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Catalog French language learning resources catalogue 11+ (2010)

This catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for learners of French, from early secondary to A-level and beyond. As prices are subject to change please use as reference only.

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Featured catalog pages of French language learning resources catalogue 11+ (2010) french welcome to our latest 11 select catalogue this catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for language learners from early secondary to a-level and beyond everything here is distributed by european schoolbooks ltd esb and is available at our european bookshop eb and italian bookshop ib in london orders can be placed online by post phone email or fax to both our cheltenham and london offices prices prices are correct at 01.10.2010 but may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements after a price indicates that vat must be added using this catalogue age ranges and descriptions are as accurate as we can make them but are only a guide for further advice on any product please contact the marketing department at esb head office in cheltenham inspection copies for teachers you can get an inspection copy of any textbook sorry not audio-visual materials you are thinking of buying in class sets

order form completed forms should be returned to the european bookshop prices are correct at 01/10/10 thereafter they may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements don t forget to add vat where applicable after a price indicates that vat must be added please allow 28 days for delivery of published titles firm order inspection copy esb code qty title price total establishment address town order ref contact name e-mail postcode please return to 5 warwick street london w1b 5lu phone 020 7734 5259 e-mail

french 3 french classroom courses ages 11-14 et toi didier et toi is a course for teenagers which advocates task-based learning and thus encourages the student to be at the centre of the learning process the course covers the four main skill areas in line with the cefr using authentic language and situations relevant to the interests and learning styles of teenagers the course focuses on autonomous learning and so self-assessment exercises feature throughout which help give students a thorough understanding of the objectives of the course and what they should hope to achieve through their study beginners 001190 livre de l élève 1 001191 cahier d exercices 1 001192 guide pédagogique 1 001193 cd classe 1 2 001194 dvd livret 1 amis et compagnie cle amis et compagnie is an innovative course that reinforces the four main skills as important tools for communication this course is perfect for those preteenagers who have already touched on the basics of the french language at primary

4 difusion french adolescent/adult sac à dos carefully designed to appeal to its target age group sac à dos invites students to be the driving force behind their learning its communicative task-based approach incorporates themes and concerns relevant to the students and encourages them to talk and debate amongst themselves.complete with a final project at the end of each chapter 2 audio cds and a grammatical review this method takes the student on a journey to learn more than just a language beginners 001140 livre de l élève cd-audio 1 2 £22.25 001141 cahier d exercices cd 1 2 £12.95 001142 guide pédagogique 1 £20.75 001164 dvd 1 £33.75 further levels intermediate advanced echo cle nouvelle édition alter ego hachette alter ego is a four level course for 15 beginners that puts the student at the centre of an active learning process a variety of real-life situations are used to create interaction leading to the acquisition of effective communicative skills the authentic

french latitudes didier latitudes is a communicative course that is closely linked to the cefr and combines language teaching with socio-cultural aspects of life in france and the francophone countries the course has a fluid structure with the learning contract clearly outlined at the start of each unit this makes the student aware of their learning objectives and responsible for their own development this emphasis on independent learning is further honed by the end of unit projects which are divided into stages testing different skills and allow the students to interact with each other and put into practice all that they have learnt through the course of the unit beginners 008296 livre de l élève cd audio 1 2 £17.25 008297 cahier d exercices cd audio 1 008313 cahier d exercices version £11.75 anglophone cd audio 1 £10.75 008298 guide pédagogique 1 £17.95 008304 dvd livret 1 £67.00 further levels false beginners intermediate 5 rond-point difusion rond-point is a course

6 french les combines du téléphone objectif express hachette a business course which uses efficient and pragmatic task-based learning methods to enable the student to achieve rapid autonomy in french beginners 009000 009009 009002 009001 livre cd-audio cahier d activités guide pédagogique cd classe 2 £20.25 £9.95 £22.75 £65.00 pug suitable for professionals who wish to brush up on their oral skills or for students embarking on careers in the business or secretarial world this manual provides excellent practice in communicating in french on the telephone so often a key activity for people using foreign languages at work it aims to help overcome the difficulties of comprehension and expression which are inherent in telephone communication and to give the student sufficient confidence to carry on a telephone conversation the material is divided into 8 chapters and the exercises and activities are progressive in difficulty the audio recordings consist of authentic dialogues

french special purposes adolescent/adult 7 reading adolescent/adult speaking adolescent/adult les clés du nouveau delf difusion this collection aims to provide training for the delf exams at levels a1 a2 b1 and b2 each level comprises 5 units which focus on revising key grammatical and lexical structures and developing students linguistic skills by means of exercises and practice tests this series also includes numerous suggestions on language usage and tips on how to best succeed at these exams each book contains an audio cd and answers to all exercises are provided beginners 008581 livre de l élève a1 cd 008582 guide pédagogique a1 cd £25.75 £18.25 littérature progressive du français cle an innovative publication aimed at introducing foreign learners of french to french literature in a simple and informative manner littérature progressive du français consists of texts dating from the middle ages to the present day with particular emphasis being placed on 19th and 20th

8 french vocabulaire en dialogues cle vocabulaire en dialogues is a book and cd pack that provides the learner with the chance to hear new words in authentic contexts the chapters present a range of up-to-date themes shopping the time etc and follow a clear structure preparation for the dialogue followed by an explanation of the vocabulary used and finally a range of activities related to the topic there is a multilingual glossary available at the back of the book making this ideal for independent study vocabulary ages 11-14 mixed skills adolescent/adult le français avec jeux et activités eli À propos pug an excellent publication aimed at providing teachers with teaching material specifically designed to develop thematic and communicative lessons and to encourage animated discussions and detailed written work in french each of the 8 units contains a widerange of activities such as role-plays grammar exercises and word games and allows teachers to choose those activities that are

french compétences cle devised as a follow-up to the recommendations of the common european framework of reference for languages compétences allows students to practise and develop the four major language skills either within a classroom environment or independently at home these complementary resources are easy to use thanks to their clear structure each book is divided into five units dedicated to a topic area which are in turn made up of three lessons which set out specific learning objectives related to an aspect of the topic each book contains a wealth of varying activities and exercises which steadily increase in difficulty and there is a useful self-evaluation page at the end of each unit to help students continually monitor their progress answers to all exercises are provided at the back of the book beginners 003185 compréhension écrite 1 009215 compréhension orale cd 1 003187 expression écrite 1 009216 expression orale cd 1 further levels intermediate upper

10 french grammaire progressive du français cle grammaire progressive is a remarkable worldwide success its reputation having spread rapidly by wordof-mouth since the publication of the first volume in 1995.the format is simple as all levels follow the same structure a clear uncluttered double-page spread for each grammatical point with the explanation on the left and parallel exercises on the right answers to the exercises are provided in a separate booklet so that the reference and exercise material can also be used for self study or distance learning and in the classroom beginners 004896 livre 004897 corrigés 004914 livre cd-rom 004882 cd-rom £13.75 £5.95 £28.50 £24.95 a vous la france cideb this book offers a journey of discovery into aspects of french and francophone culture and civilisation two teenagers camille and thomas accompany the students throughout the book and share their knowledge in the thematic units de la métropole au village de la montagne à la mer de la

french graded readers ages 11-14 11 teen eli readers eli these readers are available in 3 stages graded according to the number of headwords used and correspond to levels a1-b1 of the cefr each text is accompanied by an audio-cd and an 8 page booklet full of quotes related to the major themes of the text the readers are divided into chapters with a glossary at the end of each there are pre and after reading activities which teach vocabulary and lexical structures and also a test yourself section which offers more content based exercises beginners 002807 a la recherche de l ami disparu £7.80 false beginners 002808 la terre est ronde intermediate 002812 destination karminia 002811 la vénus d ile 002810 la journal de valérie 002809 le souvenir d egypte £7.80 £7.80 £7.80 £7.80 £7.80 ages 15-16 teen readers french aschehoug/esb a collection of readers especially created for teenagers from the same danish publishing house responsible for the ever popular easy reader series with

12 french adolescent/adult lectures cle en français facile cle an eclectic collection of readers fiction and non-fiction designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes and ages every title has the following features an introduction to the text and author supportive illustrations footnotes on each page explaining the more difficult vocabulary and a thematic and cultural mini-glossary at the end of the book together with a set of comprehension questions these titles are accompanied by cds in mp3 format providing further help in listening and pronunciation particularly for near-beginners book cd mp3 £6.85 each alex leroc difusion alex leroc is a french investigative journalist working in brussels for the magazine l avis through his wide range of investigations readers encounter the world of art music cinema and the lives of various celebrities and travel through places such as belgium france and martinique each book ends with a set of activities related to the story comprehension

french monolingual dictionaries ages 11-14 13 eli magazines eli magazines have been a familiar medium for language learning worldwide for more than 20 years with their help hundreds of pupils many of them reluctant learners have come to enjoy a foreign language and appreciate some of the similarities and differences between cultures by integrating eli magazines into their lesson plans thousands of teachers have found a new and rewarding means of motivating their pupils all subscriptions comprise six issues september to may and all titles are now published in a 16-24 page spread a teacher s guide and 60-minute cd are also available for most magazine titles these magazines are available in french german italian spanish russian and latin these magazines have been designed for a range of age groups and abilities but the following are best suited for secondary school students who are new to the subject false beginners 095258 c est facile french 096196 fertig los german 097188 azzurro