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Catalog Easyreaders & Teen readers catalogue 2011

"Easy Readers" have a long and honourable history spanning over 60 years. The brainchild of a small Danish publishing house in the darkest years of the Second World War, the series now comprises more than 170 titles in six languages. From the beginning it has brought together publishers and editors in different countries in a unique collaboration to make available to language students authentic literature in an approachable, yet unpatronising format. The choice of reading ranges from trusty classics to modern social drama, from comedy to detective stories. Each language is supervised by a specialist editor, whose brief is to simplify without losing the flavour of the original. Footnotes are provided where needed; charming llustrations and uncramped pages make the challenge so much easier, and the achievement very satisfying.

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4 003751 sans famille malot h the moving story of rémi an orphan who hopes one day to find his true family this books also contains interesting subplots detailing the general condition of orphan children living in france during the19th century 003867 tu es libre torrès d amsy lives in the desert of niger he and his family have always been slaves and know nothing about living as free individuals one day a rich man offers amsy the chance to go and live with him so he can have the opportunity to go to school but will amsy leave his family 003588 un si terrible secret brisou-pellen e nathanaelle s grandparents die in mysterious circumstances on christmas eve she decides to visit their house to find out what happened but when there she discovers a terrible secret 002289 urgence grenier c besançon 1944 12 year old françois is dying of meningitis and his father hears of a doctor in paris who may be able to save him despite the war he undertakes the dangerous journey to find the doctor

6 011069 die weiße rose scholl s this is the story of the white rose a movement which produced anti-hitler leaflets during the war until its fateful conclusion in february 1943 011045 einen dieb fangen steiger o all the money goes missing on a school trip to switzerland the class go looking for the supposed thief but all is not as it seems 011032 emil und die detektive kästner e emil travels alone to berlin with a sum of money for his grandmother but en route the money disappears 011057 erzählungen fallada h stories include `110 mark und ein fröhliches weihnachtsfest `häusliches zwischenspiel `das festgeschenck `pfingstfahrt in der waschbalje 011038 kein schnaps für tamara martin h he is tired and his spirits are low as he takes the train from a small town in northern germany beside him on the train is a young girl but she is dead 011031 kurzgeschichten kaschnitz m-l five stories taken from the author s collection `lange schatten they all deal with the theme of the spirit

7 011063 so zärtlich war suleyken lenz s a collection of stories about the eccentric activities of a village community in lenz s native eastern prussia 011147 sonderappell schönfeldt s a young girl taken to work as forced labour during the war has her doubts regarding the nazi regime fleeing the russian advance she struggles to survive in occupied germany as she undertakes the long journey home 012754 tochterliebe schach r jessica feels as though she and her mother live in two separate worlds after her mother has a car accident and falls into a coma jessica discovers her mother s old diaries and by reading them begins to understand her for the first time italian a-series each title each cd £4.55 £8.50 032000 andreuccio da perugia 032017 cd boccaccio g one of boccaccio s classic short stories from his decameron the formidable adventures of the main character are described vividly and sometimes grotesquely 032001 gli imbianchini non hanno ricordi fo d a contemporary one-act farce

8 032084 nuove avventure con montalbano camilleri a six detective stories about the famous commissioner salvo montalbano set in the picturesque sicilian town of vigàta the detective s character and manner encapsulate much of sicilian mythology brooding philosophy whip smart dialogue rugged beauty superb food and astute detective work 032047 otto giorni con montalbano camilleri a eight detective stories in which inspector salvo montalbano seeks justice for a number of crimes 035554 seta baricco a when an epidemic threatens to wipe out the silk trade in france hervé joncour has to travel to japan to smuggle out healthy silkworms however while in japan he meets the girl of his dreams which sparks an incredible love story 032013 sette racconti moravia a modern short stories set in rome from one of italy s notable twentieth century each title £4.55 writers moravia s work explores themes such as the hypocrisy of contemporary life social alienation and existentialism 022806 el misterio

9 b-series each title cd £5.70 £8.35 022741 las hermanas coloradas pavón f.g a small town detective investigates the disappearance of two sisters 022743 leyendas de guatemala asturias m the well-known guatemalan author recounts folk-tales from his home country stories include `ahora que me acuerdo `leyenda del volcán and `guatemala 022744 papel mojado millás j more than just a detective story from one of the new generation of spanish novelists 022745 réquiem por un campesino español sender r the conflict between religion and politics leads a country priest to betray his onetime friend paco 024037 respirando cerca de mí soto j.g henry is a young man from columbia living in madrid and working for a mafia organization alberto is 16 and leads a pretty boring life they meet and boredom is washed away 022726 un pueblo contra los hamid vengés o when a fire occurs in a catalan village the villagers suspect that it has been caused by a young immigrant boy fortunately for the young

10 russian a-series each title £4.55 040112 bez svidetelej zabelin i `without witnesses two men encounter real hardship when they are sent to siberia on a research trip 040110 cuk i gek gajdar a the exciting story of two muscovite brothers who embark on a long journey with their mother to visit their father 040111 taman lermontov m mysterious images and deep emotions are all conjured up in this story set beside the black sea c-series each title £5.70 011081 german selection of 15 titles £65.95 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 040116 chozjain i rabotnik tolstoj l `master and man the touching story of a wealthy landowner and his coachman which teaches that the only true happiness in life is found by living for others 040115 goluboe i zelenoe nekrasivaja kazakov j `light blue and green `the ugly woman two contrasting stories about love the first one is a sad and humorous story about two young people the second is about a rather grumpy older woman 040117 pikovaya dama

12 german level 0 each title cd £3.25 £7.25 010091 vier freunde abenteuer in münchen ruge e four friends adventures in munich a trip to a museum proves very exciting 011122 märchenland posener a take a trip through germany and encounter princes and paupers wicked stepmothers and good witches giants and dwarfs with this charming collection of german fairy tales 010056 vier freunde auf der kieler voche ruge e four friends are having fun at the `kieler woche looking at the ships and submarines but when they go aboard a freight ship it unexpectedly sets sail 010862 halt an fremder gallandy g philipp wants to stay in the car while his family go out for a walk but when strange creatures start to appear he wonders whether it was such a good idea 010984 keine angst 010924 cd gallandy g sibille torsten and andreas are on holiday in a forest with their parents one day they go for a bike ride but their mother has a bad feeling about it and with good reason 010055 kopftuch mennen p 15

13 features of the series clearly laid out pages footnotes key vocabulary activity suggestions introduction to the author attractive illustrations comprehension questions

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