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Catalog Primary Languages 2014

Our latest catalogue of picture books, schemes of work, courses, audio and visual material, games and other classroom materials for primary language learning, in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

by the way of the cross where the wild things are little red riding hood flash cards the plays the thing game the little red hen the plays the thing example of an title card of the book the parts of the dictionary the literature of the word what is the important of the title page the word on the wood parts of the book and pictures parts of the book and their uses parts of the body name of the parts detailed lesson plan italian grammar in practice english audio free download i love how you love me the little mermaid the three king song sample of detailed lesson plan in english at the zoo supporting teaching and learning in schools level 2 i want to talk about you on line order form 12 year old live to ride ride to live all kinds of bearing teaching and learning in the early years out of print book power point presentation types of animals what is an title of the book levels of meaning of a subject you and me how to pop the hood of parts of the dictionary looking for the name of a song what is the meaning of am rules to be followed in a school 8 wonder of the world photo around the house heart to heart what are the parts of a book what are the different parts of a book the season of love come to the child new point of view parts of the newspaper name of this parts name of its parts for the love of learning 3 window to a 5 window part of the tire

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2 004087 histoire de babar £6.65 in the big forest a little elephant called babar is born this is his story 329751 une année avec mamouna £13.75 a young girl has a good reason to visit her grandmother every month whether it is spring a birthday or halloween all these events are celebrated at grandma’s house 074523 homme de couleur £12.75 a popular african story tackling racism which has been retold over generations 003249 livre £9.80 a collection of interesting and imaginative ideas that emerge when a child has a book 004299 pop artiste £10.50 pop’s friends love his bright colours and want to look like him so pop gets out his paint pots 074476 la cueillette des couleurs £9.30 learn colours days of the week and fruit and vegetables with this beautifully illustrated book with rhyming text 074896 dix petites graines £13.50 a different kind of counting book 10 seeds then 9 then 8 and finally 10 new seeds 119958 une fourmi pas comme les autres 119084

6 young eli readers french eli this series of well-illustrated readers includes a mixture of classic and original texts and are accompanied by audio cds each reader includes 5 pages of revision exercises and fun activities along with bookmarks for the students to cut out an illustrated dictionary on the inside cover means the student can easily access vocabulary each title £6.95 beginners 002866 la belle et la bête cd 002795 le rêve de sophie cd 002796 mamie pétronille et le ballon cd 002797 mamie pétronille et le pirate cd 002841 mamie pétronille et le ruban jaune cd 002843 pb3 et coco le clown cd 002799 pb3 et la veste de chloé cd 002798 pb3 et les légumes cd 002800 pierrette et le pot au lait cd 002802 tonton jean et l’arbre bakonzi cd 002803 tonton jean et les pingouins cd 002844 tonton jean et les suricates cd 002839 vive les vacances cd false beginners 002806 le passage secret cd intermediate 002805 henri a un problème

catherine cheater schemes of work french year 4 9 in year 4 the children’s listening and speaking skills continue to develop with storytelling songs and finger rhymes however the emphasis now shifts to developing an understanding of basic french grammar such as knowledge of word classes agreements and some verb forms written by catherine cheater 02900 year 4 scheme of work cd-rom £100 all of these children’s books are also available separately the core resource pack special price 002897 year 4 resource pack 15 titles £122.00 074650 va-t’en grand monstre vert £13.75 a superb book which uses humour to introduce children to words related to parts of the body and physical descriptions but which also looks at the serious issue of fear and how to overcome it 325580 je ne veux pas aller à l’hôpital £6.40 after hurting her nose little princess refuses to go to the hospital the royal family try their best to convince her to go but will she change

learning french at ks2 is fun and easy with hachette fle see page 13 for details primary course for french for years 3 4 5 discover the new children’s course with alice léo and maggie three lively “loustics” for a fun and motivating way to learn french a course that is easy to use one page one lesson a course chock-full of visual and audio documents openness to other cultures and disciplines specific projects to work on an array of additional resources 200 colour flash cards a resource file over 10 songs and digital iwb activities for a dynamic and interactive classroom already available for each level student’s book workbook audio cd teacher’s guide resource file classroom audio cd digital teacher’s book on usb les loustics 1 a1.1 les loustics 2 a1 les loustics 3 a2.1 see page 5 for details easy readers for kids discover the exciting adventures of albert the dog and folio the cat © didier eberlé exciting stories with all the

see page 13 for details – kinderleicht deutsch lernen see page 18 for details kinder kinder so macht deutschlernen spaß und geht fast so einfach wie groß werden denn das kikus-lernkonzept wurde extra für das frühkindliche sprachenlernen entwickelt – mit tollen ideen und vielen hilfestellungen für die unterrichtenden kikus deutsch ▶ in der praxis für die praxis entwickelt – speziell als deutschkurs für kinder im alter von 3 bis 10 jahren ▶ über 10 jahre erprobt und weiterentwickelt ▶ mit liebevoll gestalteten bildkarten arbeitsblättern lieder-cd und liederheft ▶ leitfaden mit erläuterungen zum konzept und vielen ideen für die unterrichtsplanung ▶ die digitalisierten bildkarten zur nutzung an whiteboard und beamer als zip-download kinder lieben kikus weitere infos unter

18 readers ages 5-7 kletts bunte lesewelt klett a series of graded readers for young learners of german the books use large print and colourful illustrations and include a vocabulary list in word and picture form at the end of each book the accompanying teachers’ material contains photocopiable exercise sheets and a cd-rom with audio material and additional exercises and games 011192 schneewittchen book 012008 schneewittchen book cd 011194 hänsel und gretel book 012009 hänsel und gretel book cd 011175 aschenputtel book 012010 aschenputtel book cd 011177 des kaisers neue kleider book 012011 des kaisers neue kleider book cd 011179 das dschungelbuch book 012012 das dschungelbuch book cd 011181 der fuchs und der storch book 012013 der fuchs und der storch book cd 011185 daeumelinchen book 012015 däumleinchen book cd 011184 pack of 10 books £38.70 011186 pack of 10 books with cds £57.00 beginners 014011 mira zieht ans meer £3.95 014012 max und

22 forte edilingua this communicative course for 7-11 year olds consists of 3 levels and provides teachers with motivating games and activities for the classroom the guide offers useful tips additional worksheets flashcards and a section on the consolidation of literacy and spelling skills opportunities to practise simple grammar structures and rules are provided in the section l’angolo della grammatica a cartoon links the units charting the adventures of a group of 5 children each book is also accompanied by an audio cd which contains short listening excerpts and songs for the children to enjoy courses ages 5-7 raccontami alma edizioni each unit is centred on a fun interactive story stimulating the child’s curiosity and imagination colourful illustrations a picture glossary and photocopiable activities support each unit with audio versions of the stories and songs on cd beginners age 4-7 032775 libro studente cd 1 039137 quaderno di esercizi 1 033806 schede

25 mixed skills ages 8-10 bilingual books colección colega lee ages 8-10 ages 8-10 edelsa a new series of graded readers for children aged 6 to 11 years learning spanish these readers can be used as complementary material for any spanish class in primary or to accompany the course colega see page 32 ¡vamos al circo difusion each of the ten fun and playful units revolves around an amusing story set in a circus includes an audio cd see also “vamos al cole” on our website beginners 021095 libro del alumno 021097 guía didáctica 021096 audio cd £12.50 £14.50 £14.95 vocabulary ages 8-10 fichas de vocabulario visual cd edigol ediciones sets of 40 flashcards size 14 x 21 cm plastic with full colour photos of basic vocabulary and including an interactive cd in flash format with all the images and the words which the teacher can use on the whiteboard the high quality images on the cd can be turned around so the words at the back are displayed and there are

28 catherine cheater schemes of work spanish year 5 sample lesson plans and practice parcels for all the schemes are available to look at on the golden daffodils website written by steve haworth in year 5 there is a strong emphasis on the development of fundamental reading speaking and writing skills rooted in phonics and training in how to use a dictionary the teacher uses story books modern and traditional songs and non-fiction texts to sustain the development of oracy and literacy skills the children have opportunities to create complex spoken sentences and to write using writing frames creating sentences with nouns verbs adjectives adverbs and conjunctions the cd-rom contains a bank of photos of cuba the focus of the year 5 scheme 023950 year 5 scheme of work teacher’s manual cd-rom £200 the book pack special price 023951 year 5 book resource pack 8 titles £73.00 333209 ¡cataplum £11.50 today is not a day like any other it is

clan 31 for more information see page 32 con ¡hola amigos el nuevo curso de español para niños desarrollado por edinumen en colaboración con el instituto cervantes una nueva propuesta pedagógica que permite seguir un doble itinerario curso presencial con el libro en papel y curso multimedia con el material digital ¡hola amigos nivel clan 7 con ¡hola amigos 1 nivel clan 7 con ¡hola amigos 3 del mcer1 d clan 7 con ¡hola amigos 2 es bl ni o isp las últimas tendencias metodológicas en la educación primaria y en la enseñanza de idiomas a niños de 8 a 12 años del mcer1 clan 7 con ¡hola amigos 4 niveles de referencia según el marco común europeo de referencia para las lenguas 1 consulta descuentos for school discounts on multiple especiales con nosotros copies please email

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