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32 colega courses edelsa ages 8-10 superdrago sgel superdrago is a four level action-based spanish course suitable for ks1/ks2 which particularly emphasizes student participation games songs and fun tongue twisters all feature in this very well illustrated course the student’s book contains 9 learning units with sections for revising content and projects to carry out the exercise book also contains 9 units filled with richly illustrated activities to develop and reinforce learning the carpeta de recursos is the complete teacher’s pack containing the guide with ideas and suggestions to include in the lesson plans for each unit two audio cds containing the listening activities featured in the student and exercise books as well as songs and tongue-twisters two packs of flashcards with a selection of images to practice vocabulary such as colours animals clothes etc and images of the characters in the course and superdrago’s family there are also two board games in the carpeta de recursos for the class to enjoy all four levels are now complete for more information see page 30 of this catalogue or visit our website beginners 023778 libro del alumno 1 £15.95 023808 cuaderno de actividades 1 £8.80 024374 guía didáctica 1 cd £15.95 023813 carpeta teacher’s pack £56.00 117998 teacher’s guide in english 1 free download from our website further levels intermediate upper intermediate and advanced clan 7 con ¡hola amigos editorial edinumen a brand new spanish course which will be complete in 4 levels the student’s book comes with a cd-rom in which an interactive course called ¡hola amigos is included created by the instituto cervantes and the spanish education office of alberta in canada the exercise book comes with sticker activities the teacher’s pack comes in a bag in which the teacher will find the guide reinforcing activities assessments flashcards posters all the student’s material and the cd-rom as well as links to the publisher’s website with projectable interactive whiteboard material for more information see page 31 of this catalogue or visit our website beginners 023213 libro del alumno cd-rom 1 £15.75 023258 cuaderno de actividades 1 £6.30 023277 cartera de recursos para el profesor 1 £54.00 023274 libro del profesor cd cd-rom 1 £21.75 colega is a complete course in 4 levels for ages 7 containing lively illustrations and stimulating activities using games songs and a wide range of complementary material notably a cuddly toy and a set of graded readers colega follows the recommendations of the british qca colega 1 2 3 and 4 fit perfectly with ks2 years 3 4 5 and 6 the author marisa hortelano has extensive experience in teaching children she has developed colega by using resources that she has been using in the classroom for years the teacher’s guide is available separately in english for levels 1 and 2 the carpeta de recursos is a folder containing 48 extra photocopiable worksheets and assessment material and the maletín para el profesor is a box in which the teacher will find the guide the carpeta de recursos a reader and the cuddly toy plenty of extra complementary material is available for teachers free on the publisher’s website what’s more there are some graded readers which complement the course see colega lee page 25 beginners 023712 libro del alumno cd cuaderno de ejercicios pack 1 £21.50 024567 libro del alumno cd 1 £15.95 024568 cuaderno de ejercicios 1 £7.85 023792 teacher’s guide in english 1 £10.75 023743 guía didáctica 1 £10.75 023760 carpeta de recursos 1 £15.95 023761 maletín para el profesor 1 £24.50 023755 “colega” cuddly toy 15cm £5.50 further levels intermediate upper intermediate and advanced further levels in preparation please keep an eye on our website uno dos tres ¡ya en clave ele if you would like to look at different courses before choosing which to adopt we have an inspection copy service just for teachers contact us for more info following a group of colourful cartoon drawn characters ¡uno dos tres ya is designed for children aged between 7 and 10 and is based on multisensorial language acquisition where tpr total physical response activities play a key role using games rhymes songs and many easy-to-do and cut-out activities this method is very mindful of the need to entertain younger children when learning interactive and well presented this series moves at a pace that should be comfortable for most young learners as it develops vocabulary that is both memorable and applicable to the target audience corresponds to levels a1 and a2 of the cefr now the audio is free to download online from the publisher’s website details included in the books beginners 023320 libro del alumno audio downloadable 1 a1 £16.75 023321 cuaderno de actividades 1 £9.50 023322 guía para el profesor 1 £19.95 023535 caja con pósters tarjetas de vocabulario flashcards £55.00 further levels false beginners a la una a las dos a las tres difusion each level consists of 3 self-contained modules working on a theme with each concluding in a large fun final task listening to recordings speaking with classmates painting singing and working on subjects that interest children the most e.g birthdays a la una challenges and stimulates students to promote both learning and fun in the spanish classroom corresponds to level a1.1 and a1.2 of the cefr beginners 023200 libro del alumno 1 023583 cuaderno de ejercicios 1 023788 guía del profesor cd-rom 1 further levels false beginners £14.50 £8.25 £15.95+