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only at exploring our intergalactic coections it isn’t unusual for visitors to esalen to gaze into the expansive big sur night sky and wonder “how did i get here?” for an international group of 40 astrophysicists esalen is the perfect venue to explore this question and others as part of their annual gathering designed to help bring new ideas to life specifically for this collective of visionary minds they are focused on the dim matter that exists between stars and between galaxies “fundamentally you are a self-aware short-lived collection of atoms that were formed long ago in the cores of ancient luminous stars,” explains jessica werk an associate professor in the university of washington’s astronomy department who is returning to esalen for this year’s conference she and her colleagues’ collective research explores the dark gaseous regions of space that are the source of material that ultimately become stars planets and life forms “we are trying to connect things on the very largest scales – the cosmic web of galaxies – to physics on the very smallest scales including the relative abundances of atoms in our bodies,” adds jessica at esalen this international collective has the opportunity to collaborate in person so that they and ultimately all of us can better understand the fate and origin of the atomic material in the universe morning sessions are dedicated to each member bringing a new idea for a project and presenting to the full group afternoon sessions allow for break out groups to visualize and brainstorm potentially new observations or simulations this conference is not part of esalen’s public workshops photo by ben hsu 70