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r esalen notes an unofficial website for the global esalen community in an effort to provide ongoing support for individuals who have live worked and/or studied at esalen an informal collective of former esalen staff work scholars and seminarians have joined to form the seeds of a global grassroots esalen alumni group at daily meditation weekly weather reports and the talking stick tradition are some of the practices available to anyone who has been touched by the spirit of esalen on-line reservations available you can register for esalen programs on-line at esalen s website workshops appear on the web before the catalog is printed scheduling private conferences at esalen it is possible to arrange for your group or organization to hold its conferences at esalen we can accommodate large groups of up to 124 on a space-available basis smaller groups may schedule private conferences to meet in one of our several meeting rooms conferences can be two five or

becomes a dance floor during games dance and music are everywhere present in all events in which people celebrate love friendship sensuality and zest for life the premise life is happening right now and this alone is enough to become a celebration among friends family and community during this weekend cida and jayson offer a chance to experience the joyful spirit of brazil-away-from-brazil this hands-on and feet-on workshop will explore the instruments rhythms music and the samba dance do jeitinho brasieliro of the brazilian way cida writes my teaching focuses more on movement than on technical aspects so that participants can achieve a lively workout and most important have fun until they begin to feel the movement emerging from their own body heart and soul drumming and dancing are for everyone with the desire to join in this workshop is for anyone of any age who enjoys or wants to learn more about the aliveness of brazilian dance music and spirit please bring drums and/or any

whom you d like to communicate in a different way if you wish bring photographs of significant people in your life past or present if the idea of getting up and singing in front of other people terrifies you this workshop is for you if you love to sing in front of other people and want to stretch yourself further this workshop is for you if you have trouble listening to your own voice this workshop is for you if you ve been too shy to try this is your chance some guided imagery and gestalt may be used accompaniment and lots of lyrics are available healing with humor feldenkrais and energy work for spinal awareness week of february 1­6 painting the outer and inner landscape vive these live as frozen feelings and history in your body and no longer serve you core energetics is a powerful body-based system it frees the frozen feelings and history in your body by working with the blocked and held energy it helps you reconnect with deep parts of the self that you disconnected from as a

qigong and inner alchemy inner elixir and the practice of pure radiance roger jahnke no matter what form of spirit/mind/body cultivation you choose yoga qigong chi kung or tai chi the essentials of deepening your practice are not actually based in the form personal cultivation qigong is not merely a set of techniques it is a way of being the roots of which tap entire worlds of wisdom traditional chinese medicine taoism daoism buddhism confucianism ancient quantum systems and the transcendental shamanic realms dancing wu li masters in this workshop writes roger jahnke we will begin by exploring a simple dao yin qigong called vitality enhancement method self-healing medical qigong to use personally and to share with family friends patients clients and colleagues then drawing on the ancient tao te ching dao de jing we will cultivate the great `way through special qigong methods natural flow qigong and the nine phases of mastery to cultivate inner elixir the medicine within

· allow unconscious feelings attitudes and memories to emerge · remain vital and joyful while moving to music this workshop qualifies toward certification as a rosen method movement teacher see ce credit for nurses see page 5 ce credit for bodyworkers see page 5 mic organization used in most of the world s music not just for musicians and percussionists this training can help anyone with a desire to improve his or her rhythmic skills timing is everything and learning the ancient rhythms of the earth can help one to be more in tune with life no musical background is required 55 materials fee for the ancient traditionsfuture possibilities rhythm workbook unless you already have a copy ce credit for teachers see page 5 once essential for our survival now simply perpetuate our own suffering while further alienating us from who we really are through personal and interpersonal processes including gestalt psychodrama meditation and other self-awareness tools this

reflexology a natural companion to esalen massage specifically addresses feet hands and ears gently offering the body a push toward health and homeostasis practically effortless reflexology can be practiced by almost anyone regardless of physical vitality during these five days the long flowing strokes of esalen massage will be blended with the specific pressure points of reflexology offering the student the opportunity to learn the basics of both modalities there will also be time to enjoy the healing waters of the esalen baths and the natural beauty of the esalen land please bring your favorite cds loose comfortable clothing and a sense of humor ce credit for nurses see page 5 ce credit for bodyworkers see page 5 big sur wilderness experience springtime steven harper &michael newman big sur is not a place but a state of mind local saying esalen is the trailhead to one of the most spectacular mountainous coastlines in the world with the big sur wilderness as the primary teacher

incorporates creativity into her exploration of psychological sociological and environmental effects on relationships ce credit for mfts and lcsws see page 5 financing social enterprises charly kleissner social enterprises are driven by a societal mission they are either for-profit not-for-profit or hybrid business ventures social enterprises are led by social entrepreneurs visionaries who adopt a market-driven mindset tempered by a responsible social and environmental perspective social entrepreneurs take risks innovate drive systemic change and question the status quo this workshop explores two of the biggest challenges for these entrepreneurs which are not being taught in business schools access to financing and hybrid business structures this workshop is for social entrepreneurs who currently have or will soon have the need for accessing different financial resources in order to implement their vision 60 it s also for entrepreneurs who are putting together innovative funding

inferences about how this growing body of knowledge can be applied in practice now in a clinically focused experientially oriented workshop david wallin translates attachment research into a model of treatment as transformation through relationship integrating attachment theory with neuroscience relational psychotherapy the practice of mindfulness and a focus on the body he helps therapists to become more effective facilitators of growth and healing this workshop will present · how to use the new attachment relationship as a crucible of therapeutic change · how to recognize the impact on this cocreated relationship of the therapist s attachment patterns as well as those of the patient · how to shape interventions to fit the patient s attachment needs david wallin is a clinical psychologist and author whose book attachment in psychotherapy has been described by daniel golemen emotional intelligence as a brilliant leap in realizing the clinical promise of attachment theory a

weekend of june 26­28 the cure for money madness it s not about the money brent kessel &spencer sherman after almost forty combined years as financial planners and wealth managers spencer sherman and brent kessel have discovered that the #1 factor in achieving joyful and fulfilling financial freedom isn t budgeting financial know-how or how much you earn it s transforming your inner relationship to money utilizing practices and insights from yoga psychology meditation and the world s great wisdom traditions brent and spencer lead participants on a voyage of self discovery to uncover what motivates their counterproductive financial behavior which they call money madness and find new ways to fulfill their life s purpose through how they invest give earn and spend money the workshop is for everyone regardless of wealth level participants will discover their money type learn to balance their unconscious conditioning with their innate higher wisdom and experience new freedom balance

r a biographical information susan anderson has devoted 25 years ellen bass has supported and inspired david bossman is professor in the rachel carlton abrams is a physi cian specializing in women s health who practices at santa cruz integrative medicine she and her husband have published three books including the multiorgasmic woman discover your full desire pleasure and vitality rachel also teaches at the chi center p 34 mark abramson is a part of the of research and clinical experience in treating the victims of abandonment trauma founder of the abandonment recovery movement she is author of three books including the journey from abandonment to healing her website is p 17 susan aposhyan maintains a private writers for 40 years her poetry books include no more masks mules of love and the human line and she is coauthor of the courage to heal she teaches at pacific university and her website is

s esalen institute reservation form and each workshop applied for must accompany this form please see reservation information page 94 under fees and accommodations making contact with us and cancellation policy reservations can now be made on-line at this form is for your convenience in reserving a space in esalen workshops if you wish to make reservations for more than one person please photocopy this form so that each registrant has his/her own form unless you are registering as a couple with the same address and phone number a nonrefundable deposit for each person registering name of registrant please print sex m f couple address city home phone e-mail zip state work phone passenger van service check if you have previously been to esalen and this is a new address ridesharing we support ridesharing and hope you will too if you are driving to esalen and willing to give a ride to someone from your area check here i want transportation from check