic cultivation modular design of control units for flexible system configurations that meet the demands of specific applications temperature control via heating blankets and cooling fingers control of agitation ph level and do including customizable cascade modes in each bioreactor variable speed pumps for accurate liquid addition and operation in batch fed-batch continuous and cyclic perfusion mode optical absorbance measurement for online calculation of e.g od600 or cell dry weight tmfc with individual gas mixing of air n2 o2 and co2 online calculation of otr ctr and rq dasware control software for advanced process control compatible with dasware software suite for interconnectivity and bioprocess

11 impeller options 1 2 eppendorf offers a diverse range of standard impellers such as 1 pitched blade impeller 2 marine impeller rushton and rushton-type impellers not shown impellers and fibra-cel disk options enhance growth and productivity 3 4 5 eppendorf also offers specially impellers which can facilitate continuous and perfusion processes 3 spin filter shown with marine impeller 4 cell-lift impeller 5 packed-bed basket impeller with draft tube for use with fibra-cel® disks complete impeller assembly shown below fibra-cel disks are a solid support material used with packed-bed bioreactors for growth of adherent mammalian animal and insect cells when secreted proteins are desired key advantages cell densities averaging 10 times higher than traditional microcarriers due to protection from shear forces higher mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen low pressure drop across the bed for efficient scale-up higher surface-to-volume

12 industry standards meet flexibility — sterilizable-in-place fermentors and bioreactors new brunswick bioflo 510 celligen 510 bench and pilot-scale sip fermentor and bioreactor 5.5 32 l working volume new brunswick bioflo 610 pilot-scale sip fermentor 13 100 l working volume sip bench and pilot scale reactors designed to meet the needs of r&d through production modular design allows for complete system flexibility add or remove components pre or post-delivery multiple impeller and gas flow options features intuitive new brunswick rpc control software and touchscreen interface optional allen bradley® plc integrated load cell for online vessel volume monitoring fully automated sip sequence for sterilization validation packages available 7 additional analog input/output connections for local integration of ancillary equipment asme-rated pressure vessel integrated mobile skid simplifies transport pilot production system without the traditional cost

14 bioblu® single-use vessels — dependability through proven design from 65 ml to 40 l working volume eppendorf has a single-use solution to meet your needs single-use simplicity with renowned polymer expertise eppendorf is proud to offer the largest portfolio of rigid walled stirred-tank singleuse vessels – in small and bench scale to be operated with parallel dasbox mini bioreactor system dasgip parallel bioreactor systems or bioflo/celligen bench scale systems kits are also available for third-party bioprocess systems they are easy to install and compatible with popular applikon® and sartorius® autoclavable bioprocessing systems benefits proven performance and scalability of stirred-tank design user-friendly set-up for rapid turnaround shorter development times and lower operating costs specifically adapted designs available for microbial applications packed-bed configuration with fibra-cel disks is ideal for perfusion/continuous processes usp class

16 eppendorf bioprocess software — much more than just bioprocess control eppendorf bioprocess software solutions advanced monitoring and control through comprehensive information management eppendorf offers biocommand and dasware control supervisory control and data acquisition scada software packages for advanced bioprocess control next-generation bioprocess management is provided by the comprehensive dasware software suite biocommand software the biocommand software enhances your ability to monitor control and log data from your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer three distinct packages provide the tools needed for research optimization and if needed the security and audit trails to meet your regulatory requirements track and trend provides the ability to trend and control parameter setpoints establish alarm settings and produce batch records and is ideal for basic process management batch control additional enhanced control features

17 dasware control software this software is at the core of all dasbox and dasgip systems and was designed for parallel cultivation with individual control of each bioreactor parallel calibration and cleaning procedures are supported as well as integrated batch functionality for process and recipe management it features easy one-click start configurable online charts trending logging rates and online configurable control parameters and profiles full controller scripting eases scale-up and scale-down automated data export reporting and chart creation with microsoft® excel® add-in as well as professional database with managed access microsoft® sql server® support advanced reporting and data processing dasware analyze and dasware connect enable opc client server functionality dasware® software suite next-generation bioprocess management a suite of smart and flexible software solutions to accelerate bioprocess development it enables interconnectivity of bioreactors with

to make your job in the lab easier and more efficient – with this goal in mind we are developing products and solutions in the areas of liquid handling cell handling and sample handling visit the eppendorf handling solutions online sphere and dive into the area of your choice learn new things and have fun as well www.eppendorf.com/handling-solutions sample handling bioreactor systems for cell culture applications are also available corresponding detection systems are offered as required for subsequent photometric or fluorescence-based analysis eppendorf biospectrometer® basic eppendorf products set standards in a wide variety of laboratory areas at an early stage – standards that still serve as yardsticks for others today sample handling encompasses many different work processes and steps centrifugation heating freezing eppendorf conical tubes 15 and 50 ml mixing amplification and analysis of samples eppendorf offers the devices and consumables needed for each of

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