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books in print on tantra relationship sex and yoga he is coauthor of tantra the art of conscious loving which is printed in nine languages www.sourcetantra.com christy muir is an advanced-level teacher at the source school of tantra she has practiced tantra for 10 years and is a certified massage and yoga instructor she has a ba in sociology with a strong background in psychology and nlp radically alive a radical aliveness workshop ann bradney “there is a state in which you are fully alive authentic and spontaneous,” says ann bradney “you are open to all of your feelings and connected to your strength and your truth you are not afraid to know anything about yourself or about others you seek out and value the diverse perspectives we all bring and you actualize your creativity and meet life in all its possibilities in this state you are a force of nature a presence that helps life’s greatest potential to emerge i call this radical aliveness this radical aliveness workshop creates a container where the frozen feelings that keep us from living fully can come into the light and be transformed the work unfolds through powerful group and individual process you will work on your relationship to yourself and explore relating to others in radically alive ways you will have the opportunity to find what stands in the way of your full potential for life and the best part is you can experience the goodness and essence that lives beyond your most destructive patterns and expand your ability to meet the complex and multifaceted world in ways that benefit all return to your life refreshed wildly expanded and fully expressive of all your gifts!” note an interview is required for admission please e-mail ann@annbradney.com ann bradney is director of the radical aliveness/core energetics institute of southern california she studied under core energetics founder john pierrakos and teaches internationally ann’s radical aliveness model expands core beyond the individual to address community healing and world issues www.annbradney.com visionseeker shamanic cosmology photo by esalen seminarian andy abele hank wesselman over the past 35,000 years indigenous shamans developed a methodology to expand awareness and explore the many dimensions of reality generating a rich body of knowledge about the nature and function of the sacred realms unfortunately evermultiplying overlays of spiritual scripture and esoteric literature have obscured our understanding of these hidden worlds today this confusion is being reversed as the methods of the shaman are being reconsidered by non-tribal westerners seeking direct experience of the transpersonal realms once again hank wesselman writes “this workshop will engage participants in investigative shamanic fieldwork into the numinous regions of the spirit worlds where all mysteries become known we will deepen connection with our spirit helpers as well as our oversoul and the elder spirits who serve as master teachers on our cosmic committee we will hone our abilities in areas such as divination and attempt to learn more about those localities where the most creative work of souls is accomplished we will explore the nature of who and what we really are providing an expanded perspective on the destiny of souls.” note bring a rattle a drum a notebook or sketchpad a set of oil or chalk pastels a bandanna or eyeshade and a light blanket please refrain from alcohol during the workshop  recommended reading wesselman kuykendall spirit medicine wesselman the journey to the sacred garden and the spiritwalker trilogy hank wesselman is the author of nine books on shamanism including the spiritwalker trilogy the bowl of light and the re-enchantment a shamanic path to a life of wonder he conducts anthropological research in ethiopia investigating the mystery of human origins www.sharedwisdom.com 41