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our offerings workshops/work study conferences our workshops range in subject matter from the arts and body movement to meditation psychology and nature and sustainability you may choose from a variety of program lengths most workshops are weekend five and seven-days long your workshop registration is all-inclusive providing you with accommodation meals and access to additional classes and facilities on property please view the guide to workshops for a full list of programs by subject many educational institutions recognize esalen programs as eligible for credit in their curricula check with your university or college additional information can be provided if needed esalen provides continuing education ce credit for mfts lcsws nurses bodyworkers acupuncturists and more see page 108 for details we also offer a residential study program for individuals interested in participating in an intensive month-long course of study see the inside cover for more information choose from a

which helps create a very personal yoga practice that uncovers the hidden gifts yoga truly offers for well-being.” during the weekend you’ll be shown how to • examine your understanding and relationship to resistance and limitation • understand the language your body uses to communicate imbalance physically and psychologically • discover the two primary energies of the subtle body gravity and grace and the way they affect how you move breathe and create space for healing • stimulate your own creative forces that help build mental focus clarity and poise • recognize and value the wisdom of your own experience and the essential elements of a personal yoga practice this workshop leads your heart mind and body to the divine space of the present where everything is temporary and nothing is impossible peter sterios is a creative instructor writer and originator of levityoga™ yoga journal included his dvd gravity grace in their “top 15

weekend of february 2–4 a time to reflect this is a special opportunity to experience esalen without taking a workshop during this period we have a limited number of spaces available for people who would like to participate in the esalen learning culture in their own unstructured way deeply nourish your body mind heart and soul through beautifully prepared and healthy meals daily yoga and other experiential classes the hot springs and massages time in the meditation center tea with new friends or even an evening program lecture or open workshop session when available space in the program is limited please register early we recommend that you bring a journal digital camera art supplies hiking/walking shoes a good book and a map of the big sur coast renewal for sober moms rosemary o’connor recovering from an addiction is tough enough but when you throw in the tremendous responsibilities of motherhood and the work of resisting cravings and remaining abstinent recovery

kirtan flight school dave stringer with sheela bringi and joss jaffe if you can’t teach me to fly then teach me to sing –peter pan from the play by jm barrie when you participate in a kirtan the call and response form of mantra chanting you’re not just listening to the music you are the music in dave stringer’s kirtan flight school you have the opportunity to explore and redefine the edges of what music can be when the crowd is itself an instrument both experienced musicians and those rediscovering their own musical selves can walk away with a working body of knowledge about how to move a crowd to participate and how to employ different musical devices in order to deepen everyone’s experience no previous musical experience is necessary participants will be organized into small ensembles each ensemble chooses a chant rehearses it together and presents a kirtan to the rest of the groups dave and his musicians rotate through the groups working

books in print on tantra relationship sex and yoga he is coauthor of tantra the art of conscious loving which is printed in nine languages www.sourcetantra.com christy muir is an advanced-level teacher at the source school of tantra she has practiced tantra for 10 years and is a certified massage and yoga instructor she has a ba in sociology with a strong background in psychology and nlp radically alive a radical aliveness workshop ann bradney “there is a state in which you are fully alive authentic and spontaneous,” says ann bradney “you are open to all of your feelings and connected to your strength and your truth you are not afraid to know anything about yourself or about others you seek out and value the diverse perspectives we all bring and you actualize your creativity and meet life in all its possibilities in this state you are a force of nature a presence that helps life’s greatest potential to emerge i call this radical aliveness this radical

we’ll recall dreams rekindle visions deploy mythmaking tools like drums and dance music and song masks medicine bags and altars individual small-group and collective activities provide opportunities for reflection and expression you need not be familiar with campbell to retool the myths shaping your life—though a sense of humor definitely helps please bring a meaningful but expendable totem an unsung story or evocative song robert walter joseph campbell’s editor for a decade is president of the joseph campbell foundation and a poet/playwright with several decades of experience as group leader teacher publisher and theatrical producer/director/designer www.jcf.org the max expanding the limits of your self-expression paula shaw for more than 20 years the max has been considered by many at esalen to be an essential rite of passage for community members the purpose of the max is to discover yourself beyond who you know yourself to be it is a voyage through

weekend of april 20–22 5rhythms® grief loss and the body in motion davida taurek peter selwyn have you experienced loss and the natural emotions of sadness anger fear and love how do you process your losses and move through your life unfortunately many of us have not found safe and effective ways to express these emotions and we can feel stuck both emotionally and at times physically with the cumulative burden of our unfinished business using the tools of the 5rhythms movement practice combined with a process of grief-work grounded in emotional presence non-judgment and supportive witnessing participants will join together in a safe space to help heal mind body and spirit davida will facilitate the 5rhythms as a method to experientially access a wide spectrum of feelings peter a physician with more than 30 years of experience in hiv/aids and palliative care will facilitate story sharing as part of releasing and working through losses other elements of the workshop

only at exploring our intergalactic coections it isn’t unusual for visitors to esalen to gaze into the expansive big sur night sky and wonder “how did i get here?” for an international group of 40 astrophysicists esalen is the perfect venue to explore this question and others as part of their annual gathering designed to help bring new ideas to life specifically for this collective of visionary minds they are focused on the dim matter that exists between stars and between galaxies “fundamentally you are a self-aware short-lived collection of atoms that were formed long ago in the cores of ancient luminous stars,” explains jessica werk an associate professor in the university of washington’s astronomy department who is returning to esalen for this year’s conference she and her colleagues’ collective research explores the dark gaseous regions of space that are the source of material that ultimately become stars planets and life forms

brain development • exploring natural mind/body healing rhythms yogic exercises and somatic breathing methods for nervous system regulation • exploring mindfulness yogic practice and somatic experiencing methods for containment and release of painful feeling states • discovering practices that promote loving-kindness and self-compassion metta • sacred kirtan music these skills are especially applicable for both self-healing practices and for health care professionals in their work with clients and patients  recommended reading alexander wise mind open mind finding purpose and meaning in time of crisis loss and change fryba the art of happiness teachings of buddhist psychology hanson hardwiring happiness peter levine waking the tiger ce credit for nurses see page 93 ce credit for mfts lcsws lpccs and leps see page 93 ronald alexander phd,is the director of the open mind training institute and leads trainings internationally in mindfulness mind-body therapies

reclaiming your authentic self celebrating fatherhood anne watts joanna claassen ferraro vinny ferraro have you ever found yourself thinking you want one thing but doing something else the thing you’re doing comes from the inner child what exactly is the inner child it has many names the authentic self natural child creative energy or inner place of knowing the inner child works differently in each of us we are often out of touch with this part of ourselves yet it is the part that runs our lives this workshop is for people who want to experience more joy and personal potency in their lives in a safe and loving environment you will have the opportunity to tell your own story and hear the stories of others receive and give appropriate healing touch and reclaim and affirm the safety of your own body you will also uncover core beliefs that hold you back move through fear and learn techniques for safely releasing anger and sadness additionally through the use of visualization

esalen institute 55000 highway 1 big sur california 93920-9546 you move please let us n ifknow your new address it helps save trees and money please email info@esalen.org facebook.com/esaleninstitute twitter.com/esaleninstitute pinterest.com/esalen nourish your well-being mind mood food april 15-20 2018 mind mood food brings together medical and culinary nutrition with cutting-edge research for clinicians and health-conscious individuals to learn how to improve mental and emotional well-being with food enjoy cooking demonstrations and whole-food meals that inspire long-lasting nutritional transformation while you learn a new science-based approach to nutrition to address personal health challenges for yourself your clients and your families come discover • spices and herbs that nourish the brain • healing foods to balance mind and mood • mind-body techniques including movement imagery and mindful eating visit page 59 for more