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13 courses alex et zoé tip top this is a revised and updated edition of the popular primary course alex et zoé with some additional components it is designed for 7 10 year olds in 3 levels with each level providing 50 80 hours of french bright cartoon stories form the basis of the wide range of dialogues activities and games the books are clearly laid out with the emphasis on visual stimuli and each lesson ends with a cartoon strip using the vocabulary learned in a simple written format this course is suitable for children aged between 9-11 who wish to prepare for the primary delf exam this course takes a communicative approach and so the wealth of exercises provided give young learners the opportunity to hone these skills in an enjoyable way cle ages 5-7 les loustics hachette fle les loustics is a fun creative action-oriented course full of visual and audio documents that reflects the lively world of children and gives them a zest for learning the coursebook is easy to use with one page for each lesson and uses a gradual spiral approach to reinforce learning from one lesson to the next each unit consists of five single-page lessons offering a variety of activities and a glossary petit doc pages use accessible and authentic documents to foster openness to other cultures and disciplines the workbook contains one double-page of activities per lesson to reinforce learning and gradually introduce writing skills and comes with a cd of songs and poems the teachers’ guide contains transcripts of the audio material answer keys for the coursebook and workbook a digital version is also available on a usb stick which contains a digital copy of the coursebook workbook full teacher’s book all the audio recordings interactive activities for the whiteboard a map of france and 200 flashcards a resource file is available separately with photocopiable sheets of puppets masks ready-to-use stencils and a portfolio for students beginners 001620 livre de l’élève 1 £12.95 001621 cahier d’activités 1 cd-audio £9.60 001622 guide pédagogique 1 £18.95 001623 cd audio classe 1 3 £67.00 001625 fichier ressources 1 £23.50 001626 manuel numérique enseignant 1 clé usb £110.00 001627 cartes images en couleurs 1 2 200 cartes £73.00 beginners 001280 livre de l’élève et livret de civilisation cd-rom 1 £13.95 001281 cahier d’activités 1 cd audio £9.95 001282 guide pédagogique 1 £18.50 001283 cd audio pour la classe 1 £65.00 001284 cd audio individuel 1 £10.75 001285 ressources numériques pour tbi £61.00 allons à l’école editions maison des langues children will have fun with this book and learn important french vocabulary related to the following themes home school towns streets the town square the restaurant the museum the library the sports centre and parties includes fun drawings and exercises for children to enjoy learning french the teacher’s guide contains photocopiable worksheets for the classroom as well as the transcriptions of the cd available separately beginners 000873 livre de l’élève 000874 guide pédagogique 000875 cd audio 1 £9.60 £13.95 £13.95 beginners 000503 livre de l’élève 1 £9.25 000542 cahier d’activités 1 £6.10 000544 guide pédagogique 1 £16.75 000543 cd-audio pour la classe 1 £22.50 000545 pack numérique pour la classe clé usb 1 £57.00 further levels false beginners intermediate zoom editions maison des langues super max hachette fle ages 8-10 didier super max is an imaginative course for children and pre-adolescents this vibrant course will keep students entertained as they follow the story of max who has just moved to paris and finds himself in mme lafleur’s class he learns french very quickly and it is up to the students to discover why this exciting course is filled with a variety of games activities and projects which will engage the student in a creative way and help to consolidate learning attention is paid to developing all four key major skills reading writing listening speaking and grammar is introduced in an inductive way using colour coding to help students memorise grammar rules and conjugation patterns the teacher’s guide can be downloaded free from the publisher’s website a french coursebook for children from the age of 7 with an emphasis on a task-based learning approach in each unit the learner is immersed into the language and culture through the use of colourful illustrations and songs especially created for this course which are recorded on the audio cd zoom features friendly characters that the children can identify with as well as a cuddly toy to use in the classroom zoom covers grammar phonetics cultural information vocabulary sections an audio cd for listening comprehension games and activities to carry out and also prepares students for the delf prim’a1 beginners 001609 livre de l’élève 1 £11.95 001610 cahier d’activités cd 1 £8.10 001612 cahier de français langue de scolarisation cd 1 £8.10 001611 guide pédagogique cd-rom 1 £30.95 001615 guide pédagogique 1 £22.50 001614 pack de 3 cds £44.95 001613 activités 100 tni et vidéoprojecteur 1 £50.00 001616 pack de 7 posters £16.50 beginners 070014 livre de l’élève 1 cd chansons poèmes £12.50 070121 cahier d’activités 1 £7.60 070129 guide pédagogique 1 £18.95 070128 cd-audio 1 £51.00 070230 manuel numérique 1 version clé usb £105.00