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Catalog Italian language learning resources catalogue 11+ (2012)

This catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for learners of Italian, from early secondary to A-level and beyond. As prices are subject to change please use as reference only.

nuovo progetto italiano raccontare il novecento villa dei mughetti ci vuole orecchio via della grammatica ci vuole orecchio 2 book and cd example of an subject card with picture italian espresso italian grammar in practice example of a card catalogue example of an card catalogue example of title catalogue with picture lingua italiana roma 25 x 40 author card example picture examples of dictionary card picture example of an author card short examples of an author card certificate of analysis v 16 italian brochures italian textbooks a level italian key chain examples author card catalogue odissea giorno gcse mosaico dieci cento parla manzoni azzurro bambini new italo ho a1 opera arias reward intermediate opera brochures tre 650 final sport watch transcripts request form transcript request form brochures for multimedia work italian language learn italian italian language school economics and language italian cinema teaching and learning resources full page colours the different features of the brochure example of the title of the books in general works example of book general works and author answers to test italian textbooks

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2012 italian welcome to our latest 11 select catalogue this catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for language learners from early secondary to a-level and beyond everything here is distributed by european schoolbooks ltd esb and is available at our bookshop in london orders can be placed online by post phone email or fax to both our cheltenham and london offices prices prices are correct at 01.02.2012 but may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements after a price indicates that vat must be added using this catalogue age ranges and descriptions are as accurate as we can make them but are only a guide for further advice on any product please contact the marketing department at esb head office inspection copies for teachers you can get an inspection copy of any textbook sorry not audio-visual materials you are thinking of buying in class sets if you then buy 12 copies of textbooks

order form completed forms should be returned to the italian bookshop prices are correct at 01/02/12 thereafter they may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements don t forget to add vat where applicable after a price indicates that vat must be added please allow 28 days for delivery of published titles firm order inspection copy esb code qty title price total establishment address town order ref contact name e-mail postcode please return to 5 warwick street london w1b 5lu phone 020 7240 1634 e-mail

italian 3 italian courses ages 11-16 progetto italiano junior edilingua progetto italiano junior is a multimedia language and civilisation course available in both monolingual and bilingual versions designed specifically for teenagers the series combines textbook and workbook together in one volume providing teachers with a range of activities to be used both within the classroom and at home.the course encourages task-based learning however each chapter is also accompanied by a grammatical appendix with the aim of improving students accuracy a unique aspect of the series is the comic strip which features throughout and follows the lives of five teenage boys and girls whose experiences and interests should be familiar and relevant to the students each book is also accompanied by an audio-cd which contains dialogues authentic interviews and exercises to practise pronunciation a dvd with quizzes and interviews is also now available to accompany the series beginners 042443 student s book

4 italian chiaro alma edizioni chiaro is a course desgined for adolescent and adult learners which when complete will be available in 3 levels covering a1-b1 of the cefr the main principle behind this course is to make the experience of learning italian relaxed enjoyable and at the same time efficient it therefore adopts an active approach encouraging students to communicate from the start and privileges tasks which require student collaboration interaction and practice of a variety of skills while great emphasis is placed on developing the four major linguistic skills of listening reading writing and speaking a unique aspect of this course is the attention paid to learning to learn a skill which goes beyond the realm of language learning students will be able to refelct on different learning styles and develop an understanding of what works best for them in order to maximise their progress further strengths of this course lie in its use of authentic resources and situations plus

italian l italiano all universitÀ edilingua a course designed specifically for university students which when complete will be available in 2 levels covering a1-b2 of the cefr the student s book and exercise book along with the answers to all activities are together in one volume and are accompanied by an audio cd in line with recommendations from the european council l italiano all università adopts a communicative approach and uses a wide range of written and oral texts as a means of introducing students to grammar vocabulary and essential phrases in an inductive way this course encourages the students to become active agents in the learning process therefore at the end of each unit there are self-assessment exercises so students can test and consolidate their knowledge and chart their own progress beginners 045772 student s book cd £22.75 5 nuovo progetto italiano edilingua nuovo progetto italiano is a multimedia language and civilisation course which combines a variety of

6 italian affresco italiano le monnier affresco italiano progresses gradually in line with the levels of the cefr and uses a tried and tested methodology the text divided by topic clearly shows the various teaching stages allowing the teacher to create a programme tailored to the needs of each class beginners 042229 student s book cd £21.95 adolescent/adult 047110 student s workbook £11.50 042961 teacher s book £6.25 the italian project edilingua the italian project is the bilingual version of the popular course nuovo progetto be completed in 4 levels this multimedia language and civilisation course favours inductive teaching allowing students to be at the centre of their learning which enhances their motivation and encourages participation it frequently alternates communicative and grammatical elements while encouraging systematic work on all four language skills thus providing a well-rounded approach to learning italian which constatnly renews the student s interest

italian reading adolescent/adult 7 vocabulary adolescent/adult grammar adolescent/adult quante storie bonacci quante storie is a collection of writings by contemporary italian authors the passages have been selected from books and poems and give a flavour of the literature that has come from italy in the last few years each paragraph is followed by teaching material in which information about the author and their work and a variety of activities and points for conversation are provided as answers are also given the book can be used by independent learners authors found in the book include ammaniti camillieri de luca lodili sereni and tabucchi 037403 student s book £11.95 animali a roma new bonacci a unique journey through rome over the ages which focuses on the wide array of animals depicted in the city s art animali a roma is a celebration of rome s artistic heritage and italian language and culture in general making it suitable for young and old from beginner to advanced level

8 italian italiano per lo studio guerra knowing how to communicate in italian does not automatically mean knowing how to study in italian this series develops students linguistic skills whilst also equipping them with the tools to tackle studying and using italian in a scholastic and academic context 044705 ascoltare per studiare cittadinanza e costituzione level b1 £26.95 this book focuses on developing listening skills and developing strategies to tackle listening activities.there are 8 chapters which present topics relevant to today s society including human rights state vs religion and bullying.this book does not therefore look at listening in isolation each unit also focuses on specific lexical and grammatical points and includes an article which can lead to reading writing and speaking exercises mixed skills adolescent/adult arte e metodo guerra arte e metodo is a series of texts dedicated to the teaching and learning of italian each text focuses on one specific aspect of the

italian music and song adolescent/adult 9 idioms and gestures adolescent/adult eli magazines eli magazines have been a familiar medium for language learning worldwide for more than 20 years with their help hundreds of pupils many of them reluctant learners have come to enjoy a foreign language and appreciate some of the similarities and differences between cultures by integrating eli magazines into their lesson plans thousands of teachers have found a new and rewarding means of motivating their pupils all subscriptions comprise six issues september to may and all titles are now published in a 16-24 page spread a teacher s guide and 60-minute cd are also available for most magazine titles these magazines are available in french german italian spanish russian and latin for italian there are 5 titles available beginners 097188 azzurro false beginners 096526 ciao italia intermediate 097179 ragazzi cd libri guerra this series has been designed to use music which is one of the greatest

10 italian civilisation adolescent/adult italia allo specchio guerra this advanced-level book presents an image of italy through a journey covering the history art literature and current politics of this country the subjects of the individual units are intended to encourage a reflection of the linguistic elements of the text and the dialogues contain idioms and popular phrases the use of which is encouraged in creative exercises through the inclusion of a small dictionary of idioms 042678 book £19.75 cinema adolescent/adult civiltà italia guerra this innovative text is composed of 63 sheets divided by themes daily life economics and society etc each sheet has a text and an illustration and is linked to an activity and linguistic notes difficult words and phrases are explained in italian at the bottom of each passage to encourage students to become more independent and to use their intuition to help them make sense of the text before consulting a dictionary or asking their teacher

italian quaderni di cinema italiano guerra quaderni di cinema italiano was created in response to the demand for an easy to use and informative series of books that could be used alongside italian films in order to facilitate students understanding as well as to increase their knowledge of italian cinema each volume includes a brief section on the director cultural contextual information and some examples of important scenes which students can study 042682 042681 044352 039482 043627 030545 031463 044360 032411 044600 044848 047445 i cento passi mauale d amore notte prima degli esami io non ho paura amarcord l ultimo bacio la vita è bella le fate ignoranti una giornata particolare la famiglia tre uomini e una gamba lezioni di cioccolato £10.95 £10.50 £10.75 £10.95 £10.50 £10.50 £10.75 £10.50 £10.50 £10.50 £10.50 £10.25 11 a-series uses a vocabulary of around 650 words b-series uses a vocabulary of around 1200 words c-series uses a vocabulary of around 1800 words d-series

12 italian simplified literature adolescent/adult festeggiamo eli this is a domino based game that encourages the learning the strengthening and the correct use of frequently used verbs in context.the verbs can be practised in the present past and future tenses according to the player s level 044499 £13.50 adolescent/adult grande dizionario hazon garzanti 2010 this bilingual dictionary contains over 400,000 entries including 58,000 scientific technical economic and legal terms it also includes several examples of false friends and comprehensive grammar vocabulary and encyclopedic notes hardback hardback cd-rom cd-rom £83.00 £98.00 £35.50 classici cideb a series of short readers which retell simplified versions of the classics each reader contains comprehension exercises activities for in-depth study games for the whole class to enjoy and background information about the author and his works 043801 044333 043800 044334 045803 l eneide l iliade l odissea i promessi sposi fiabe

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