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17 intermediate longer more complex sentences bilingual books 334627 barbapapa £11.95 when a fire breaks out barbapapa saves the day ages 0-7 334628 barbapapas reise the search in london india and outerspace for barbamama emma dodd £11.95 014796 bärenfreunde £8.35 three bears live together and spend their days having fun playing hide and seek or looking for honey one day one of the bears finds a scooter and decides that he’s too cool to play stupid games with his friends when the scooter breaks his friends come to the rescue a great simple story about the importance of friendship 353245 da stimmt doch was nicht £7.55 lisa has a funny feeling that things are not right but doesn’t know what is wrong she needs your help to work it out 117771 felix aus berlin £7.45 felix introduces his family friends and the sights of berlin in this richly illustrated book 101161 mein haus ist zu eng und zu klein £6.25 what can you do if your house is too small the wise old man knows bring in a noisy crowd of farmyard animals when you push them all out again you’ll be amazed at how big your house feels 014066 olli der osterhase £5.60 all the easter eggs are white will olli the easter bunny be able to paint and hide them in time for easter readers can join in the easter egg hunt and look through the peep holes beginners 011431 die welt und ich the world and i £3.10 011470 du und ich you and me £3.10 011426 ich hab dich lieb i love you £3.10 011157 wenn ich gross bin when i grow up £3.10 353239 paul und die puppen £13.75 paul is bored of playing football and boys games everyday he wants to play with dolls help look after the babies and dance a funny and refreshing look at children’s games and role-unspecific behaviour 353240 räuberkinder £8.85 räuberkinder are naughty ill-mannered and not afraid of anything but they have great fun and always stick together isn’t there a räuberkind inside all of us 331966 frederick £6.10 the story of a mouse who instead of collecting nuts and corn for winter collects sunbeams colours hopes and dreams these lovely picture books by emma dodd offer a fun introduction to german for young readers 084521 der schäfer raul £14.95 raul has cared for his sheep for so long he is beginning to look like them so he moves to the city but his sheep miss him and try to find him with humorous results 353241 he duda £8.35 he duda does not know what he is where he lives what he should eat or why he has such big feet but there is always an answer to be found a great book about identity 014069 das schwarze huhn £15.75 the white hens make fun of the black hen because she looks different and lays oddly shaped eggs only the easter bunny likes her star and heart shaped eggs so much that he gives them to the king 303367 ich £11.50 a bear who attaches great importance to appearance and enjoys the small things in life 324733 sehr berühmt £10.95 a small boy dreams long and hard about becoming a celebrated footballer or maybe a drummer in a band 353236 ich bin der schõnste im ganzem land £6.85 when wolf needs to be reassured what does he do he asks all the inhabitants of the forest from little red riding hood to the three little pigs a small dragon is the only one who sees things differently and finds himself on his own 364295 vom kleinen maulwurf der wissen wollte wer ihm auf den kopf gemacht hat £12.50 the story of a little mole who puts his head above ground to see if the sun is shining when something lands on his head it is round and brown and looks a bit like a sausage and he wants to know who did it 016513 kamfu mir helfen £17.95 “kamfu mir helfen?” elephant has a swollen and broken nose which means he can’t speak properly “kamfu mir helfen?” he asks the animals who try their best but it is fly who comes up with an idea 301195 weißt du eigentlich wie lieb ich dich hab £11.95 guess how much i love you in german 012054 kannst du nicht schlafen kleiner bär £10.95 little bear can’t sleep because he is afraid of the dark 101157 wo ist mami £8.35 can butterfly help little monkey find his mum yes but only after a lot of trial and error as butterfly misunderstands monkey’s descriptions and leads him to all kinds of unsuitable animals 012696 weiß weiß bescheid £10.95 a bright book of colours full of surprises with a happy ending bi:libri hueber a series of bilingual and multilingual titles for pre-primary and primary age children the books cater for the needs of children who start learning another language at an early age or who grow up with more than one language at home they are designed to be child-friendly and linguistically stimulating with a variety of different illustrations and cover a range of themes such as a child’s everyday world animals friendship tolerance and understanding please see our website for a list of all the titles in the series beginners 010082 das allerwichtigste the most important thing £17.95 010079 rund um mein haus all around my house £6.30 010106 das sind wir von kopf bis fuß here we are from head to toe £6.30 010078 so bunt ist meine welt my world is so colourful £6.30 010092 1 2 3 im kindergarten 1 2 3 in kindergarten £6.30 010041 was ziehen wir heute an what shall we wear today £6.30 010037 pia kommt in die schule pia’s starting school £10.75 010040 wie fühlst du dich heute how do you feel today £16.95 010033 zootiere/zoo animals £8.40 010105 die verschwundenen formen lost shapes £16.95 010049 alis nase ali’s nose £17.95 010100 rund um das jahr all through the year £6.35 010101 was besonderes something special £16.95 010103 max fährt mit max goes for a ride £6.30 010118 ich auch me too book cd £16.95