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weekend of february 2–4 a time to reflect this is a special opportunity to experience esalen without taking a workshop during this period we have a limited number of spaces available for people who would like to participate in the esalen learning culture in their own unstructured way deeply nourish your body mind heart and soul through beautifully prepared and healthy meals daily yoga and other experiential classes the hot springs and massages time in the meditation center tea with new friends or even an evening program lecture or open workshop session when available space in the program is limited please register early we recommend that you bring a journal digital camera art supplies hiking/walking shoes a good book and a map of the big sur coast renewal for sober moms rosemary o’connor recovering from an addiction is tough enough but when you throw in the tremendous responsibilities of motherhood and the work of resisting cravings and remaining abstinent recovery can seem like an impossible challenge join other mothers in recovery to give yourself the much-needed gift of rest rejuvenation support and laughter through art experiential exercises journaling and visualization we will explore what is getting in the way of the life you want and discover new ways to take care of your needs and desires you’ll have the opportunity to gain skills to set healthy boundaries create mean 22 ingful relationships and use practical tools to enhance your life  recommended reading o’connor a sober mom’s guide to recovery taking care of yourself to take care of your kids rosemary o’connor is a certified professional and addiction coach and founder of roc recovery services with more than 17 years of personal and professional experience she has helped thousands of people recover from addiction and rebuild rewarding lives www rocrecoveryservices.com digital detox unplug and reimagine your life adam smiley poswolsky brooke dean zev felix join us for a very special digital detox retreat in memory of levi felix founder of camp grounded summer camp for adults and digital detox levi was a modern-day philosopher who inspired thousands of people to find balance and joy in the digital age join members of levi’s family for a tech-free wellness retreat where attendees give up their smartphones and gadgets in exchange for an off-the-grid experience of personal growth reflection mindfulness creativity community and disconnection we’ll honor levi’s legacy by examining what it means to unplug and practice staying balanced through a series of hands-on sessions including yoga meditation creative writing arts and crafts nature walk play and games and purpose-driven career exploration digital detox can help reduce anxiety stress depression tech dependen photo by esalen seminarian jesse damiani