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2012 italian welcome to our latest primary catalogue this catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for language learners from 0-12 years old everything here is distributed by european schoolbooks ltd esb and is available at our bookshop in london orders can be placed online by post phone email or fax to both our cheltenham and london offices prices prices are correct at 01.03.2012 but may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements after a price indicates that vat must be added using this catalogue age ranges and descriptions are as accurate as we can make them but are only a guide for further advice on any product please contact the marketing department at esb head office inspection copies for teachers you can get an inspection copy of any textbook sorry not audio-visual materials you are thinking of buying in class sets if you then buy 12 copies of textbooks direct from esb eb or the ib

order form completed forms should be returned to the italian bookshop prices are correct at 01/03/12 thereafter they may be changed without notice if affected by publishers increases or exchange rate movements don t forget to add vat where applicable after a price indicates that vat must be added please allow 28 days for delivery of published titles firm order inspection copy esb code qty title price total establishment address town order ref contact name e-mail postcode please return to 5 warwick street london wc2n 4ez phone 020 7240 1634 e-mail

catherine cheater scheme of work for primary italian what are the principles behind the catherine cheater schemes of work · we want children to enjoy their early years of learning languages and to value the sights and sounds of other countries the rhythm of the language and the real pleasure that can be gained from contact with the written word · we want children to make real and measurable progress in their learning through the innovative activities the challenging tasks and the desire to understand more and more as they listen to speak and read foreign languages why choose the catherine cheater schemes of work these highly acclaimed schemes of work · save you lots of planning and preparation time · engage and excite your children · provide stimulating enjoyable and challenging lessons · reinforce and enhance literacy · provide opportunities for regular language practice · open windows onto other cultures who are the schemes for · specialist teachers with some background in

the catherine cheater scheme of work for italian year written by adalgisa serio anna maria sheikh 3 045199 year 3 scheme of work cd-rom £100.00 the catherine cheater schemes continue to grow in success and popularity and this year sees the launch of the italian scheme of work for year 3 the manual includes a cd-rom which contains the full scheme in word format sound files to aid pronunciation power-point presentations and a focus on rome the scheme is supported by a vast range of fantastic authentic resources which will engage children and introduce them to the sights and sounds of italy n.b because these resources are all authentic italian publications we cannot guarantee their availability at all times if any item is out of print when you order we will reduce the pack price accordingly or replace it with another book chosen by the scheme s author the core resource pack 045200 year 3 resource pack 14 titles £118.00 039121 pimpa di che colore é £6.55 031643 mamma £13.95 235145

picture books this collection includes many of our bestselling picture books we have included a mixture of translated titles and original literature which introduce a wide range of everyday vocabulary relevant to the world of young children every title is filled with fun from colourful illustrations to rhyming text.whether you like animals monsters princesses bears or fairy tales these titles will appeal to everyone for a full list of all our picture books please visit our website 335163 barbapapà when a fire breaks out barbapapà saves the day £8.60 032428 contiamo insieme £9.45 learn to count from one to ten with the help of finger holes that are incorporated into the animals illustrated in this book the rhyming verse on each page introduces pupils to the sound of the language 044575 cucù peek-a-boo whose hand is that £15.25 030484 il filo rosso £19.75 a lovely book which looks at an unravelling ball of string and imagines all the creatures it could be depending on its shape

044574 mi piace il cioccolato £17.75 a fun beautifully illustrated book about a little boy who loves to eat chocolate every day at the same time it also teaches children how chocolate is made and introduces them to the idea of fairtrade 038338 l omino della pioggia £11.95 an imaginative book about a little man in the clouds who turns the taps on and off to control the rain 036400 panda panda cosa vedi £8.35 on each page in this book by eric carle a different animal is asked what it can see the animal it sees is asked the same question on the following page 033341 patatrac £15.25 an amusing story about a wolf who doesn t appear to be particularly happy the outcome is not what you would expect 031830 prosciutto e uova verde £9.75 the fantastic green eggs and ham has lost none of its playful use of language by being translated into italian the repetition and clear illustrations make this book a great language learning resource 031875 sono io il più bello £12.95 wolf is very proud

courses ambarabà alma edizioni ambarabà is a course for 6-10 year olds available in 5 levels that is the product of several years of successful research at the instituto pedagogico tedesco di bolzano there are a number of defining characteristics such as the variety of interactive activities the importance given to listening skills and the use of clear and attractive illustrations to stimulate the imagination and support the written text the pupil s book for ambarabà 1 contains class activities instructions for the teacher and game sheets in the other levels the teacher s guide is in a separate volume the two cds have a variety of listening activities and original songs which have been composed specifically for this course by professional edilingua musicians forte is a course for children aged between 7-11 beginners to be completed in 3 levels this course is enjoyable 039882 libro studente 1 £15.95 and easy-to-follow and provides teachers with a vast 039883 libro studente

oh che bel gioco guerra with the belief that learning a language can help a child s general development as well as linguistic skills these books present a series of simple easy to memorise and musical texts subjects covered in these books include castles parents princes and princesses numbers colours the weather places seasons toys and friends colourful and attractive illustrations help to clarify the written content 323319 book cd 1 354171 book cd 2 £23.95 £24.50 grammar ages 8-10 readers ages 6-11 grammatica italiana per bambini alma edizioni this colourful book presents italian grammar in a fun way accessible to young learners by integrating the adventures of 2 young children francesco and giulia into the text each chapter is dedicated to a single topic which is clearly presented and supported by a wealth of engaging activities 038651 book £16.25 collana raccontimmagini edilingua raccontimmagini is a new series which will contain 18 illustrated stories for 6-11 year old

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