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language magazines 2016 2017 french german italian spanish russian latin english twenty seven titles for language learners of all ages at school and at

about the contents these are based on the levels and guidelines of the common european framework for languages eli language magazines what you get we have also indicated where each magazine might fit into uk key stages 5 issues a year 1 2 3 4 5 absolute beginners a1 near beginners a1-a2 lower intermediate a2-b1 intermediate b1-b2 upper intermediate b2-c1 advanced c2 september october november december january february march april may june always up-to-date mp3 audio material subscription to a magazine includes free access to its audio materials in mp3 format with readings of several sections of the magazines these materials are available from the resources area of the website www.elimagazines.com by entering an access code found in each issue online teacher’s notes a short guide on how to use the magazines the year’s syllabus photocopiable activities and end of year selfassessment exercises a subscription to the magazines includes free access to teacher’s

french voilà jeunes absolute beginners a1 ks2 intermediate b1-b2 ks3-4 a completely revised voilà provides an interactive illustrated dictionary games comic stories stickers and craft activities that allow children to master the rudiments of french in a fun yet structured way emphasis is placed on visual aspects with captivating illustrations large photos and modern graphics full of news and articles on current events and interviews with famous personalities jeunes gives a real insight into the culture of francophone countries in addition a report included in every issue presents a topic of particular interest to teen readers games and activities are not forgotten and together with the comic strips reinforce the material covered and make learning fun topics for 2016-2017 • dans la classe de la maîtresse isabelle • une famille à la mode • les sentiments et les émotions • faisons du lèche-vitrines en ville • le pique-nique c’est

spanish ¡hola muchachos absolute beginners a1 ks2 intermediate b1-b2 ks3-4 ¡hola is perfectly designed and illustrated to appeal to the growing numbers of children learning spanish in primary school muchachos is designed to deepen students’ knowledge of the spanish language using both up-to-date news items and articles specific to hispanic culture the wide variety of comprehension and revision activities make the magazine an extremely useful and complete learning resource a ladybird and a squirrel guide the young learners in this fun journey as they discover a new language topics for 2016-2017 topics for 2016-2017 • en la clase de la profe margarita • una familia a la moda • los sentimientos y las emociones • ¡de compras en la ciudad • el picnic • de tal palo tal astilla jóvenes estrellas • salvar la naturaleza con nuestras proprias manos • el mundial de las leyendas • lugares increíbles • novedades

italian volare ragazzi absolute beginners a1 ks2 intermediate b1-b2 ks3-4 the original graphics and illustrations in each issue of volare are perfect for very young learners tino the squirrel and nella the ladybird guide readers in the adventure of learning a new language lots of art and craft activities stickers and projects all create the ideal learning tool in each issue the central article offers a topic of interest to stimulate class discussion while articles on italian current affairs introduce linguistic structures in a more direct and engaging manner the revision activities are designed to improve vocabulary recall and comprehension topics for 2016-2017 topics for 2016-2017 • nella classe della maestra isabella • una famiglia alla moda • gli stati d’animo e le emozioni • facciamo un giro per i negozi della città • il pic-nic • saranno famosi i figli delle star • fai de te per salvare l’ambiente • il mondiale

german fertig… los freunde near beginners a1-a2 ks3 each issue introduces the main theme through lively vocabulary activities that present nouns verbs and adjectives articles on current events and a cultural photo poster stimulate students’ interest and an insert offers art and craft activities and stickers intermediate b1-b2 ks3-4 the magazine presents articles for discussion and a wide range of topics on current affairs and culture in german-speaking countries revision games and activities comic strips and snippets of information provide an original and fun way to learn a new language topics for 2016-2017 topics for 2016-2017 • gute angewohnheiten • das richtige geschenk • bio und fair produzierte mode • studieren in ausland • ungewöhnliche reiseziele • fluch oder segen die kinder der stars • heimwerken zum schutz der umwelt • legenden-wm • technologische neuheiten im visier • wundern der landschaft auf der

english ready for english kid absolute beginners a1 ks2 intermediate b1-b2 ks3 -4 ready for english is aimed at introducing children to the english language and the culture of the english-speaking world a delightfully illustrated dictionary helps young learners to memorise new vocabulary whilst games photos rhymes and craft activities ensure lots of fun cartoon stories and stickers add to the enjoyment created to bring students closer to contemporary english kid presents a wide range of current event articles and items on anglophone culture which are ideal for class discussion every issue of kid contains up-to-date articles while the revision games and comic strips focus on comprehension and vocabulary recall topics for 2016-2017 topics for 2016-2017 • in the classroom • mother and father christmas’s wardrobe clothes • emotions • shopping in town • a picnic • celebrity kids • saving the environment d-i-y • world legends cup

eli magazines order/renewal 2016-2017 french voilÀ c’est facile mÔme jeunes ensemble price per subscription no of single 2-5 6 subs 16.00 10.00 8.50 16.00 10.00 8.50 16.00 10.00 8.50 16.00 10.00 8.50 16.00 10.00 8.50 the easiest way to review and compare the magazines is to visit http www.elimagazines.com where sample issues of the magazines are available to view online german fertig los kinder freunde zusammen 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 8.50 8.50 8.50 8.50 if that is not convenient and you are considering eli magazines for the first time we will gladly send you samples of past printed issues of the titles that interest you please tick the appropriate boxes under free samples spanish ¡hola ¡vamos chicos muchachos todos amigos 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 8.50 8.50 8.50 8.50 8.50 how to subscribe italian volare 16.00 10.00 azzurro 16.00 10.00 ciao italia 16.00 10.00