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catherine cheater schemes of work french year 6 in year 6 children’s performance skills are developed they learn to construct spoken and written sentences and use dictionaries to find the vocabulary they need strategies to assist with understanding are also developed written by catherine cheater 02928 year 6 scheme of work cd-rom £200 the book pack special price 002929 year 6 resource pack 16 titles £114.00 004010 le déjeuner des loups £6.65 when lucas catches a pig in the forest he phones his mother to invite the family for sunday lunch but he discovers that the pig maurice is by no means an ordinary pig and he has to change his plans 004048 le loup est revenu £6.65 monsieur lapin is too scared to go to bed because he has just read something terrifying in the paper the wolf is back 004053 le loup sentimental £6.65 lucas the wolf has decided that it is time for him to fly the nest on his way out his father gives him a list of things that are good to eat unfortunately for his stomach lucas is very sentimental and decides not to eat a succulent goat and her 7 kids and little red riding hood amongst others but what can he do to calm his hunger 071583 au lit petit monstre £6.65 what do little monsters do when it is time for bed they run all over the house refuse to give mummy a kiss goodnight play with their toothbrushes and dance a samba on their beds 071584 c’est moi le plus fort £6.65 when wolf needs to be reassured he asks all of the habitants of the forest one simple question “dis-moi qui est le plus fort?” everyone replies that the wolf is the strongest so when a funny little toad-like creature gives a different reply the wolf gets angry 073408 lave-toi les mains £5.25 little princess loves getting her hands dirty but hates washing them afterwards however she soon learns the importance of cleanliness 11 072616 chapeau rond rouge £6.65 a story about a little girl who lives in a forest she never goes anywhere without her round red hat one day she decides to visit her grandmother 072912 je suis revenu £6.65 after some exercises to get back into shape the terrible wolf is ready for his big return to the forest this book is a version of the well-known le loup est revenu as told from the wolf’s point of view 073406 je ne veux pas changer de maison £13.95 the royal family have moved house and their new castle is much bigger however little princess has decided that she doesn’t want to move house will a visit to her old house change her mind 073407 l’apprenti loup £6.65 a young wolf grows up without realising what type of animal he is 073410 la nuit de l’étoile d’or £6.65 a golden star is spotted in the sky by three little rabbits on a snowy night 074651 une histoire sombre très sombre £14.75 a beautiful picture book which uses repetition to capture children’s imagination and to teach them simple vocabulary 075080 loupiotte £6.65 just like all the other little wolves loupiotte is not scared of anyone she’s not even scared of crossing the forest to take a tartiflette to her grandfather but on the way she meets a big ugly ogre who suggests a game of hide and seek all of these children’s books are also available separately 073411 cette nuit-là £6.55 a christmas story a friend of the forest animals has died leaving his house empty the birds rabbits and squirrels all move in and decide to scare away any potential buyers but when an exhausted traveller arrives how can they force him to leave 073420 ma première histoire de la france £13.75 a first introduction for young children depicting the key moments in french history this large book is arranged in clear double-page spreads each covering one era from the beginnings to modern times 074312 le petit chaperon vert le petit chaperon vert is a friendly courageous girl whose enemy is the naughty red riding hood £6.25 year 6 audio resource pack 002931 year 6 audio resource pack £19.50 008016 henri dès les trésors de notre enfance 2 cd £11.50 073412 the very best of chopin 2cds £11.05 year 6 additional resource pack 002934 year 6 resource pack £49.50 002907 méthode de lecture syllabique £6.85 072598 collins pocket french dictionary £7.99 072909 le manuel phonique £22.50 073433 maxime loupiot £6.55 073434 marlaguette £5.65 073435 monsieur leloup est amoureux £5.00 n.b because these resources are all authentic french publications we cannot guarantee their availability at all times if any item is out of print when you order we will reduce the pack price accordingly