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2 welcome to our 2014 catalogue of resources for primary languages this is our new catalogue for primary language learners everything here is distributed by european schoolbooks ltd esb and is available nationally by mail order from cheltenham online via our website contents french 1-15 german 16-20 italian 20-23 spanish 24-34 contacting us and to personal callers at the european bookshop and the italian bookshop 5 warwick street london w1b 5lu using this catalogue age ranges and descriptions are as accurate as we can make them but are only a guide all series in blue are new for further advice on any product please contact either the european bookshop and the italian bookshop or the marketing department at esb head office on 01242 245252 option 4 prices prices are correct as of 01.02.2014 but are subject to change without notice if raised by publishers or affected by exchange rate movements after a price indicates that vat must be added please check our website for up-to-date price information inspection copy service for teachers we will gladly send you an inspection copy of any textbook sorry not audio-visual materials you are thinking of buying in class sets if you buy 12 copies of textbooks direct from esb or our bookshop you may keep the inspection copy free-of-charge if you buy 20 copies you may be entitled to a discount please ask for details european schoolbooks ltd the runnings cheltenham gl51 9pq phone 01242 245252 email the european bookshop and the italian bookshop 5 warwick street london w1b 5lu phone 020 7734 5259 email representative for scotland and north-east england seonaid cooke phone 07792 715089 email all trade enquiries should be directed to our cheltenham head office the european bookshop and the italian bookshop is a division of european schoolbooks ltd other services we offer a range of other services to the language-teaching community ­– advisers inspectors and heads of establishments or departments especially language colleges and network for languages centres if you are planning any kind of languages event or promotion we can attend ourselves or send an appropriate boxed selection of relevant books and materials with suitable notice we can arrange presentations or workshops and we are open to all other suggestions for more information please contact the marketing department on 01242 245252 option 4 common european framework of reference for languages cefrl esb’s mission is to provide uk language teachers with the best of a huge range of materials produced by the many european publishers who specialise in the learning and teaching of their respective languages in particular we think it is in every pupil’s interest that uk language learning should be aligned with the cefrl which all the best new materials produced within the other 46 member countries of the council of europe now incorporate workshops for primary teachers coming soon catherine cheater author and publisher of bestselling ks2 schemes of work for french and spanish see pp 7 26 will be offering training in primary languages in june this year please watch our website for details