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1 the little princess stories french picture books this selection from our full catalogue of bestselling children’s picture and story books introduces a wide range of everyday vocabulary relevant to the world of young children every title is filled with fun from colourful illustrations to rhyming text for more children’s books see pages 9-11 for a full list of all our picture books please visit our website 325580 je ne veux pas aller à l’hôpital £6.40 325582 je ne veux pas aller au lit £11.95 073406 je ne veux pas changer de maison £13.95 074329 je veux grandir £5.25 071969 je veux ma dent £5.25 325583 je veux une petite sœur £5.25 073408 lave-toi les mains £5.25 004103 je veux mon p’tipot £5.25 intermediate longer more complex sentences 356255 et hop dans les nuages £14.95 julia donaldson’s room on the broom the witch and her cat fly happily over forests rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat bow and wand 003139 gruffalo £5.25 the gruffalo in french a witty little story that wrings giggles from the reader bestselling translated titles beginners/false beginners basic vocabulary simple sentences 317899 bébés chouettes £6.65 martin waddell’s owl babies in french 244062 la chasse à l’ours £12.95 the classic we’re going on a bear hunt in which the main verse is repeated on every other page and sounds are used to accompany the actions 071112 la chenille qui fait des trous 074300 madeleine £6.65 the delightful rhyming tale of madeline in french set in a boarding school in paris 316640 ma maman a book that uses comparisons and descriptions to celebrate mothers £13.75 113417 les bizardos £5.25 funnybones three skeletons go out at night to see if they can find someone to scare 101150 petit gruffalo £5.50 one dark night the gruffalo’s child disobeys her father’s warnings and ventures out into the snow after all the big bad mouse doesn’t really exist does he £15.95 402597 la chenille qui fait des trous pop up version £23.95 eric carle’s the very hungry caterpillar 304748 meg mog £7.20 meg and mog go to a party where a magic potion explodes turning the witches into mice 071771 mon papa £13.75 anthony browne’s book celebrating dads 221857 devine combien je t’aime guess how much i love you by sam mcbratney 318653 enfin la paix £5.50 jill murphy’s peace at last will mr bear find a quiet place to sleep beginners/false beginners basic vocabulary simple sentences 072851 aboie georges £13.75 an exasperated mother tries to teach her pup to bark but georges will only meow quack and oink what has he been eating £6.65 074304 elmer £6.65 elmer is different to the other elephants he is multicoloured and he doesn’t like it but he discovers that uniqueness does not change who he is in the eyes of his friends original french titles 002647 où est spot mon petit chien £15.75 a popular spot book 004013 a quoi tu joues £14.95 boys don’t dance and girls don’t play war games open the pages in this book to see if the stereotypes that restrict us from an early age are really true 002774 pierre lapin £7.35 beatrix potter’s classic the tale of peter rabbit in french 247860 max et les maximonstres £14.50 where the wild things are in french young max gets into mischief with his wild friends 289284 ours blanc dis-moi £6.80 polar bear polar bear what do you hear 072819 bonne nuit petit monstre vert £10.95 the first star appears in the sky which means goodnight little green face goodnight little red mouth like all clever children petit monstre vert knows when the stars come out it is time for sleep 327825 ours brun dis-moi £6.80 brown bear brown bear what do you see a book children are familiar with that repeats two simple sentences and teaches animals and colours 003103 les habits de lulu £9.95 lulu’s friends have got dressed with their clothes all mixed up luckily lulu is there to show them how they should put on their clothes