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friends of esalen s a friend of esalen you can help ensure esalen s place in the world it is through the generosity of friends like you that esalen can continue its mission of developing human potential your support not only benefits current programs but also helps secure esalen s long-term financial future donations are tax-deductible and provide support for sustainability initiatives intern programs our organic farm and garden the gazebo park school special projects and esalen s visionary center for theory research as a way of showing our gratitude friends who donate $50 or more will receive a $25 reduction on all catalog workshops for the next twelve months donors will also receive the esalen catalog and a triannual friends of esalen newsletter for one year and will be eligible to book a personal retreat at esalen many friends choose to make esalen a part of their long-range plans by including a bequest or deferred gift to esalen in their estate plans a charitable bequest is one

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts we use this concept of unity in our daily lives to reach our goals and to create a stronger community where we can find an organic supporting and supportive role many of us have been to psychics and healers to help us find our way or heal our physical psychological and spiritual wounds but how do we use these modalities as a living practice in our lives and communities in this workshop you will be taught intuitive and healing practices that you can put into practice in your daily life and in your interactions with others working together as a community we will explore different intuitive and healing modalities as we work with one another to heal specific areas of our body lives and spirits within each of us is a psychic a healer and a teacher drawing from her six books on intuition and healing laura day will participate with you in creating a supportive community of healers and intuitives

register online at or by calling 888-8-esalen 888-837-2536 daniel bianchetta touched by the beauty power and spirit of esalen and the big sur coast all levels of experience are welcome ce credit for nurses see page 113 ce credit for bodyworkers see page 113 peggy horan has been practicing and teaching massage at esalen for more than 35 years she has also been involved in childbirth education and has practiced midwifery in big sur for 15 years peggy is the author of the book connecting through touch vicki topp is a senior practitioner and instructor of touch with our inner voice what stops us from listening how can we listen more judith orloff a psychiatrist intuition expert and author of second sight shows how to reclaim this intelligence she passionately believes that the future of medicine lies in using intuition to access deeper insight empathy and greater wellness orloff offers practical methods to tap into medical intuition and use it to improve the quality of

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts the transformational enneagram mindfulness insight and experience russ hudson a growing number of people are aware of the enneagram as an accurate and profound map of personality the nine enneagram types are based on the three primary centers of intelligence thinking emotion and instinct however in almost all human beings distortions or blockages in these centers have led to a loss of connection with our essential nature and to the arising of ego structures to compensate for this loss thus while our enneagram type usually obscures our true nature with a characteristic web of defenses it can also serve as an opening to the deeper reality of spirit this workshop will emphasize recognizing the ways that each of the nine types plays out in our own personalities it will combine psychological insight into the inner workings of the types with meditation practices and exercises to lead participants

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts · reduce stress return to their window of tolerance and restore well-being after overwhelm · activate the release of oxytocin the hormone of safety and trust bonding and attachment calmness and connection · cultivate pro-social emotions to antidote the negativity bias of the brain · re-wire habitual patterns of response and resolve old traumas to increase adaptability and flexibility in coping strategies · recover social connectivity and replenish the wellspring of balance and wholeness participants can take home new understanding new perspectives and a new sense of competence to recover their own inner resilience recommended reading hanson buddha s brain goleman social intelligence siegel mindsight ce credit for mfts and lcsws see page 113 linda graham mft is a psychotherapist and trainer specializing in the integration of relational psychology somatic resourcing mindfulness and

register online at or by calling 888-8-esalen 888-837-2536 ing themes in your relationship and provide tools to deal with them before they become terminal problems it will also provide tools for experiencing heightened aliveness sustaining a sense of self in the body making sex better and an opening to existential/spiritual themes of intimacy and aging with ibp couples can learn how to regain their hope and excitement please note this workshop is for couples only recommended reading rosenberg morse the intimate couple rosenberg rand asay body self and soul rosenberg total orgasm ce credit for mfts and lcsws see page 113 jack lee rosenberg is in private practice in venice calif founder and clinical director of the rosenbergkitaen integrative body psychotherapy central institute and the 12 ibp international institutes he authored total orgasm and coauthored body self and soul and the intimate couple beverly kitaen morse is a marriage and family therapist in private

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts by elaborating a holistic understanding of the evolutionary trajectory of homo sapiens and viewing that trajectory in the context of contemporary life we ll learn to anticipate and possibly mitigate these conflicts we ll look at many aspects of the life cycle from how we exercise to how we work from our sexuality to our diets from the way we re born to how we die in this interactive workshop the group will help determine which aspects of life we re going to examine in most detail we ll begin with an in-depth look at the physical and social world in which our ancestors evolved and then examine our own lives looking for often surprising sources of discontent we ll then work on generating novel approaches to resolving these conflicting demands the workshop will be especially valuable for therapists and clinicians seeking a systemic understanding of the sources of dis-ease in their clients as well

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts including health intimacy wellbeing and joy in order to experience these benefits your yoga practice must be adapted to you not you to yoga with mark s skillful and heartfelt guidance you will · explore the five principles of advanced personal practice · dive into asana pranayama and meditation as a seamless process · discover how yoga transforms life into an intimate celebration with everything · experience the nurturing principle as a constant in your life from now on · return home with understanding and the embodied felt sense of your own joyful practice this program is a regenerative and joyful event that will continue to reverberate through your daily life in very practical ways for all levels no prior yoga experience is needed please bring a yoga mat recommended reading whitwell yoga of heart and the promise desikachar the heart of yoga leader bio on page 26 secrets to lasting

register online at or by calling 888-8-esalen 888-837-2536 at each session following a demonstration and warm-up exercise couples will exchange massages there will also be ample time to explore the beauty of esalen s land and enjoy the warmth of the healing waters of the mineral baths ce credit for nurses see page 113 ce credit for bodyworkers see page 113 nora matten bio on page 80 oliver bailey bio on page 54 deep tissue techniques for massage practitioners an introduction to the psoas healing knees and deep visceral worktm perry holloman johanna holloman because demand for practitioners with deep bodywork skills is growing perry and johanna holloman have developed a series of seminars designed to teach massage practitioners this healing art each seminar has a specific focus in terms of the physical structures touched and their related functions an overall emphasis is placed on how to integrate this work into the format of a flowing massage this seminar will focus

see pages 110-111 for reservations fees accommodations scholarship information and discounts council dreamwork nature-based ceremony expressive arts and solo time on the land we ll invite what thomas berry calls the wild fertile forces of the planet to nourish both the wild human psyche and a future filled with wildly fertile possibility please join us for experiential re-wilding in the auspicious atmosphere of esalen at the auspicious end of 2012 where else would you rather be bill plotkin founder of colorado s animas valley note bring instruments cds and songbooks if you like claude stein has 25 years of experience blending chandra easton studied buddhist philosophy medi psychology and voice training his clients include rca warner bros sony atlantic island records juilliard harvard medical school the actors institute sprint siemens and jpmorgan shadow yoga and buddhist meditation wisdom in action tation and tibetan language at the library of tibetan works and archives in

esalen institute 55000 highway 1 big sur california 93920-9546 if you move please let us know your new address it helps us save trees and money non-profit organization u.s postage pa i d las vegas nv permit no 2543 esalen is a leading center for exploring realizing human potential through experience education research we are all capable of the extraordinary 888.837.2536