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catherine cheater schemes of work spanish year 6 29 spanish year 6 follows the same format as the other schemes with 30 lesson plans useful websites and a guide to authentic spanish children’s books the powerpoint presentations on the cd-rom help class teachers teach the language by offering a native-speaker model of pronunciation written by steve haworth in year 6 there are frequent opportunities for children to practise their language skills in combination for example by taking part in the “running text” activities they write more complex sentences with the support of writing frames and use their knowledge of grammar and syntax to substitute words or understand the main points in a text in year 6 the children’s performance skills are developed by the end of year 6 they make a short presentation about their friends and/or family or give a weather forecast with the aid of multimedia if necessary the cd-rom contains a bank of beautiful photos showing the region of asturias and the city of madrid 024259 year 6 scheme of work teacher’s manual cd-rom £225 the book pack special price 024260 year 6 book resource pack 6 titles £65.00 333207 ¡el lobo ha vuelto £10.95 mister rabbit is afraid to go to sleep he has read in the newspaper some horrifying news the wolf is back in town every time there is a knock at the door now mister rabbit is afraid is that the wolf 021854 juan ramón jiménez y los niños £8.95 poems for children by the prolific writer and nobel prize winner juan ramón jiménez a unique and original way to introduce well known hispanic poetry to younger ones 351252 ¿y si vivieras en £12.50 what if you lived in the desert the savanna a huge city these are some of the scenarios presented to us through the eyes of children living in different parts of the world a big beautiful and sturdy book full of very colourful pictures by different illustrators and a little story about the children’s lives in each place a great way to tackle the issue of intercultural understanding with children 366151 mi primera historia de españa £19.95 your first journey through the history of spain with detailed pictures and explanations of different eras from the stone age until today 021932 todo esto es solo mío £8.50 children will learn the value of sharing in this humorous rhyming adaptation of the selfish giant with carefully selected authentic resources at the core the catherine cheater schemes of work for primary spanish will positively support and help teachers to introduce hispanic language and culture into the classroom for more information and sample lesson plans please visit the golden daffodils website 338424 ¿por qué el planeta tierra es tan especial £11.25 planet earth is not the only planet that we know but it is quite a good place to live in this wonderful picture book robert e wells explains to children why planet earth is a perfect place for plants animals and people to live and shows why other planets in our solar system are not additional resource yr 6 all these children’s books are also available separately not included in pack 336567 hormiguita negra £8.10 in these poems the author shares with young readers her love for the beautiful things in nature this title is included in the year 5 pack and mentioned in year 6 n.b because these resources are all authentic spanish publications we cannot guarantee their availability at all times if any item is out of print when you order we will reduce the pack price accordingly