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weekend of april 20–22 5rhythms® grief loss and the body in motion davida taurek peter selwyn have you experienced loss and the natural emotions of sadness anger fear and love how do you process your losses and move through your life unfortunately many of us have not found safe and effective ways to express these emotions and we can feel stuck both emotionally and at times physically with the cumulative burden of our unfinished business using the tools of the 5rhythms movement practice combined with a process of grief-work grounded in emotional presence non-judgment and supportive witnessing participants will join together in a safe space to help heal mind body and spirit davida will facilitate the 5rhythms as a method to experientially access a wide spectrum of feelings peter a physician with more than 30 years of experience in hiv/aids and palliative care will facilitate story sharing as part of releasing and working through losses other elements of the workshop include both didactic and experiential content focusing on natural and distorted emotional responses to grief caregiving vs caretaking and other topics this workshop is especially useful for healing professionals in their work with clients and patients please bring photos or other mementos of anyone whose memory you would like to bring into the workshop ce credit for massage see page 93 ce credit for mfts lcsws lpccs and leps see page 93 ce credit for nurses see page 93 60 davida taurek ms has a diverse academic background in counseling psychology the creative arts and body-centered therapies she is a certified instructor of watsu waterdance motion theater and the 5rhythms she leads classes trainings and workshops worldwide www davidataurek.com peter selwyn md mph is chairman of the department of family and social medicine and director of the palliative care program at montefiore medical center in the bronx ny he facilitates workshops on grief and loss and is the author of surviving the fall the personal journey of an aids doctor what’s next reviewing and revisioning our lives sam keen patricia de jong every decade of your life brings new challenges goals pleasures and horizons when the trauma of divorce illness tragedy or sudden good fortune strikes or when you gradually become dissatisfied or aimless it is time to take stock and look for a new story to guide you toward a more hopeful future surprisingly the essence of what you may become—the voice of your future—is already resonating in you this workshop is an invitation to listen for the echo of your future through storytelling conversation and exploration of promises and potentials still unfulfilled • where are you in your journey • who goes with you • what have you accomplished • what hasn’t happened yet photo by esalen seminarian reuven shelef