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28 catherine cheater schemes of work spanish year 5 sample lesson plans and practice parcels for all the schemes are available to look at on the golden daffodils website written by steve haworth in year 5 there is a strong emphasis on the development of fundamental reading speaking and writing skills rooted in phonics and training in how to use a dictionary the teacher uses story books modern and traditional songs and non-fiction texts to sustain the development of oracy and literacy skills the children have opportunities to create complex spoken sentences and to write using writing frames creating sentences with nouns verbs adjectives adverbs and conjunctions the cd-rom contains a bank of photos of cuba the focus of the year 5 scheme 023950 year 5 scheme of work teacher’s manual cd-rom £200 the book pack special price 023951 year 5 book resource pack 8 titles £73.00 333209 ¡cataplum £11.50 today is not a day like any other it is wolf’s birthday and it looks like the rabbits are preparing a surprise 333253 ¡no me quiero ir a la cama £6.10 why must the little princess go to bed when she is not tired but then get up when she is 022220 david se mete en líos £7.25 everytime david gets into trouble he has an answer for it a fun look at a typical day in david’s life this book will appeal to boys and uses simple short text paperback 336567 hormiguita negra £8.10 in these poems the author shares with young readers her love for the beautiful things in nature additional resources yr 5 not included in pack 050105 best of british cd £10.95 two cds by the best of british composers used in the scheme to compare with spanish composers 026346 pocket spanish dictionary £8.99 excellent coverage of today’s language and usage 022868 el erizo £16.25 a hungry hedgehog is having trouble obtaining the juicy looking apples from the tree even after enlisting the help of a bird and a giraffe who will he ask next 318787 ¡lávate las manos £6.10 the spanish edition of wash your hands discover with the little princess an important lesson in life why you should always wash your hands paperback all these children’s books are also available separately 355761 ¡pato ¡conejo £14.25 is it a rabbit or a duck it depends which way you look at it fun and repetitive 362448 ¡piojos £11.50 in simon’s class there is a girl called lea simon is madly in love with lea but she is seen kissing mateo how will mateo and simon react when lea arrives at school one morning itching her head a short and simple story with a strong message to children about love and acceptance look look look training on how to use the catherine cheater schemes of work for spanish is available for your school or your cluster of schools please contact odette hunt at n.b because these resources are all authentic spanish publications we cannot guarantee their availability at all times if any item is out of print when you order we will reduce the pack price accordingly