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r esalen notes esalen movement arts free classes the esalen movement arts program has evolved into a popular and varied schedule of movement and meditation classes every day of the week classes are open to everyone at esalen guests and staff and all levels of experience check the movement program schedule when you are here on-line reservations available you can register for esalen programs on-line at esalen s website workshops appear on the web before the catalog is printed scheduling private conferences at esalen it is possible to arrange for your group or organization to hold its conferences at esalen we can accommodate large groups of up to 124 on a space-available basis smaller groups may schedule private conferences to meet in one of our several meeting rooms conferences can be two five or seven days and include a meeting room meals movement classes hot springs and art center use when available they are the perfect solution for individuals and groups who would like

sion creativity and peace through movement and music with deep exploration and letting go we delve into rhythm and movement that take us out of our heads and into oneness we draw upon ancient sufi practices contemporary rituals that ground us and the sensual ethereal waves of persian dance to arrive at a fullness of being sufi teachings and rumi s poetry inspire our sessions as we awaken our bodies with yoga and tai chi we journey with the fiery persian drum the daf and its corresponding movement and chanting central to sufi circles the daf induces altered states and purges negativity we warm our way to sema or pure listening in various manifestations from highenergy movement to deep calm shaking waves and zikr chanting reverential bowing and whirling with years of experience in sufi teachings and whirling banafsheh creates a loving rejuvenating atmosphere while master percussionist pejman ignites the room you will have a chance to · learn the moving meditation of whirling in a

week of august 3­8 core zero balancing part i fritz smith zero balancing zb is a nondiagnostic system of healing which clarifies and coordinates energy fields in the body balances body energy with body structure and focuses on bone energy and the skeletal system science has shown that energy and matter are fundamentally coupled psychology has shown that the mind and body are interconnected zb embodies both perspectives it is based on the experience that balancing the body s energy with its structure has a direct positive effect on physical mental emotional and spiritual health imbalances often lead to loss of vitality chronic pain and decreased potential for vibrant health the body s structural/energetic interface is beneath conscious awareness when imbalances occur at this level the body tends to compensate around them rather than resolve them rooted in both eastern healing and energy and western medicine and science zb brings unique touch and relevant design to overcome imbalanced

repetitive movements invoke an inner peace and well-being in this workshop you can learn to cultivate and manage a high grade of energy special emphasis will be placed on intention alignment and taoist natural breath included will be moving standing and sitting meditations you will leave with several new qi gong sets rare material directly from china that you can take home with you this class builds strength grace and calm please bring a notebook and dress in loose comfortable clothes all levels are welcome belonging to earth finding our place in nature your own vision a visual and sensorial adventure to discover the sights and secrets of the abundant natural world at esalen the moving-image camera enables us to view the world differently to focus intently find detail alter perspective notice tension between parts and follow the dynamic energy between things this altered framing and heightened focus is in itself a meditation it is a way to encourage being present and in

experience is of no advantage here anyone with a willing heart and adventurous spirit can embark on this journey to the authentic self paint and dance as deep prayer paint and dance your worst fears and deepest passion paint not for outcome but to simply be in the moment paint and dance till your mind releases judgments comparisons and personal stories paint till the painting paints you till the dance dances you until you paint the dance and dance the paint this is living poetic myth alter an image from this place and your body dance and dreams are altered in this sacred container painters and dancers bond into an openhearted community a triumph for one becomes a triumph for all synchronicities abound this workshop uses paint dance and other modalities to dive deep into the source of all creation and healing it is not a painting or dance class but the subsequent beauty and grace can far surpass any formal class please note this workshop requires a commitment to an extended schedule

weekend of october 10­12 soulsalon a creative blockbusting workshop leah matson &basho fujimoto when the voice of the soul is blocked we may struggle mightily to free ourselves in our imaginations we can create inspired homelands but then we hide them in journals mask them with social roles speak in code much remains secret lost before translation unsaid unheard even by ourselves how do we break through that silence that hiding this workshop is designed to provide teachable tools and breakthrough experiences of collective and individual authenticity for those who seek a true voice with authority and agency it is for individuals who are irresistibly attracted to expanding their creative authentic voice building courage seeking magic community and mentorship the workshop will take place in esalen s natural resources baths and meditation house as well as in the inner landscapes minds and hearts of the participants the focus will be a practice inspired by new sciences and ancient arts

negative emotions fear anger doubt jealousy and so on we simply cannot be who we are not accepting who we are allows healing to begin judging ourselves we lose sight of the deeper message our feelings bring to us reinforcing the very negativity we are attempting to dissolve through personal and interpersonal processes joe cavanaugh writes we will see how our judgments beliefs and attitudes can undermine our self-esteem and personal effectiveness we will create a space to heal our wounds from the past while enhancing our capacity for greater love and compassion in a context of mutual support and safety we will learn to accept ourselves for who we are in the present moment we will then discover how these so-called `negative emotions were in fact angels in disguise guiding us toward our authentic self this workshop is designed for all those wishing to enrich the quality of their lives as well well as those of the presenters with ample opportunity for questions dialogue and

· the universal and ancient practices of our heart center from tantra hatha and bhakti yoga integrated with the latest view of our heart s intelligence to free our capacity for healing wisdom and love · vinyasa flow sequences that awaken the body mandala and heart temple by expanding the range of motion and circulation of the outer house of our heart rib temple thoracic spine with the inner space of anahata heart chakra · integration of tantric hatha yoga techniques of pranayama sound visualization and bhava feeling states in asana · tending the fire of the sva shakti through meditation chanting and kirtan from bhakti yoga to melt the barriers and release the rasa liquid love of the heart · healing e-motions or energy in motion through meditations and kriyas rhythmic movement · symbolic wisdom metaphor and poetry of the heart from yogic texts to illumine the energetic qualities · group resonance and living practices to move in the world centered in the heart field note the

body of sound alyssa decaro there is a hidden language that lives deep within us a language of the body of the voice of the breath of the heart and of the soul it goes beyond the fear that keeps us separate this language connects each one of us to our deepest self-knowing this language weaves our thread into the web of all life when we use our body and voice to access the places within that are longing to be expressed says alyssa decaro we are in touch with our authentic self this generates a `feeling sense of belonging and connection that awakens the whole being and activates transformation this workshop will draw from a variety of modalities such as movement awareness ecstatic dance vocal toning body percussion contact improvisation circle song drumming and balinese kecak as we deepen the connection between sound and movement within ourselves we discover the possibilities of connection with each other and our environment as nature around us brings inspiration 78

r a biographical information susan anderson has devoted 25 years toni bergins the creator of journeydance rachel carlton abrams is a family practice physician specializing in women s health and complementary medicine she has a holistic consultation practice in santa cruz calif she and her husband have published three books on taoist sexuality p 25 26 mark abramson is a part of the of research and clinical experience in treating the victims of abandonment trauma founder of the abandonment recovery movement she is author of three books including the journey from abandonment to healing her website is p 35 spreads her passion for life through her creative and transformative workshops and journeydance teacher trainings her humor authenticity and charisma make journeydance accessible to all see p 40 rich berrett has committed over 35 years to enhancing and embodying awareness he is a clinician

s esalen institute reservation form and each workshop applied for must accompany this form please see reservation information page 94 under fees and accommodations making contact with us and cancellation policy reservations can now be made on-line at this form is for your convenience in reserving a space in esalen workshops if you wish to make reservations for more than one person please photocopy this form so that each registrant has his/her own form unless you are registering as a couple with the same address and phone number a nonrefundable deposit for each person registering name of registrant please print sex m f couple address city home phone e-mail zip state work phone passenger van service check if you have previously been to esalen and this is a new address ridesharing we support ridesharing and hope you will too if you are driving to esalen and willing to give a ride to someone from your area check here i want transportation from check