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when less is more new brunswick™ celligen® blu single-use bioreactor

proven cell culture technology meets single-use design the new brunswick celligen blu single-use stirred-tank bioreactor system combines the benefits of single-use vessel technology with the performance and scalability of a stirredtank design the bioblu® single-use vessel portfolio features three interchangeable pitched-blade single-use vessels in 5 14 and 50 l total volume capacities as well as the first singleuse vessel to feature the proprietary eppendorf packed-bed impeller add to that the intuitive eppendorf rpc controller and you have the ideal system for high density cell culture processes from research through production benefits eliminates vessel cleaning and autoclaving rapid turnaround reduced validation and lower start-up costs advanced process control for all vessel sizes from a single controller proven performance and scalability of stirred-tank design unique ph and do technology makes probe insertion totally noninvasive and autoclaving unnecessary usp

high-tech small package sophisticated rpc reactor process control software controls up to 32 process parameters trends up to 8 loops and provides built-in security large 38 cm 15 in color touchscreen interface 3 thermal mass flow controllers tmfcs standard — high and low flow options available integrated control of up to 8 gases for sparge and gas overlay 3 built-in high-performance assignable pumps automated control of temperature ph do and agitation 3 or 4-gas auto mix function simplifies process control monitor ph through optical and traditional gel-filled probes vessel heat blanket provides uniform temperature exhaust line heat blanket prevents filter clogging 7 analog inputs 7 analog outputs for ancillary devices innovative ph sensor and proprietary do probe sleeve eliminate contamination risk—no direct contact between probes and vessel contents save hours of prep time and labor—no autoclaving or cleaning is needed the reusable do probe can

single-use cell culture vessels specifications vessel bioblu® 50c bioblu® 14c bioblu® 5c bioblu® 5p packed-bed max working volume 40 l 10.5 l 3.75 l 3.75 l min working volume 18 l 3.5 l 1.25 l 3.75 l height diameter ratio 1.7 1 2 :1 1.5 1 — impeller diameter 160 mm 100 mm 100 mm — range 25 150 rpm 25 200 rpm 25 200 rpm 25 200 rpm control sensor type impellers pi-controlled • optical encoder • pitched blade upflow or downflow selectable via touchscreen power number np 1.3 drive permanent magnet motor with high torque input agitation net weight empty vessel 4.5 kg 9.9 lbs 1.3 1.8 kg 3.9 lbs 1.3 — 1.3 kg 2.9 lbs 1.5 kg 3.3 lbs celligen® blu system specifications controller design/function display do controls up to 32 control loops stores 10 recipes and 8 process variables for trend graphing includes an industrial touchscreen monitor/user interface 3 built-in pumps and connectors for all utilities and communications signals