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brain development • exploring natural mind/body healing rhythms yogic exercises and somatic breathing methods for nervous system regulation • exploring mindfulness yogic practice and somatic experiencing methods for containment and release of painful feeling states • discovering practices that promote loving-kindness and self-compassion metta • sacred kirtan music these skills are especially applicable for both self-healing practices and for health care professionals in their work with clients and patients  recommended reading alexander wise mind open mind finding purpose and meaning in time of crisis loss and change fryba the art of happiness teachings of buddhist psychology hanson hardwiring happiness peter levine waking the tiger ce credit for nurses see page 93 ce credit for mfts lcsws lpccs and leps see page 93 ronald alexander phd,is the director of the open mind training institute and leads trainings internationally in mindfulness mind-body therapies and transformational leadership he is the author of wise mind open mind www.ronaldalexander.com organic skin and body care from the garden rachel berry discover how to make your own high-quality organic skin care individually customized to best match your needs and preferences using fresh ingredients from the beautiful esalen gardens learn how to infuse the healing properties of herbs into therapeutic oils skin creams lip balm facial toners and more this is an essential skill for those who want pure all-natural skin and body care without chemical additives and for those who wish to become more self-reliant by using organic whole ingredients to make their own indulge in a series of herbal skin treatments made fresh from the garden and take home your own customized set of herbal skin and body care including a nourishing and reparative face cream body cream facial scrub and tinted lip moisturizer after completing the class you will have a set of organic herbal skin care products to take home the recipes and know-how to make them again on your own and the ability to make unique customized gifts for friends and family 30 materials fee will be added to the workshop cost rachel berry ma shares her passion for community health medicinal herbs and sustainable living to inspire and promote herbalism for selfcare she has been teaching classes in skin care herbalism and wild foraging for nearly 10 years and is a formulator for skin care products www.sierrabotanica.com couples’ communication retreat warren farrell our inability to handle personal criticism from loved ones is a common achilles’ heel the more deeply we love the more fragile we feel soon couples feel they are walking on eggshells unable to express themselves honestly and their love fades raising children and money magnify the problems even as they become the reason couples stay together the result couples often remain legally married but psychologically divorced—in a minimum-security-prison marriage the biggest culprit defensiveness active listening a good solution is rarely used when warren farrell discovered that active listeners often said the right thing but did not feel safe on the inside he developed a method of transforming the internal defensiveness into feeling loved to enhance the love couples also are taught an “art and discipline of love” to be practiced throughout the week after the workshop free on-going group conference calls with dr farrell allow the group to continually grow with each other this workshop is for couples—two people with a history who desire a future e.g parents married or divorced newlyweds parent-child siblings this workshop is especially useful for health professionals in their work with clients and patients  recommended reading farrell women can’t hear what men don’t say and father and child reunion ce credit for mfts lcsws lpccs and leps see page 93 warren farrell phd has been a pioneer in both the women’s and men’s movements his books are published in 17 languages his workshops and books including women can’t hear what men don’t say train couples and therapists to handle personal criticism without feeling defensive www.warrenfarrell.com photo by esalen seminarian raya almufti 79