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which helps create a very personal yoga practice that uncovers the hidden gifts yoga truly offers for well-being.” during the weekend you’ll be shown how to • examine your understanding and relationship to resistance and limitation • understand the language your body uses to communicate imbalance physically and psychologically • discover the two primary energies of the subtle body gravity and grace and the way they affect how you move breathe and create space for healing • stimulate your own creative forces that help build mental focus clarity and poise • recognize and value the wisdom of your own experience and the essential elements of a personal yoga practice this workshop leads your heart mind and body to the divine space of the present where everything is temporary and nothing is impossible peter sterios is a creative instructor writer and originator of levityoga™ yoga journal included his dvd gravity grace in their “top 15 yoga videos of all time.” peter taught yoga at the white house for michelle obama’s anti-obesity initiatives between 2011 and 2013 he teaches internationally www.petersterios.com week of january 7–12 the promise advanced yoga for everyone mark whitwell yoga is not a linear process it is direct intimacy with life and it is available to everyone this week mark whitwell offers yoga’s advanced practices in a way that you can integrate and make your own whether you are just beginning to practice or have years of experience the workshop involves an interwoven promise you promise to practice yoga and in return you receive the promise of yoga’s gifts including health intimacy well-being and joy in order to experience these benefits your yoga practice must be adapted to you not you to yoga mark’s skillful and heartfelt guidance will help you • explore the five principles of advanced personal practice • dive into asana pranayama and meditation as a seamless process • discover how yoga transforms life into an intimate celebration with everything • experience the nurturing principle as a constant in your life from now on • return home with understanding and the embodied felt sense of your own joyful practice this program is a regenerative and joyful event that will continue to reverberate through your daily life in very practical ways for all levels no prior yoga experience is needed please bring a yoga mat  recommended reading whitwell yoga of heart and the promise of love sex and intimacy desikachar the heart of yoga mark whitwell has enjoyed a lifelong relationship with the teachings of krishnamacharya through his students t.k.v desikachar and srivatsa ramaswami he travels the world teaching yoga and is the author of yoga of heart the healing power of intimate connection and the promise of love sex and intimacy overcoming addictive thinking and behavior a path to inner freedom raoul goldberg fixed ideas and habituated behavior patterns can be great obstacles to individual social and environmental transformation they can block our quest for self-determination self-expression and self-empowerment when we restrict our life experience by staying in unhealthy thought and choice patterns not only our lifestyle but also our health may be at risk some chronic illnesses may be influenced by long-term habituation to unhealthy life patterns and many kinds of addictions are a direct consequence of chronic wanting and the desperate search for gratification this workshop utilizes a variety of cognitive experiential artistic dramatic-expressive and participatory activities to uncover the full power of human experience and access the subconscious psyche through the vitality of the body on one side and the eye of the spirit on the other through this process you can meet your “habitual characters” and discover creative new resources that can transform old patterns into new potential raoul goldberg will present his approach to participatory health and healing through the path method by showing how you can find out where you are at all times “when we know who we become and in what character position we are we can shift this position and create the character of our own choice for 12 photo by esalen seminarian amy grambeau