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kirtan flight school dave stringer with sheela bringi and joss jaffe if you can’t teach me to fly then teach me to sing –peter pan from the play by jm barrie when you participate in a kirtan the call and response form of mantra chanting you’re not just listening to the music you are the music in dave stringer’s kirtan flight school you have the opportunity to explore and redefine the edges of what music can be when the crowd is itself an instrument both experienced musicians and those rediscovering their own musical selves can walk away with a working body of knowledge about how to move a crowd to participate and how to employ different musical devices in order to deepen everyone’s experience no previous musical experience is necessary participants will be organized into small ensembles each ensemble chooses a chant rehearses it together and presents a kirtan to the rest of the groups dave and his musicians rotate through the groups working closely with the participants to develop rhythmic and harmonic concepts solve problems and answer questions students who have taken a previous flight school are invited to join level 2 this week which will be offered concurrently with level 1 level 2 focuses on writing improvisation and advanced instrument and performance skills dave stringer is an innovative artist of the new kirtan movement his sound marries the transcendent mysticism of traditional indian instruments with the exuberant groove-oriented sensibility of american gospel an articulate and engaging public speaker dave probes the dilemmas of science and spirit with a wry and unorthodox sense of humor www.davestringer.com esalen massage® esalen’s massage school will be offering course curriculum for esalen massage® training during this period please visit www.esalen.org for updated workshop description and faculty information weekend of february 23–25 cultivating meaning and happiness through mindfulness and yoga ira israel many of us would benefit from learning how to dis-identify with the mental chatter in our heads and cultivate equanimity these qualities help us make healthy long-term decisions and engender loving positive secure and supportive attachments to other people we must learn to transcend any blunt tools we developed over the years—negative self-talk overreactions judgments facades fears expectations passive-aggressive behavior—and replace them with precise tools such as authentic communications loving relationships balanced lifestyles commitments to personal integrity and yoga and/or meditation practices in this workshop we will explore specific practices that encourage more meaning and happiness in our lives we will determine our long-term goals and the skills we should cultivate to realize them there will be all-level vinyasa flow yoga classes as well as restorative yoga classes and we will practice myriad mindfulness meditations to cultivate non-reactivity in order to reduce drama and de-escalate conflicts most importantly we will learn how to replace the resentments that our minds create with gratitude please bring a yoga mat ce credit for mfts lcsws lpccs and leps see page 93 ira israel is a licensed psychotherapist and counselor ira is the author of how to survive your childhood now that you’re an adult the path to authenticity as well as a beginner’s guide to happiness a beginner’s guide to mindfulness meditation mindfulness for anxiety and yoga for depression and anxiety www.iraisrael.com there is a stream spilling down the forested gorge that crosses the heart of esalen there is a name for it i have not heard or learned to hear aright i track the source up against the flow to find the headwaters the stream never remains silent constantly urging unyielding stone i have not shaken the thunder of the ocean waves pounding the cliffs behind me the sounds compound until i cannot hear myself think it seems this relentless deafening noise is what it takes to unravel the discord of my unquiet mind the incessant babbling i have suffered so long longing for one undistracted moment of peace every word at last now drowned in never-ending crescendo i was forewarned never walk the wild places alone this is my own undoing so it is always every misstep guides me where i must go i slip on a moss slick stone midstream fall face down the stream of my own life stream rushing in my ears the blood of my own life blood dripping from my nose and being carried away the water washes over me on my hands and knees soaking wet tears rise through me and fall from these my eyes becoming the very water flowing down returning to the heart of the sea… o nameless one no one nothing is lost here wherever everywhere i find water i meet the source steve elliott 31