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catherine cheater schemes of who are the authors formerly a cilt senior language teaching adviser catherine cheater has taught languages across a broad age and ability range from nursery to a level and for many years worked in an advisory capacity for languages in the primary phase steve haworth is also an experienced teacher trainer and language adviser in french and spanish both have been awarded the chevalier dans l ordre des palmes académiques by the french government in recognition of their contribution to french language teaching over many years highlights from each year an introduction catherine s widely acclaimed schemes of work for french are being used in primary schools the length and breadth of britain written for language learners in the primary school these innovative and easily adaptable schemes progressively develop children s language learning skills and reinforce their literacy the schemes are easy to follow with step by step guidance and comprehensive language

french français!français 101 comptines the language factory français français is an award winning resource which puts emphasis on speaking and encourages language learning through listening to and mimicking the rhythms rhymes and songs on the accompanying cds the full colour a4 book features 30 topics including family hobbies town pets bedroom etc the resources cd-rom contains a folder full of ideas for photocopiable games and worksheets and is also suitable for use with classroom projectors resource items include flashcards display songs raps which can be used as posters in the classroom activity and games cards and assessment sheets 000411 000412 000417 000418 000421 000423 000420 000425 book cds 3 book cds 3 cd-rom cd 1 cd 2 cd 3 resources cd-rom interactive disc 1 pack interactive disc 1 £46.80 £93.62 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £40.00 £77.39 £173.90 7 these books have a large selection of nursery rhymes and poems the subjects of the first book are animals the seasons

see page 22 for more information about multilingual resources from thelanguage institute eli french phonétique progressive du français cle 9 monolingual dictionaries ages 5-7 eli dictionnaire illustré de français junior eli the junior picture dictionary is full of colourful lively pictures which help make learning fun each double page spread there are 35 in all depicts an aspect of school family or everyday life relevant to younger children and special sections illustrate useful verbs and adjectives 000602 picture dictionary junior 000604 cahier d activités £7.95 £5.10 a lively and practical study of french phonetics the beginner level students start with the study of rhyme and intonation the intermediate book studies sounds in connection to a poem or text whilst the advanced level looks at prosody sounds and expressive intonation resources for teachers the following are some suggestions for teachers who would like to brush up on their own french false beginners 009050 livre

12 german courses ages 5-7 kikus-materialien hueber this set of materials provides everything you need to teach german to young children and to involve them actively in their learning the set of 350 flashcards introduces themes relevant to children s experiences such as family clothing animals etc as well as verbs numbers colours and prepositions these cards offer a playful introduction to basic vocabulary using games and activities such as bingo story building and word and sentence building the worksheet packs with accompanying small-format picture cards reinforce the new vocabulary through craft activities such as tracing colouring cutting out and sticking the guten morgen cd has 11 action songs to get children moving and the songbook contains a worksheet for colouring with a storyline for every song and the song text on the back plus instructions for the actions.the teacher s book contains a summary of the theoretical background of the kikus course detailed suggestions and

14 italian italian picture books this collection includes many of our bestselling picture books we have included a mixture of translated titles and original literature which introduce a wide range of everyday vocabulary relevant to the world of young children every title is filled with fun from colourful illustrations to rhyming text.whether you like animals monsters princesses bears or fairy tales these titles will appeal to everyone for a full list of all our picture books please visit our website beginners basic vocabulary 335163 barbapapà when a fire breaks out barbapapà saves the day £8.60 0355785 buon appetito dino £10.50 this humorous book which includes a finger puppet so children can play along follows dino and his attemps to get in shape with the help of his friend sauro 039864 la casa dei baci £17.25 uki s journey around the house looking for someone to kiss 039675 che cosa ci vuole £14.25 a beautiful big book with lots of ideas but very few words in italian the

16 italian ambarabà alma edizioni ambarabà is a course for 6-10 year olds available in 5 levels that is the product of several years of successful research at the instituto pedagogico tedesco di bolzano there are a number of defining characteristics such as the variety of interactive activities the importance given to listening skills and the use of clear and attractive illustrations to stimulate the imagination and support the written text the pupil s book for ambarabà 1 contains class activities instructions for the teacher and game sheets in the other levels the teacher s guide is in a separate volume the two cds have a variety of listening activities and original songs which have been composed specifically for this course by professional musicians forte edilingua forte is a course for children aged between 7-11 to be completed in 3 levels this course is enjoyable and easy-to-follow and provides teachers with a vast number of motivating games and activities which they can use

spanish 19 022217 david va al colegio £6.30 david goes to school oh dear see also ¡no david esb code 022212 and david se mete en líos esb code 022220 boys will identify with david 334330 ahora no bernardo/not now bernard£10.95 not now bernard in spanish and english 021719 mi mamá £14.75 learn adjectives in this book about a perfect mum 022865 el cuento de los reyes magos bien contado £12.75 a humorous look at the story of the three kings el cuento will make children laugh intermediate fluent-native speakers longer more complex sentences 025797 pipí caca £8.55 this large colourful and fun story tells us about the little rabbit that only ever says two words pipí caca until he meets up with the big bad wolf 025665 superconejo £8.55 today little rabbit is superrabbit a state of affairs that is challenged when he goes out on a mission 025820 ¡no quiero ir a la escuela £9.70 it is naughty little rabbit s first day at school say no more a story all children will identify with

spanish 21 mixed skills ages 5-7 big books ages 5-10 021618 meg y mog juegan al escondite £8.25 discover colours shapes numbers and animals with meg and mog a lift-the-flap book 331646 uki juega al escondite £13.50 a lovely big lift-the-flap book in which uki plays hide-and-seek ¡vamos al circo difusion each of the ten fun and playful units revolves around an amusing story set in a circus in addition to the activities found in the book an audio-cd is available for the teacher it includes a series of songs and rhymes relating to each of the thematic units studied in the book animals numbers family colours food clothes the human body nature and the weather greetings farewells beginners 021095 libro del alumno 021097 libro del profesor 021096 audio cd £13.25 £15.25 £15.75 ages 8-10 cuenta y canta una historia eli a charming and bright series of three graded short stories presented in both narrative and song form a large-format a3 teacher s book for front-of-class use allows pupils

24 eli picture dictionary cdrom the european language institute produces a wide range of language learning materials in french german italian latin portuguese russian and spanish that are distributed by european schoolbooks ltd the materials shown here are a small slection of what is available for the complete range please visit our website with 43 thematically grouped double page spreads the picture dictionary uses full-page colour illustrations to present all the vocabulary that younger learners will need looking at topics such as the home family school work etc but also including topics from the world of research and the environment a complete vocabulary list with over 1,000 words is included with references to the corresponding page in the dictionary available at the back of the book the cd-rom uses native speakers and offers additional exercises for pronunciation and listening comprehension each dictionary £14.75 000535 dictionnaire illustré cd-rom 012651

26 multilingual materials from eli ready to read green line using basic words and structures these simplified versions of popular fairy tales feature lively colour pictures and fold-out vocabulary pages which introduce children to essential everyday vocabulary a selection of language learning games helps revise all new words and structures titles are listed below with details of the themes covered available in french german italian and spanish dvds readers voilà le karaoké each of these videos contains a selection of traditional french songs presented with the support of entertaining cartoons with the lyric displayed at the bottom of the screen for children to sing along each song is repeated a second time with just the melody so that the children really do read and learn the words 000816 voilà le karaoké bleu 000818 voilà le karaoké rose £17.50 £17.50 book book cd pack sleeping beauty games days of the week months seasons jobs clothing snow white physical

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